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My Boyfriend Is Pregnant with Our Child

Wyley and Stephan are in head-over-heels in love and living together as a happy couple. These days, there is nothing strange about two men in love with one another but this gay couple is exceptionally unique. Something nearly unprecedented happened to them, that left their community in shock. Upon first glance nothing looked out of the ordinary, but under the surface there was lurking a big surprise that nobody could have seen coming.

One of the men was pregnant with their child! This revelation brings up so many questions. The first one that comes to mind–how is it even possible?–is not so easy to answer.

Wyley Simpson, 28, and Stephan Gaeth, 28, are a gay couple who currently live in San Antonio, Texas. At first glance it’s easy to see just how passionate these two are about each other, in all the little ways they lift each other up, and support each other through even in the most trying of times. The couple is inseparable, with Stephan and Wyley practically joined at the hip, choosing to spend all their free time with one another. 

And haven’t they just been put through the ringer! Little did this couple know that they were about to be given the biggest surprise any couple could ever recieve–and even more surprising considering their genders. The couple was still in their honeymoon phase, and the big news really tested the strength of their relationship. Yet through it all, their love has held fast and even grown more powerful each day.

Stephan and Wyley met on Grindr, a dating app specifically for the gay community that has been running since 2010. It is by far one of the biggest apps on the gay dating scene, and as such brings plenty of amazing stories–like the one we’re telling you now.

After exchanging a few messages they decided to take the plunge and meet each other, which led to them to fall in love at first sight. This story is all the more incredible because of the real deep connection they made through the app, which has a reputation for being not much more than a hook-up app. Their ability to find a forever person through the app is a one-in-a-million chance. 

Both Stephan and Wyley having a passion for the outdoors and a keen sense of adventure. They really care about the environment, and work hard to do all they can to protect it and minimize their impact, so that future generations can enjoy nature the same way they do. So when the couple made the big decision to move in together early on in the relationship, a standard house was never in the cards for these two.

Wyley and Stephan both like to live a nomadic lifestyle, and didn’t want property ownership to tie them down. Thus, with a little help from their friends, and a whole lot of motivation, they decided to renovate an old shuttle bus into a sustainable and mobile living space. They not only planned out their lives to be together on the literal road, but side-by-side on their life journey as well, along with their dog Cyrus.

With interests in mindfulness and self-improvement, Stephan trained as a yoga and dance teacher, helping out countless people. In his roles as instructor, he provides emotional and physical support to his clients as he encourages them to be better versions of themselves.

Meanwhile, Wyley, who loves animals and has always dreamed of dedicating his career to nurturing pets and their humans, is a veterinary technician who has certainly found his calling.

Spending more and more time together in their sustainable shuttle bus, Wyley and Stephan knew that they were soulmates. Where many people would have struggled with living in such tight quarters, this couple only grew stronger and knew they could take on the world.

They had fallen in love after bonding over their passion for nature and dreams to live sustainably. As they built their life together, both Stephan and Wyley realized that they shared an incredible passion for nurturing life, although they never expected the next phase of their life to happen so quickly

Their love never faltered over time and, indeed, flourished as they worked their way across Texas, wherever there was a job for them, and they were welcome. Together, they knew they were meant to be and were looking forward to living and starting a life with each-other.

However, they were prepared to take this slowly and get themselves into a comfortable position, before even thinking about starting a family together. With a desire to eventually settle down, they figured that they would one day need to adopt and were prepared to go down this route. Of course, life had other plans for this couple.

In February 2018, Wyley was feeling unusually nauseous. Knowing that it would be impossible to conceive as a man, he never even considered what the real reason could have been. Instead, he put this down having recently quit smoking and felt that holding out and remaining cold turkey would be the best solution to ease his queasiness.

It wasn’t until much later, when Wyley realized that his nausea was actually increasing over time and didn’t seem to be connected to his previous habit, or his ability to quit smoking, at all. Thus, Wyley was encouraged to do something he never thought would be possible for him.

Amazingly, their first pregnancy test came back positive. Left in utter disbelief, the couple then proceeded to take five more pregnancy tests before they came to the realization that there was no mistake – Wyley was definitely pregnant. 

Wyley is a transgender man, but he thought with so many years of hormone therapy and surgery that it was impossible for him to get pregnant. Living as a man for so long, the possibility didn’t even occur to him–until it was unavoidable. They quickly made an appointment with their doctor who confirmed that Wyley was indeed pregnant. In fact, he was 11 weeks pregnant, which left him at the tail-end of his first trimester.

The couple’s pregnancy was certainly not planned and to discover that he was pregnant was a huge shock for Wyley and Stephan because they did not believe he could become pregnant. After all, it’s not every day you hear of a man becoming pregnant- especially when this couple wasn’t even trying to conceive.

The couple’s pregnancy was certainly not planned and to discover that he was pregnant was a huge shock for Wyley and Stephan because they did not believe he could become pregnant. After all, it’s not every day you hear of a man becoming pregnant- especially when this couple wasn’t even trying to conceive.

Understandably, the couple were left in shock – as well as being a little scared of what the future now held, and wondered how something which was seemingly impossible had happened.

Together, they made the brave decision to fight all prejudice, work together and continue with both pregnancy and fulfilling their roles as parents. Something they knew may cause them to be faced with the callousness of nasty-minded people. But how can a man be pregnant?

Wyley is a transgender male. After years of feeling uncomfortable in his female-born body, he made the brave decision to start his transition in 2012 and started to take testosterone. He knew that making this call could mean that he would now face a lot of prejudice in life- but he was willing to stand tall and keep moving forward in order to be his true self.

Stephan had always supported his transition and accepted Wyley for who he was, unlike Wyley’s previous partners who had felt uncomfortable. He underwent top surgery in 2013 but has still yet to have bottom surgery to complete the process.

Being trans in Texas, a conservative state, is tough and Wyley was aware that he was “probably the only transgender male that’s pregnant, probably, in Texas”. Naturally, this left him a little nervous as to how he would be perceived and what it could possibly mean for their unborn child.  

In particular, Wyley was especially nervous about giving birth in a Texan hospital because he wanted to be treated with respect and referred to using the correct pronouns. He knew this would be new to the doctors and nurses on-site but understandably still felt that they should respect his decision and be respectful of his choices.

Wyley and Stephan were both extremely emotional. Wyley had made the decision to make the transition from female to male body so having a baby bump, which is outwardly feminine, was difficult for Wyley to come to terms with. It meant that he would have to stop taking testosterone, and the masculine body he had worked so hard for would temporarily look more feminine.

Initially, they didn’t feel ready to become parents, but Stephan promised to support Wyley in whatever decision he made. They considered abortion and adoption but after the ultrasound revealed a heartbeat, they made the brave choice to continue with the pregnancy and become fathers; something the couple had always dreamed of.

During the pregnancy, Wyley and Stephan expressed concerns that they weren’t fully prepared for fatherhood. Wyley was especially scared of the pain of labor and the way that he would be treated by doctors and by society as a pregnant transgender male.

He battled with abuse from strangers on a daily basis, who opposed the pregnancy. Wyley was concerned that because their situation was so unique, that he would have no-one to turn to and that being first-time fathers, they would find the journey extremely difficult. Stephan was incredibly proud, describing him as the strongest human he has met.

As you would expect in a situation such as this, the birth itself wasn’t without its complications. Luckily, they had a great team that helped provide him with care and respect as he underwent labor.

Wyley did an amazing job and eventually gave birth to his son Rowan, 7lb 5oz. Due to the three-day labor and emergency C-section, he was understandably absolutely exhausted – but so happy to finally be a father!

With so much to face and such a long period of struggling with being both a male and pregnant, Wyley was both grateful to his family and friends for their support and for the love of Stephan, who completely supported him through the entire process.

Thanks to his strong mind and amazing support network, Wyley eventually proved to go even further than he ever thought possible and gave birth to an amazing little boy. Of course, the entire process was emotionally and physically draining for the couple. Stephan has since gone on to happily tell their family, friends and even the press about how much he admired Wyley’s bravery during the complicated labor.

The pregnancy has been difficult for both Wyley and Stephan. The judgment from the public, fears and complications made it an emotionally draining experience. Following the pregnancy, Wyley had suffered post-partum depression – something that is completely understandable given the complicated situation.

Although having been through a tough few months, Wyley is doing much better and is hopeful for the future with his new family. Although pregnancy has been difficult, the joy of becoming fathers and expanding their family has made it all worth it.

In such a conservative state, the couple’s pregnancy hadn’t been welcomed by all. Some members of the public were judgmental of Wyley’s pregnancy as a transgender male. Wyley was unfortunately often subjected to unnecessary hate and prejudice from strangers on the street.

He would often have people call out to him as he passed, with nasty words and venomous attitudes. Naturally, undergoing such a long process, being subjected to hate and transphobia, while already dealing with the pressures of pregnancy, left him with low self-esteem and anxiety.

Often, people on the street did not use the correct pronouns when referring to Wyley and would express confusion and distinct opposition to the idea that a man could have a baby.

Worse still, they would often make claims against his natural being and be outright disgusted at the idea of a man carrying a child inside him. Still, we think they did an amazing job and Rowan is absolutely adorable.

Of course, since there are few cases where transgender males become pregnant, the couple’s situation is quite unique, and this has led to a lot of heated discussions about their new life and what it may mean for the rest of society.

While many people are completely respectful and often cheer on the new family, raising them as a beacon of hope for many other couples who are of the LGBTQI+ community, there are others who are not so kind and seek to bring this couple down.

After appearing on national TV, the story of this brave family was quickly picked up by national and global news networks who have told this remarkable story to many viewers’ disbelief.

While there are arguments on both sides of the debate, we think that this family have done an amazing job fighting so much hardship and working together to create this wonderful new life. Especially when you consider just how much attention this new family have received.

Today, Rowan, the new addition to the family, is at the centre of Wyley’s and Stephan’s lives. The three of them are happier than ever and are settling into family life. Wyley is happy that he can continue his transition from a female to male body but maintains that despite his initial worries, “I don’t see myself as any less of a man because of what happened, but I just do not identify in such a feminine way as to be pregnant- so it won’t be happening again”.

Despite the pregnancy being physically and emotionally draining, Wyley and Stephan are overjoyed to be fathers and say that Rowan has made that mental and physical pain completely worthwhile. They continue to live in their shuttle bus with their new son.

Raising a child has been an emotional journey. The couple have found support from online communities, having been able to speak with a small group of men in the same situation. They remain overwhelmingly positive for the future and are extremely grateful for the blessing of their son.

They are on social media and have been bravely sharing the next steps of their journey online. Naturally, this has led to more avenues for bullying and nastiness, however, we’re pleased to report that the majority of the responses have been overwhelmingly positive and many followers are simply happy to see this family thriving.

Wyley admits that the verbal abuse that he received from strangers as a pregnant transgender male has put him off going through the experience again but that creating a family with their new son Rowan, was worth it.

He is, however, looking forward to continuing his transition journey and wants to fully transition in the future which, he says, means the likelihood of him being pregnant again is very low. Having a physical bump, which is associated with a woman, was particularly hard and isn’t something that Wyley wants to go through again.

Wiley and Stephan are amongst a small community of transgender males who have given birth. However, this scenario isn’t necessarily unheard of. Another example of a happy couple becoming pregnant is Trystan Reese and his partner Biff. Trystan is a transgender man from Portland, Oregon who gave birth to his son Leo in July 2017.

Throughout the pregnancy, Trystan and his partner Biff Chaplow, were judged by people who felt that a man shouldn’t be giving birth. But since Leo was born, they have received support from people, through Facebook and the media, from around the world.

Kaci Sullivan from Wisconsin gave birth to his son Phoenix in November 2017 via C-section. Kaci already had one child, Grayson, and had given birth while living as a woman before starting his transition. So, while the process was known to him, it was still a pleasant surprise to find out he was pregnant, this time around.

Kaci said that some of the negative comments he received while pregnant didn’t bother him; “I don’t particularly care. It’s their problem. It’s a personal issue. It doesn’t affect me”. If only we could all be this strong and have this stance against bullies! For others, however, the process has been much tougher.

Freddy McConnel, a 32-year-old who lives in Britain, had always dreamed of starting a family. After much debate and consideration, he made the brave decision to become pregnant so that he could have the family he always dreamed of. This happened a little sooner than he anticipated, and Freddy found that he had been unprepared for the physical and emotional challenges pregnancy presents.

In an attempt to bring the problems of transgender pregnancies to light, he decided to work with his colleagues in the media industry and has since made a film which documents his journey. He hopes that it will help in “convincing people that trans people are actually quite normal” and it can be viewed in independent theatres across the world.

At an incredibly young age of just 21, Hayden Cross has been named Britain’s first pregnant man. With a passion to create a family and an intense desire to give birth, he stopped his gender reassignment in 2016 so that he could have a baby. Initially he asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before he transitioned fully so that he could possibly use a surrogate mother but unfortunately, they refused. Still, he was determined to bring a new life into this world and eventually found his sperm donor on Facebook before inseminating himself.

He described the pregnancy as difficult and would advise anyone to carefully think about their decision before going forward. Now, however, he and his toddler are thriving and settling into family life.

Pregnancy for trans women may also be just around the corner. Non-trans women have received uterus implants and the hope is that that technique may be used to help trans women to conceive. Experts say that trans women will be able to receive a uterus in the next decade and that following this, trans women will be able to become pregnant.  

No matter what your thoughts and feelings are regarding transgender pregnancies, it’s hard to deny the incredible ability that we humans have to create life against the odds. It’s also brought to light the difficulties that the LGBT+ community struggle with, especially in the face of such adverse conditions such as pregnancy.


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