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The NBA’s Most Famous Wives & Girlfriends

It is very fair to say that the saying “behind every great man is a great woman” is valid when it comes to the men of the NBA and their beautiful and talented wives and girlfriends. These NBA players make millions every year playing the sport that they are passionate about, while the women in their lives are there to support them whilst supporting their own passions as well. Athletes have a bit of a reputation for not being the most faithful in their relationships, but that does not mean that they are always that way, not to mention that there are those who do take relationships very seriously. These mega-successful players have strong and beautiful women by their side, whether as their wife or girlfriend, whether they are still together today or not. Take a look at these incredibly successful and stunning women who are the force behind every NBA player we know and love. 

Michael Jordan may not be an NBA player anymore but the man is a legend so we are obviously going to have him on this list. Michael is also married to the beautiful Yvette Prieto, a model of Cuban descent who looks mighty fine on that long arm of his. The two married in April 2013 and as you would expect, had a wedding that made all other weddings tiny in comparison. The wedding was said to have cost Michael a whopping $10 million and included guests that would make the Grammy’s look lame. Michael and Yvette welcomed twin girls in 2014. 

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76rs changed the court when Brazilian model Anne De Paula started showing up to watch him play. She used her burgeoning Instagram to post about her new man and her support of him. Anne has been in Sport Illustrated and models for magazines around the world. Her support for Joel and his team goes so deep that she was seen crying when they were eliminated from the NBA 2019 Playoffs. 

The beautiful wife of Stephen Curry is one tough cookie in her own right. In addition to mothering Stephen’s beautiful children, she is a successful restauranteur who just opened a new restaurant in San Diego, California. She met Stephen when the two were teens at their local youth church group and married him in college. She is one of the few NBA wives who has been with her husband for as long as she has and have not allowed fame and fortune to change their relationship. 

Giannis plays for the Milwaukee Bucks and is lovingly known as Greek Freak by his fans. He has been with Mariah since 2016 which means that she has been court-side watching since he began his athletic career with the Bucks. Mariah herself was a college athlete thanks to her volleyball skills. Mariah also interned for the NBA and landed her job with the Bucks front office due to her love of sports. 

Natalija and Nikola have been together long before his NBA career began, so no one can say anything about her motives for their relationship. Nikola is currently with the Denver Nuggets, but he used to be with the Mega Bemax back in Serbia. The two have been a couple since 2013, and it is known that Nikola calls Natalija “Ljubav”, which translated means “love”. These two are adorable together and seem to be happily together. 

The Philadelphia 76rs got their star in Ben Simmons. However, in addition to his professional success he has had quite a bit of romantic as well. Ben is linked to none other than Kendall Jenner – model and second youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew. Kendall is one of the highest grossing models in the world, and has been in front of the camera since her childhood thanks to her family’s reality show. Kendall and Ben keep their relationship super private. 

Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder had a bouncy start to his relationship with Daniela Rajic. However, the two are now better than ever. Paul met Daniela when she was a dancer at Tootsie’s Gentleman’s Club on South Beach, Miami. The couple now have two children together and are thinking about having a third. Either way, Paul is staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder for another four years since his 2018 re-sign. 

Kawhi met Kishele when they were both students at San Diego State University. There is not much to know about these two other than Kawhi’s NBA career as the two are very private outside of closed doors. They have been together since their college days and are going stronger than ever. The couple welcomed their first child together back in 2016. It is rare to see them out together so this is as good a photo as we are ever going to get. 

These two love birds met back in college where Trae was a basketball star and Shelby was a cheerleader. The two started their romance at the University of Oklahoma where the two graduated in 2019. As a couple, they do not go out much and are very private but they do attend NBA events together as Shelby shows support for her athletically inclined boyfriend. The two are still very young and so we shall see if they stand the test of time.

Blake Griffin was formerly linked to Kendall Jenner (who is currently linked to another NBA star on this list), but is now linked to Francesca Aiello who is a swim suit designer residing in Malibu, California. The two started dating back in mid-2018 and have been seen out and about ever since. They are indeed a beautiful couple and seem to be doing very well in their relationship. There are those who say it is just a matter of time before they settle down. 

Anamaria is from Croatia, Luka is from Slovenia – so close! The two have been together for several years now which spans Luka’s career with both the European basketball leagues as well as the NBA. Anamaria is a model in her profession and followed Luka to Dallas where he is currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks. Anamaria is active on Instagram where she has over 56,000 followers and counting. She often shares a glimpse into her world with Luka and their shared dog. 

The woman behind NBA player Jamal Murray is probably a little more impressive than Jamal is himself. Harper hailed from the University of Kentucky, where she not only killed it as a volleyball player, but that is also where she started her own photography business from her dorm room. Her business is called Harper Hempel Photography. Harper’s dad is also the co-founder of a sports tech company which he dubbed eCoach. 

What can we say, Khloe has a type. The youngest Kardashian daughter (not the Jenner) has a thing for basketball players probably because she is so tall herself that they are the only taller option. First there was Lamar Odom, then there was Tristan Thompson. Both NBA players ended up cheating on poor Khloe but not before she had a daughter with Tristan named True. While these are both past tense relationships, Khloe was a support system to both of these men and their careers. 

Dwayne is the star of the Miami Heat and has been for years now. Gabrielle is a well-known actress in her own right. Together these two are an unstoppable force. The two married back in 2014 in a wedding that had a star studded guest list that included John Legend, Lebron James, and Kevin Hart. They started dating back ion 2009 and in 2018 welcomed a daughter together through a gestational surrogate.  

NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell has been with his lady love, Deja Lighty, for years. The two are both from New York City. Deja went to Temple University where she was a dancer with the Temple University Gems. She got her degree in Sports Management and has worked for the Cleveland Cavaliers and ROC Sports. Deja’s father is also a known guy, Chris Lighty was a manager for musicians the linked of P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, and 50 Cent. 

Portland Trail Blazers CJ McCollum was no fool when he met Elise Esposito. The beauty is not only, well, beautiful, but she has a brain to boot. Elise goes to Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine where she is getting her D.D.S. She already has a degree from Lehigh in Behavioral Neuroscience, so we know she is wicked smart. These two got engaged in 2018 and are looking to marry pretty soon! 

Lebron James needs absolutely no introduction, his wife however is her own woman. These two got together all the way back in 2003 but did not get married until 2014! They have three children together, two sons and a daughter, named LeBron Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri. When they were first dating, LeBron invited Savannah to a basketball game he was in, with Savannah not at all realizing who the man in front of her was. 

Dallas Mavericks player J.J. Barea is something out of a novel. He has basically always dated beauty queens. He dated 2006 Miss Universe winner, Zuleyka Riverva, and now to Miss Universe 2011, Viviana Ortiz. Needless to say, Viviana is known on her own merits, winning as a beauty queen. She and J.J. welcomed a son together back in 2012, then a daughter in 2016. J.J. is now coaching a basketball league in Puerto Rico. 

This couple is one for the books. They met while in college at Weber State University. He was a ball player back then too and she is a nurse. Today, Kay’la is still a nurse at the Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center in Gresham, Oregon. Kay’la and Damian welcomed a son together in March 2018 named Damian Lillard Jr. This proud girlfriend of an NBA guard continues to balance her life with the fame and success that her significant other is garnering. 

Celtics player Al Hortford married his now-wife Amelia Vega on Christmas Eve of 2011. They welcomed a son, Ean, in February 2015. Amelia is not at all a fan of the cold weather but makes it work for her husband and his mega-successful career. Al was signed for a whopping $113 million. Al and Amelia are both from the Dominican Republic. Amelia also happens to be have won Miss Universe in 2003, so she has her own winning under her belt. 

Another case of one woman and two NBA players. First, Gloria was married to Matt Barnes with whom she had twin boys and what seemed like the perfect life. However, two years post-wedding, they called it quits. When Gloria started seeing yet another NBA player, Derek Fisher, Matt did not like it at all and drove way too fast to confront Gloria about her choices. What was dirty about the whole thing is that Gloria seemed to have begun dating Derek while she was still married to Matt. 

Former NBA player Jalen Rose who was part of the University of Michigan’s Fab Five back in the early 90s, went on to be an ESPN personality. Jalen met and married ESPN coworker Molly Qerim in July 2018 after quite a bit of time just dating. Molly is a moderator and anchor on ESPN for two of their sports shows. These two seem to be as stable as can be and continue to show face on red carpets and other events. 

This adorable duo has been together since 2015. Washington Wizards Guard, Bradley Beal, and model Kamiah Adams are the cutest. Kamiah was also on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop which is why she may be familiar to you. Bradley and Kamiah welcomed a son together named Bradley Beal Jr. back in July 2018. While they may have met at a night club, they lasted through the years and are showing no signs of slowing down. 

These two had a classic start to their relationship since they were young – they got together and broke up pretty early on, only to reconnect in the early months of 2019. Lonzo Ball is a stubborn man and knew what he had in his hands once he had lost it. Denise was a nursing student at the University of California at Riverside and acted with a recurring role on their reality show Ball in the Family. 

Gordon Hayward was with the Utah Jazz for a long time, so much so that fans begged him not to leave. However, he ended up signing with Boston so he could reunite with his college coach, Brad Stevens. His beautiful wife, Robyn, married Gordon in February 2015. They have a daughter together who was that year and a second daughter in 2016. They have a joint Instagram account with a 1.6 million follower count. 

Vanessa and Kobe have been together since before he was the mega star he is today. Their relationship was a source of contention for his family, so much so that there was a rift between Kobe and his mother over Vanessa. They met in 1999, married in 2001, when Kobe was a mere 21 years old. Vanessa was a dancer at a night club he was attending, and he was a goner from the first moment. 

A lot of these stories sound the same – met in college, remained together through fame, fortune and success. Draymond Green and Jelissa Hardy are not exception. The two met during their time at Michigan State University. Hardy played basketball, of course. They both graduated in 2012, after which Jelissa had a brief stint as a model before becoming a mom to their son in 2017. They lead a private life away from the spotlight and like it that way. 

Mike and Mary have been together for longer than they can remember. They finally married in 2014 and quickly welcomed a son in 2016. Mary is very active on Instagram and has a following of over 25,000. She talks a lot about her family and her health, with a specific devotion to her fitness; so much so that she was on the cover of a fitness magazine. This duo met at Ohio State University for the one year that Mike was there. 

Kyle and Ayanha met when they both attended Cardinal Dougherty High School in their native Philadelphia. They love spending time playing basketball together and raise their two little ones. Ayanha also played ball in high school and in college. The reason she stopped was due to an ACL injury that prevented her from continuing professionally. The two started a foundation in 2013 to help people in their hometown of Philadelphia. 

Ashtyn is a huge sports fan. She spent some time working with the Atlanta Braves, not to mention her time as a sales representative for Miller Coors. She graduated from Florida State University prior to her employment. Ashtyn and Kemba have been together for several years now and keep their relationship on the quiet end of things. Ashtyn also holds a Master’s degree from Florida State University in Sports Management. 

Russell Westbrook is an NBA star and is considered one of the most stylish in the athletic world. However, the true prize here though is his wife Nina. The two got married back in 2015, and later welcomed their son Noah in May 2017. Both Nina and Russell have a background in basketball, and have been together since their college days ay UCLA. Nina grew up playing basketball in her native California and was dubbed one of the fastest players on her team. 

Another couple, another college sweetheart story. DeMar and Kiara have been together since their college days at the University of Southern California. They met through basketball (how else?). They are now married and are raising two children together. Kiara was a player in high school, where DeMar was the team’s manager of all things. The family now lives in Southern California where they bought a property that cost a whopping $3.75 million. 

There are many who have issue with this union due to the fact that Dirk and Jessica are not from the same ethnic background. While we do not agree to these issues, we would like to speak to their union. This couple met in 2010 at a charity event in Dallas. Jessica was working at an art gallery. Dirk was raised in Sweden where his father is from. This couple is destined for great things. 

Tim and Vanessa started dating in 2013. Since their wedding they welcomed a daughter they named Quill. While we all know Tim can play ball, it is Vanessa who we are interested in. She hosted a talk show all about sports as well as announces soccer and baseballs games. She was on The Amazing Race a few seasons back and therefore not anonymous in the least. Tim is a 15-time NBA All Star game participant. 

Carmelo and La La had a televised wedding ceremony when they tied the knot. They have had their ups and downs, including separating in April 2017 only to get back together in January 2019. The rumors swirled that they broke up because Carmelo was unfaithful but he did everything he could to get his lady back. La La is very good friends with Khloe Kardashian and the other Kardashian ladies, and she can be see on their show. 

Chris and Jada are known for their love and their fashion. They have an organization that distributes prom dresses, shoes and purses every year to underprivileged youth in their native Winston Salem, North Carolina, the community they were both raised in. The couple share two kids together – Chris Jr. and Camryn Alexis. They met when they were a mere 18 years old, way before Paul was anywhere near the NBA.  

Jrue Holiday met his now-wife Lauren Cheney during a UCLA women’s basketball game where they were both in the stands. She played midfield for the United States women soccer team (which is mad impressive if you ask us!). Most recently, Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor that thankfully she has overcome since the diagnosis in 2017. Lauren and Jrue are loved in their community in New Orleans and have been surrounded by their support through Lauren’s battle with her tumor. 

Julie Pierce actually dated Larry Hughes before she realized he was married and broke it off immediately. She has since remarried to none other than Paul Pierce. The two met in 2005 and started dating very shortly after. Julie is an interior designer. She married Paul in 2010 and welcomed three children with him. These two are as solid as NBA relationships get, with a true foundation in family and trust. 

Kayla stood by her husbands side when Isaiah’s team mates did not like him at a certain time. Through her Instagram feed you can see that she and Isaiah love to be active and spend time hiking along with quality time with their respective families. The couple married in 2016, after a romance that spanned several years. They seem like a couple that would do anything for one another and that is as heart warming as it gets. 


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