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20 Most Expensive Watches Celebrities Wear

Celebrities live in a culture of luxury, where they are able to enjoy all varieties of “the finer things in life”–clothes, shoes, cars, planes, accessories, yahcts–and it doesn’t stop there. Luxury watches mark a top status symbol that symbolizes status, class, and wealth. So of course, celebrities like to adorn themselves in beautiful timepieces that present their style and their success to others. These celebrities sport some of the most beautiful, expensive, and stylish watches around. Although all of these watches are stunningly attractive, we could barely fathom the prices of some. Dive into these celebrity’s elegant world by browsing the most expensive luxury watches that celebrities wear.

Leonardo DiCaprio – TAG Heuer Aquaracer ($4.500)

At the premier of The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio appeared with a TAG Heuer Aquaracer, from TAG Heur, company whose ambassador he is. This Swiss watch is not only exclusive, it’s great because it fits any smart outfit people wear on red carpet. Having in mind all the success The Great Gatsby movie had, it’s logical that Leonardo had to show off with his accessory. maxresdefault-1 f45f9b77f5cbc436b25fbcafda1c8e5a215db78a

Pierce Brosnan – OMEGA Seamaster ($5.400)

Here’s another James Bond that had to show off with his watch – Pierce Brosnan was lucky to wear OMEGA’s watch on the set. This watch is waterproof and has the logo of company engraved inside of it. We can say that probably many of actors who played James Bond were born under a lucky star, having in mind they get to wear a watch of this caliber every time. 7-Brosnan-Seamaster omega-seamaster-gmt-25358000-01

Angelina Jolie – Cartier Tank ($6.000)

Angelina Jolie’s style was always interesting – simple, but provoking at the same time. It seems like she’s chosen a watch that has nothing to do with what we previously mentioned – it’s vintage and old-looking, but definitely elegant. This actress’ fashion choices are something we should never doubt, even when she surprises us with them. 847d55c8f93e

David Beckham – Rolex Deep Sea Dweller ($6.000/ 9.500)

David Beckham has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a fantastic Rolex Deep Sea Dweller watch. This stunning watch has a 44m beautiful black dial. Its case is made from a steel and titanium alloy. It is waterproof to an amazing 3,900m. It is mechanical and self-winding.

Daniel Craig – OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean ($6.400)

We all know how James Bond has always been passionate about expensive accessories – that’s how Daniel Craig ended up wearing one of the most luxurious watches on set of this movie. OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean was eventually sold at auction, but you can still enjoy it while watching Agent 007 fighting all the bad guys while wearing it.

Ashley Tisdale – Golden Rolex ($7.200)

We don’t know if we’re the only people here who are surprised with Ashley Tisdale’s choice of a watch – it seems just too serious for her. However, we can say nothing bad about this watch, and we forgot about the fact that Ashley Tisdale is no longer that little girl from High School Musical. Ashley has always been stylish, right?

Ben Affleck – Rolex Submariner ($8.000)

Here’s another famous actor who got lucky while spending time on set – he wore Rolex Submariner during the filming of Argo, Oscar-awarded movie. Having in mind he was also the director of it, he completely made the atmosphere different with this accessory – but he also managed to gain reputation while wearing it.

Usher – Rolex Milgauss ($8.200)

You might or might not like Usher and his music, but there’s one thing you can’t deny about him: he’s always had good taste in fashion. That’s exactly proven with his choice of watch, which is this elegant Rolex model made of steel. Its biggest quality is the system, based on the engineering from the 1950s, but also antimagnetic case.

Jennifer Aniston – Rolex Presidential ($15.900)

There are not many people who would dare wearing a watch made completely out of yellow gold – it’s always risky to wear it, because it’s so vintage-looking. On the other hand, if you have a flawless sense of fashion, like Jennifer Aniston, you could handle anything and combine it with golden jewelry that fits perfectly with this watch.

Sylvester Stallone – Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante ($20.000)

Having in mind the name of this watch, it makes sense how it’s a limited edition. Sylvester Stallone probably appreciates these accessories so much, having in mind he spent an enormous amount of money for it. This watch is made with anti-reflexive glass and it has many other functions that would make any watch-lover fall for it immediately.

Beyonce – Hublot Big Bang ($23.200)

The amazing Hublot Big Bang watch is now Beyonce’s ownership. This was actually a present from her husband Jay-Z who knew exactly what would fit her – it’s sparkly and shiny, so what’s there more to ask for? Probably all women are now jealous for her having such an amazing husband who buys her such expensive gifts.

Adam Levine – Rolex Daytona ($29.000)

Adam Levine is a big fan of Rolex watches and can usually be seen wearing either Rolex Daytona or Rolex Submarine. We’ve chosen to select Daytona for two reasons – he is wearing it more often, and second, we’re amazed how its simpleness amazingly fits Adam Levine’s looks – next to his tattoos, this watch makes him look elegant.

Rihanna – Piaget Polo 18K ($30.000)

Rihanna’s appearance in the Take a Bow video with Piaget Polo watch was definitely a smart move – even smarter than actors appearing in movies wearing them. Millions and millions of people have seen this video, and they’ve all probably noticed the amazing Piaget Polo made entirely out of gold. This is both beautiful and useful.

Sofia Vergara – Rolex Daytona ($37.400)

Here’s another celebrity who’s a fan of Rolex watches – well, who could blame her? Sofia Vergara was seen in a café wearing this accessory and we’re amazed how she combines every outfit with it. That’s the thing with good watches – it’ll bring nuance to every single of your outfits, complete it and make you look better.

LeBron James – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ($50.000)

The 29-year-old American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers was spotted wearing a sporty, yet elegant Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.
And it does look good on LeBron’s wrist, doesn’t it ? Worth $50.000, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore features an 18-karat pink gold case, titanium bezel and a selfwinding chronograph with date display and small seconds at 12 o’clock.

Brad Pitt – Patek Philippe Nautilus ($85.000)

Brad Pitt’s choice is a watch from company that’s famous for manual design and production. He’s chosen the Nautilus model, which looks simple and vintage, but also gives a lot of elegance. We could see how big fan of this company he is once he bought her wife present from them – a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater.

Seal – Richard Mille Gold ($475.000)

Seal seems to be the celebrity who owns the most expensive watch. His amazing choice of brand and its model definitely makes us remind how stylish he actually is. Finding a watch that’s elegant and masculine at the same time is really difficult, but with good taste and a lot of money (Seal has both) there’s no way you could go wrong with Richard Mille.

Jay-Z – Hublot’s $5 Million Big Bang Watch ($5 million)

This expensive watch is actually one of the most expensive watches in the world.
Only 1 was created and Jay-Z’s wearing it, as a 43-birthday gift from Beyonce. It took 14 months and a team of 12 master cutters and 5 setters to create Hublot $5 Million Big Bang Watch. The watch boasts of 1.282 diamonds weighing over 100 karats : 302 baguette-cut diamonds set in the 18-karat white gold case, 179 baguette-cut diamonds set in the 18-karat white gold dial, and 6 square emerald-cut stones, plus other 795 diamonds on the bracelet.

Vladimir Putin – Tourbograph ($6 million)

This watch is definitely for the millionaires and billionaires.
And Vladimir Putin purchased one. Or more than one. Besides this $6 million watch, the Russian President has an impressive and very expensive collection which includes a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, a Patek Philippe Calatrava, a Breguet Narine, a Leman Flyback, a Leman Aqua Lung Grande Date, Sohne Turbograph, A. Lange, and 2 Blancpain watches.

Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Thani – Patek Philippe Supercomplication Pocket ($11 million)


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