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Murder Trial Interrupted When Accused Killer’s Alleged Victim Shows Up to Testify on His Behalf

When Natasha from Rockhampton, Australia had gone missing, her parents were devastated and feared they would never see her again. The authorities charged a suspect in her disappearance and he was put on trial. 

That’s when something bizarre happened. Natasha herself showed up at the trial to testify on his behalf. 

Natasha Ryan disappeared when she was 14 years old. She lived in Rockhampton, in central Queensland, Australia.

In September 1998, a witness saw Nastaha talking to a man in an alleyway, and their conversation seemed to be friendly. 

This was the last time that anyone had seen her. It turns out that four other women from Natasha’s town had gone missing around the same time, too. 

Keyra Steinhardt, 9, Julie Turner, 39, Sylvia Benedetti, 19, Beverly Leggo, 37, had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Their bodies were eventually discovered. 

The residents stopped going out, fearing that the murderer would come for them next. Rockhampton became a ghost town. 

The authorities believed that a man named Leonard Fraser had something to do with the disappearance of the women, but they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him of the crimes. 

Fraser was already behind bars for murdering a nine-year-old girl in 1999, and many people believed that he was responsible for the deaths of these women, too. 

However, the police needed solid evidence to pinpoint Natasha’s disappearance on him. And it wouldn’t be easy.

In November 2000, the police overheard Fraser bragging about what he had done to a fellow inmate. 

The police asked Allan Quinn, the country’s greatest con man, to help them trick Fraser into confessing where he had hidden the womens’ bodies. And he agreed.

Many knew Fraser as the man with the icy stare. He wasn’t the kind of person you wanted to be alone with, but Quinn was determined to get him to confess. 

Would their plan work?

Fraser was convicted of killing a 9-year-old child, but he hadn’t confessed to harming any other women. 

But this was about to change, thanks to Quinn. 

Quinn was determined to get him to confess to harming Natasha Ryan and was willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  

The police put a recording device on Quinn, which they monitored whenever he had a conversation with Fraser. It took him two years to get Fraser to open up about the horrific deaths of those women. 

The information Quinn had gotten from Fraser helped Detective Dave Hickey to find the remains of the women. 

Fraser was then flown in the governor’s jet and led the authorities through the jungle, where the remains of the women awaited. 

The cops found the remains of Sylvia Benedetti, Julie Turney, and Beverly Leggo. 

However, the police never found the remains of Natasha Ryan, despite Fraser giving detailed maps of where she was. 

Then, during Fraser’s trial, Natasha suddenly appeared, claiming that he never hurt her. As you can imagine, everyone present was in a state of total shock. 

Natasha explained that she was hiding in her boyfriend’s wardrobe. He was 26 years old at the time, and his house wasn’t too far from where Natasha’s parents lived. 

With Natasha’s sudden reappearance, the authorities had to drop the charges against Leonard Fraser. However, the charges for his other crimes remained. 

Natasha’s parents were so convinced that she was murdered that they even held a memorial service for her. 

The cops visited her boyfriend’s house, where they found Natasha. To confirm her identity, the police told her father to ask her over the phone what her pet’s name was. 

She gave him the correct answer. 

Natasha’s mom, Jenny, was shocked when the family’s lawyer, Ross Lo Monaco, told her that her daughter was alive. 

She initially thought it was a mistake, but when she saw her daughter again, she instantly knew. 

Natasha seemingly ignored the numerous appeals her parents had made on the TV for her safe return.

It turns out that Natasha had always been troubled. 

Natasha had allegedly used controlled substances and had run away from home several times. 

Once, she even lied to her school counselor that she was pregnant right before she had gone missing. But why did she decide to run away this time?

Her boyfriend may not have kidnapped her, but he did lie to the authorities, which led to Fraser being falsely accused. 

He pled guilty for perjury and was sentenced to one year in prison. 

According to some people, Natasha eventually married Scott Black, and they moved to Melbourne. 

But were her parents invited to the wedding?

Natasha’s parents had attended her wedding of approximately 35 guests. 

It turns out that the couple had a son named Corey in 2004, who had also attended the wedding.


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