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Mysterious Hollywood Deaths That Will Make You Question What You’ve Been Told

Celebrity deaths have always sparked a curiosity in the public. Living life under the limelight and Hollywood’s thumb, has often pushed celebrities to the brink of self-destruction. Others, pass well into old age with grace, and there are plenty of cases in which the famous demise under violent, and mysterious ways. Before celebrity death photos became accessible to the online world, many of these mysterious cases were shrouded in mystery. While some have been solved since the initial incident, many still remain just as baffling as the day they occurred. Here are some of the most mysterious celebrity deaths guaranteed to leave a chill down your spine.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee had complained of a bad headache and so he took an aspirin and laid down for a nap which he never woke up from. He was rushed to the hospital and declared dead on July 20th, 1973. His death was ruled by “death by misadventure” and the OFFICIAL cause of death was an allergic reaction to aspirin. Because Lee was so young, there were many conspiracy theories that circled after his death. One theory is that he died at the hand of the Chinese Triads, who were angry when Lee “refused to pay them for protection”. Another theory is that the Lee family had a death curse put on them.

Brandon Lee

Many people believed that the Lee family has a curse on them, seeing as Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, died under strange circumstances as well. During production of the thriller called, The Crow, Brandon was supposed to film a scene in which he gets shot with a prop gun. However, because the prop gun was prepared incorrectly, Lee was fatally wounded, and later died in surgery. Believers of the “Lee Curse” emerged once more with flames to add to the fire, they cited that 1)Bruce Lee’s final movie, The Game of Death, shows his character getting shot by a prop gun like Brandon was and 2)Bruce Lee’s Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story shows a scene where a demon fights Bruce, then tries to take Brandon, possibly foreshadowing the demise of the star’s son. Since both movies were filmed while Brandon was alive, it makes them scary coincidences in the story of his death.

Elvis Presley

It is said that Elvis died in his bathroom in 1977 but the medical records surrounding the case disputes the cause of death. Dr. Jerry Francisco determined that the cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia and he claimed that the drugs had not been involved in Presley’s death although the toxicology report had not come back by the time he made that claim. When the toxicology reports came back, his prime physician, George Nichopoulos was accused of overprescribing pills to Presley and was ultimately exonerated from criminal liability. Many conspiracies have developed saying that Presley is still alive, in witness protection, and was being hidden by the FBI. People have even claimed to have seen him since his death.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy died in her home on December 20th, 2009 and the Los Angeles County coroner claims that the cause of death was pneumonia, iron-deficiency, and drug intoxication. About six months later, her husband, Simon Monjack, died in the same home. Officially, both Monjack and Murphy died of pneumonia and anemia which is a strange coincidence.

Marilyn Monroe


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