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The 20 Most Popular Girls’ Names From The 1970s

One of the biggest themes of the ’70s was change, revolts, and love. It’s the same with the popular girl names of the era. If you want something tough and sweet or one that brings ’70s nostalgia then go for these names!

A lot of these names are from either fictional or famous people of the era. Some have stayed popular through the years while others have just stood-out as pure ’70s.

Holly is a very festive-themed name and rose in popularity in the ’70s. This was probably due to it making people think of the holiday season during hard parts of the year.

The name’s popularity also had Breakfast at Tiffany’s to thank. Where Holly Golightly was quite an impact on soon to be parents.

Dana is still used today and is mostly a unisex name. But the name used to be strictly a girl’s name, it was in the ’70s that the name made its own revolution.

Whether you’re a male or a female there’s still one thing that you can take away from the name Dana. It’s a wonderful name with a bit of history to it.

Melanie Griffith might be the biggest reason for the rise in popularity of the name. We don’t think anyone minds being named after her though.

The name’s origins mean “black” and it used to only be given to girls with a dark complexion. Now that it’s risen in popularity it does matter what color your skin is, it’s just a beautiful name.

When the name Tonya comes to mind people generally think of a strong, confident woman. This may because of Tonya Harding, born in 1970.

Sometime Tonya is used as a nickname for Antonia. The name Antonia had just as much history as Tonya and is the female version of Antonio.

The name Stacey can be spelled with or without the “e” and was a very popular name in the ’70s. It was called one of the grooviest names in its time.

The name Stacey means “resurrection” and originates from the much fancier sounding name Anastasia. Around 7 482 babies were named Stacey in 1971.

Here’s evidence that Monica Heller from Friends was a ’70s child. The name’s meaning is “advisor” or “wisdom”. 

This makes a lot of sense. How many Monicas of the ’70s weren’t know-it-alls? People with the name normally befit titles like fun, feisty, and fantastic.

Tara means “hillside” or “tower”. The name was one of the most popular for girls in 1977. It makes sense.

The name is short and has a cuteness to it. The name has origins in much more dramatic sounding names like Tarangini or Tarala. Taras from the ’70s are always sweet though.

There’s a big influence on the name Carrie from the ’70s. Carrie Fisher inspired people to name their children after they saw the movie involving the head-strong woman that didn’t need help from the men.

Stephen King’s book Carrie may have also had an influence on the name’s popularity in the ’70s since the book came out in 1974. Regardless of who inspired the name, it shot up in popularity around this time.

It might be weird to think that the wendy that inspired people to name their children was not a person but in fact a restaurant chain. That didn’t matter to them of course!

The restaurant arrived in 1969 and it rose in popularity as many Americans kept going back for more. The girl-next-door name also skyrocketed in popularity in the years that followed.

There’s a reason the name April is so popular in love songs. It evokes beautiful imagery like springtime, sunny days, and flowers.

It’s not just songwriters that latched onto this name. Parents were naming their kids April so frequently in the ’70s due to the hippie movement. The name has also risen in popularity in recent years.

Andrea: Since the name “Andrea” comes from the male name “Andreas,” it’s unsurprising that the name means “manly.”

Though it’s considered unisex, it’s been popular among females since the ’70s, and is often shortened to “Andie.”

Dawn: Does it get any more ‘70s than the name “Dawn”? The name obviously means “sunrise.”

The name was helped along by actress Dawn Wells, who played the chipper castaway Mary Ann on the show Gilligan’s Island.

Tracy: This name means “descendent of the fierce one.” No matter how you spell it, many famous Tracys are certainly fierce

A particularly fierce one would be Tracey Gayle Norman, the first black trans woman to achieve prominence in the modeling world in the 1970s.

Shannon: This popular girls’ name is also a river in Ireland. Though the name means “old,” it’s anything but.

Most Shannons are energetic, bright, and filled with life. The name even had a boost in popularity in the ‘90s!

Julie: We wonder why the name “Julie” makes us think of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?

Probably because of Julie Andrews, whose popularity in the ‘60s likely gave rise to the name Julie in the ‘70s.

Christina: Considering how this name means “follower of Christ,” it’s pretty much as classic as it gets.

Though it definitely had a resurgence in the ‘70s. It was even more popular in the ‘80s, thanks to celebrities like Christina Applegate.

Kelly: Since Kelly means “bright-headed,” it’s no wonder we always associate the name with pep and cheerfulness. 

TV Host and ‘70s baby Kelly Ripa certainly fits this description! The name spiked again in ‘80s…just ask Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Rowland.

 Heather: When we think “Heather,” we think “popular girl.” After all, it was the #7 female name of the ‘70s! 

Heather Locklear’s role on Dynasty and the 1988 movie Heathers proves how influential it was in the ‘70s and beyond.

Michelle: Michelle Pfeiffer didn’t arrive until the ‘80s, but her name was the second most popular among girls in 1972. 

It’s the french form of the name “Michael,” and some of the most influential women out there — ahem, Michelle Obama — have boosted the name’s popularity.

Jennifer: We all know a Jennifer! This name, which means “fair phantom” or “white wave,” was the single most popular name for girls in the ‘70s.

This was thanks in part to the character of Jenny in the 1970 film Love Story. Now go hug a Jen!


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