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Mysterious Photos That Cannot be Explained


If you’ve mustered up the courage to view these mysterious and downright creepy photos, then be warned: YOU MAY NOT SLEEP FOR WEEKS. And whether it is just a glimpse of something caught from the side of your eye or an incident in a photo you didn’t notice until later, there are many strange goings on happening in this world that will freak you. Here we look at a few of these strange incidents and try and dig a little deeper as to whether they are truly paranormal or just elaborate hoaxes.

Spirits In The Hall

This hallway was supposedly empty when this shot was taken but look closer, and you can see an eerie figure further down the way. Just youthful hi-jinx at play, or is something more ethereal happening here? Without a clear photo, we can’t be certain, but it sure does seem spooky.

Michael Jackson’s Ghost

A news report from inside Michael Jackson’s former home, the Neverland Ranch, passed a room with a figure looking just like the late Jackson. A ghost or just some sort of joke? News channels have bee known to pull the occasional joke, or this could just be a model of the man himself inside his home.

Gettysburg Ghost Soldier

A photo of Gettysburg showed up this figure who apparently wasn’t there at the time the shot was taken. Was it a fallen soldier remembering his comrades lost in battle or just an unnoticed tourist looking out onto the battlefield. We can’t be certain, but the grainy quality of the photo doesn’t help in identifying the figure.

The Grand Canyon ‘Ghost’

A photo of Gettysburg showed up this figure who apparently wasn’t there at the time the shot was taken. Was it a fallen soldier remembering his comrades lost in battle or just an unnoticed tourist looking out onto the battlefield. We can’t be certain, but the grainy quality of the photo doesn’t help in identifying the figure.

A Monster In The Woods?

Little is known about this photo despite it being included in many online videos and blogs but to dispell its authenticity would be equally as hard as proving that the monster lurking in the background is real. But who knows? It could simply be a human, but quite why they’d adopt an arched back with their legs spread and their arms widened in an opaque forest is anybody’s guess.

A Time Traveler?

This photograph has been floating around the internet for a while with many suggesting it is evidence of time travel with a tall man in sunglasses supposedly proving that he is not of the period as he is wearing clothing more akin to the current age than his contemporaries in the picture. Taken in British Columbia, Canada in the 1940s, the haircut, jumper, glasses, and camera all seem to jar with those around him but if we look closer we may be able to debunk this one.

Ghost Child

The child at the centre of this image was meant to be there. The other was not. How this ‘other child’ got into the picture is a mystery, but it doesn’t quite look lifelike and almost looks like a painted figure. Has it been snuck in by tricksters or is it a child from another realm? Either way, he doesn’t seem happy about having his photo taken.

Amazonian Alien

British tourists were filming their holiday in Brazil when, in one frame of their recording, they noticed a strange figure in amongst the trees. On closer inspection, it doesn’t quite look human but what is it? It could well be something attached to the tree or just a curious creature that is out of focus, but we will never truly know.


This shot taken from the window seat of a plane sees an unidentified flying object fly past. What could it be? Hoaxing something like this from your plane window seems like a lot of work to go to but perhaps it is a military craft not widely known about or just a piece of litter or dirt in mid-air. We can’t quite tell, but we’d love to find out.

The Phoenix Lights

This strange light formation was spotted over Phoenix, Arizona not looking like any flying vehicle or light show known to humanity. Unidentified light formations have been known to occur all over the world with the possibility of magnetic or seismic forces being their cause but no one is 100% sure, and the way these are positioned and are very clear certainly seems odd.

The Babushka Lady

When President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas Dealey Plaza, one woman appeared to be documenting the incident- potentially with a camera- while others ran for cover. Following the photos, the FBI searched high and low for the woman, but with little luck. Although in 1970, a woman called Beverly Oliver came forward to conspiracy theorist Gary Shaw, admitting to her being the Babushka lady. What she revealed, however, was met with trepidation when she claimed that she recorded the events on a Yashica Super-8 camera- even though the model hadn’t come into circulation until 1968.

70s Spectre

When a woman tried to take a photo outside of this high school, it looked like an ethereal figure in groovy, pink disco suit was standing there. It’s not really in keeping with the time but could it be someone is stood there, and long exposure has had an effect on the picture or has a ghost boogied its way back to present day?

Life On Mars?

In 1976, the Viking orbiter sent back photos from the surface of Mars that showed some very odd formations. One of these formations looked very much like a face carved out of rock, and as such conspiracy theories ran amok, with some suggesting, there was life on Mars, while others, due to the Egyptian-like carvings, going as far as believing that the ancient Egyptians had at one point occupied the planet.

Escorting A U.F.O

These military jets are surrounding a U.F.O but what is happening? Protecting a new military project or escorting an alien vehicle out of their air space? Perhaps it is part of a flying display with a quirky new plane? The typical alien dish shape raises some interesting questions none of which we can answer with any certainty.

The Ghost of Jim Morrison

Taken at The Doors frontman’s grave, a blurry figure in the background seems to imitate the late singers pose and standing behind the tomb. Of course, the graveyard is bound to attract many Dorrs fans, and some may be inclined to play a prank or two so it really could be anyone, but they have certainly perfected Morrison’s trademark stance.

Mysterious Child

The parents who took this photo claim they do not know the child in the background and that it must be a ghost. It could be a doll or just an unexpected visitor; it’s up to you. But how you wouldn’t know that someone else is in your house seems a little suspect although the proportions of the ‘child’ seem odd as well.

The ‘Skunk Ape’

Spotted in certain American states such as North Carolina, Arkansas, and Flordia, this ‘skunk ape’ as it has been dubbed, is not a recognized species, but no one has gotten close enough to it to examine what it is yet. Scientists are discovering new species of animals all the time, so it is certainly feasible, but in such well-populated areas and with such a large creature, it seems unlikely.

The Ghost of St. Andrews

Taken by the side of a loch in St. Andrews, Scotland, there is a ghostly figure by the waters’ edge. Perhaps some camera trickery is at play here or maybe an incidental trick of the light, but it certainly seems like a see-through person is standing by the water, lost deep in thought. Scottish lochs are famous for holding mysteries, so who knows?

The Ghost of Gary

A woman in Gary, Indiana found that there were loud and odd disturbances going on in her house so decided to investigate and take photos of the house to try and detect any signs of strange goings on. In one photo, a blurry woman could be seen staring right back at her from the living room window. Terrifying if true!

The Space Ghost

An image of a man in space suit appears behind this child who is blissfully unaware. Perhaps she was aware and just didn’t care. Whatever the case may be, why is this space traveler standing, fully suited up, in a field? Get back to work Neil Armstrong and stop smelling the daisies, and while you’re at it, tell NASA to stop messing around and tell us where the aliens are already!

The Legend Of Freddy Jackson

If you look at at the very back row and focus on the fourth man to the left, you’ll see WW1 RAF squadron pilot Freddy Jackson. But he wasn’t supposed to be there. In fact, he was meant to be dead…. The scarier part? His funeral was held on the same day of the photo. Was it that it was just a clerical error or had someone managed to sneak a moving tribute to him into the photograph?

The Old Lady and Her ‘Deceased’ Husband


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