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The Most Spoiled Kids In The World

People say that parents would do quite literally anything for their kids. But when it comes to celebrities and millionaires, they take things to a whole new level. From gifting diamond-encrusted Barbies, to an estate worth $12 million, they go big. Really, really big. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most spoiled kids in the world, so read on for a taste of the high life. 

If your parents are both major Hollywood stars, then it’s inevitable you’ll grow up with a life of luxury, right? Well for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, they’re not afraid to splash the cash on their beloved daughter Suri Cruise.

Suri lives the life we normal folk dream of living; million-dollar designer clothing, private jets, and gorgeous vacations. Not to mention, she was whisked off by her father to Disney World, stopping in the Cinderella Castle Suite — an apartment originally for the Walt Disney family.

The legend that is Elton John has had a seven-decade career so it’s no surprise that when he and his partner had their son, he admitted he was going to spoil them rotten. And Elton sure did put his money where his mouth is. 

Since raising their son, Elton and his partner David Furnish, have treated him to super fancy toys and all-round-fabulous holidays. But their biggest gift of all? A $2 million dollar apartment which they converted into a nursery.

Collectively, superstar Beyoncé and rap mogul Jay-Z have built an empire worth over $1 billion dollars! So it’s no surprise that their daughter Blue Ivy has already tasted a life of luxury. 

From getting $80,000 diamond-encrusted barbies to a $6,000 toy car collection, Blue Ivy has everything a child could dream of, and more!

If your mother is Jennifer Lopez, a glamorous superstar, then you’ll be living life by her high standards. For Emme, daughter of J-Lo and Marc Antony, she was seen recently at a fashion show kitted out in more than $2,400 worth of Chanel accessories, including a $310 brooch and a $2,100 bag!

But designer jewelry and fashion shows are no big deal for Emme or her twin brother Max. They’re used to jetting off in their mom’s personal private jets and vacationing all across the globe. 

She may still be in school but Valentina Paloma Pinault, daughter of actress Salma Hayek and businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, has already been strutting on red carpets and vacationing all across the world.

And when she turns 18, she’ll even have her own Los Angeles estate worth $12 million! And with her generous father pumping $50,000 a month into the estate, that figure is only going to get bigger!

The most famous family in the world, The Kardashians, are renowned for their over the top and lavish lifestyle. From designer clothing to gigantic mansions, this family is not afraid to go big. So it’s no surprise that they reward their children with the same royal treatment they reward themselves. 

And for North West, daughter of Kim and rap legend Kanye West, she lives her life just like a Princess! She’s often seen out and about in designer clothing including Alexander Wang and Gucci, and her earrings are even worth $50,000!

Although Hollywood icon Will Smith has raised both smart and creative children, he admitted that he might have given them a bit too much freedom. And it seems that his son, Jaden agrees.

According to Jaden, there was a time in his life where he was spending an excessive amount of money on things he didn’t even want, let alone need. He spent a reportedly $500,000 on jewelry at Cartier every weekend.

The true diva that is Mariah Carey really does pull out all stops when it comes to her children. Back in December 2016, she brought her two twins their very own Candy Shop!

The shop had every single treat you’d want and she even had a ball pit installed in their living room! Wow!

These two women are the daughters of Formula One Management CEO Bernie Ecclestone, and they’re renowned for their over the top and lavish lifestyle. Even their dogs get a taste of the action, with $50,000 being spent on their dogs each year!

From luxury spa days to designer clothing, these sisters sure do live the high life! They even have a widely expensive collection of Birkin Bags estimated to be $25,000 each! 

This 30-year-old prince of Dubai is the son of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. 

As expected, he’s not afraid to splash the cash. He roams around the city in a Swarovski-crystal-studded Mercedes worth $4.8 million! And if he ever feels like sailing out on the sea, he can just jump into his world’s largest yacht, worth $300 million! 

The Beckham family is one of the most successful (and attractive) families in showbiz, right? Between the former soccer star David and former spice girl Victoria, they have built an incredibly beautiful and extremely wealthy family. 

But the eldest son Brooklyn Beckham has reaped many rewards for his family’s success. He received a $50,000 treehouse and a $187,000 playhouse!

Justin Combs, son of rap legend Diddy, is one lucky kid. For his 16th birthday, his dad handed over the keys to a silver Maybach worth a staggering $360,000!

The OTT party was featured on MTV’s hit show “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and included appearances by the cast of Jersey Shore. Despite all the luxury, Justin is still a pretty humble guy; he just recently graduated from UCLA. 

Shopaholic tween Chase McKenna from the UK, recently made headlines when she admitted forcing her parents to buy her everything she wants including a pony, quad bike, and a closet full of designer clothing.

Meanwhile, her parents struggled to pay their bills, so as soon as news broke out about this shopaholic tween, people were quick to criticize her for her outlandish and spoiled demands.

Wow! Some children are never too young to get a taste for luxury, right? Even though many people criticize these kids’ parents, it’s their choice to spoil their children.

After all, if you can afford to, why wouldn’t you want to treat your child and make their dreams come true? 


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