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10 Most Iconic Outfits Worn By First Ladies

(Pictured: Pat Nixon, Mamie Eisenhower, Lady Bird Johnson, and Jackie Kennedy attend JFK’s inaugural parade) Melania Trump did more than just turn heads with her fuchsia Gucci Pussy-Bow blouse at the presidential debate this week; she made a statement that will most likely go down in history. She isn’t the only “First Lady” to make a statement with her fashion, though. The fashion of First Ladies has been obsessed over for many years, and these women are just a few who wore iconic outfits.

10. Mamie Eisenhower (1958)

Mamie Eisenhower posed in this classic black dress and pearls for the cover of LIFE. Her style foreshadowed Jackie Kennedy’s iconic fashion, who became the First Lady just a few years later.

9. Jacqueline Kennedy (1961)

Jacqueline Kennedy is synonymous with iconic First Lady fashion. She’s pictured here in Paris wearing her signature pillbox hat.

8. Pat Nixon (1952/1968)

Pat Nixon was a poised and proper First Lady in her fashions of choice. Here, she’s photographed with Richard Nixon at the 1952 convention in a print dress. The second photo, from 1968, shows a confident future First Lady during campaigning.

7. Eleanor Roosevelt (1942)

Eleanor Roosevelt was a practical woman who was photographed in trousers and plain dresses. However, that didn’t stop her love of fur coats. She’s pictured here walking with a commanding officer of paratroopers in a casual outfit complete with a fur wrap. In the second image, the First Lady lounges in front of the White House with the wife of Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek.

6. Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson (1964)

Lady Bird Johnson happily posed in a simple, yet stylish red dress following her husband’s landslide election in 1964.

5. Michelle Obama (2016)

First Lady Michelle Obama is known for her choice of chic dresses, and this royal blue Christian Siriano dress stood out at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

4. Rosalyn Carter (1977)

Rosalynn Carter wore one of the most recognized inaugural gowns to date. The wife of President Jimmy Carter wore a gold-embroidered coat over a blue chiffon gown to make quite the lasting impression.

3. Betty Ford (1974-1977)

Betty Ford worked as a model before becoming First Lady, so it’s no surprise she had such an iconic style. She had numerous memorable looks, including this avocado green trench and vibrant 1970s orange dress.

2. Nancy Reagan (1981-1989)

Nancy Regan was known for her love of wearing a crimson shade, loving dubbed “Reagan red.” Her styles included tailored suits and plenty of Oscar de la Renta outfits.

1. Hillary Clinton (1993-2001)


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