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The Most Profitable Movies Ever Made

Have you ever been curious just how much money it takes to make a movie? Or how much profit a hit blockbuster makes? 

It’s a rare and difficult ability to perfect, but once a filmmaker has mastered the money-making formula, the results are astounding. Here are some of the most financially successful movies of all time.

The Spiderman film, which debuted in 2002, has spawned a slew of adaptations. The Disney Marvel Studios production team had a hefty budget to work with for Spiderman: Homecoming,  more than $117 million to be precise. 

With a budget of that caliber, one should expect to see a large return. The film grossed over $880 million at the box office worldwide. Now that’s a successful movie!

This work of art was directed by James Cameron. The producers utilized fancy technology and innovative techniques for the animation. It disrupted the whole industry! This innovative film, however, came with a hefty price… 

Over $237 million was spent to bring this production to life. Despite the large initial investment, this movie provided Cameron with a gross total of $3.286 billion!

This legendary film has left an indelible imprint on both film history and pop culture. It may come as a surprise to find that the picture cost $12 million to make. Despite how obvious the props and graphic effects in the film were, it was advanced technology for its time. 

This film obtained an impressive $222,629,082 in profit! 

The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise amassed a huge following from around the world. The first film in the franchise captured the world’s attention and built up anticipation for the sequels successfully. 

The Curse Of The Black Pearl’s team had an astounding budget of $140 million to work with. The film did not disappoint and earned a gross total of $654.3 million!

Oren Peli wrote and directed this supernatural horror movie. When compared to the normal expense of filmmaking, this one was fairly inexpensive. Peli had a $450,000 budget to work with.

The movie grossed a staggering $89,376,549 in profit! That’s a ridiculously high return on investment! Needless to say, this movie was a huge success!

This 1974 film also had a low budget to work with. The budget for this movie was $140,000 but the audience was captivated! They simply could not get enough of the chain-saw-loving maniac!

The horror film made a whopping $14,164,858 in profit. Now that’s impressive!

This Walt Disney classic had a budget of $4 million. The production crew appeared to be optimistic that their concept of “never growing up” would resonate with millions of people.

And that it did! The film brought home a monumental profit of $139,757,67. 

Grease is probably the world’s most-liked musical from the ’70s. This legendary film cost around $6 million to make! 

The large initial investment was worth it because the film made an amazing profit of $184,126,016! This film was a huge hit, and audiences are still enjoying it today.

Star Wars has been one of the most successful film franchises in the world, with a devoted following. Given that this was the fourth film in the franchise, the producers were well aware of the potential for success and didn’t hold back.

The film cost a staggering $11 million to make but brought home an impressive profit of $292,940,192!

This was possibly the biggest film to hit the early 2000s. High School Musical was everywhere as well as their love bird stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. 

The popular musical took a whopping $4,200,000 to make. But it was money well spent as their return of investment of $123,587,394.

Given the unpredicted popularity of the first film, the writers were quick to capitalize on its success. Now, it was easy to come up with the sum to make the film. 

Although the film still looked relatively homemade, somehow they spent $3 million in production. But it paid off. Their profit was more than $77 million! 

Anyone who has seen this thrilling film and captivating performance by James McAvoy will understand how this movie ended up on the high-profit list. 

This is the second movie in the Unbreakable trilogy. With confidence, they spent exactly $5 million. They managed to turn around a profit of $108,837,000.

This French film may have escaped the ears of many in 2012 but if you were one of the lucky ones who watched it, you’ll know that it actually became a worldwide sensation. 

The writers of this buddy comedy film spent $10.8 million to perfect their vision, and it worked. The film earned 8 Cesar award nominations and more than $231 million in profit.

We bet we’re not the only ones who wonder how much a Disney classic masterpiece like Beauty and the Beast cost to make and how much the writers made off its success.

The budget it took to make this iconic animation film was a massive $20 million. It was a wise investment. They managed to make a profit of almost $288 million. It’s no surprise that this film did so well. 


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