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Necessity (And Being Broke) Is The Mother Of Invention: Check Out These 50 Fascinating Life Hacks

Ah…college. For many, it represents the halcyon days when our minds were expanding and our checking accounts were shrinking. Indeed, getting a higher education is expensive, what with books, tuition, room, board, and those occasional lapses in intoxicated judgment and while Mom and/or Dad like to pretend they are an endless ATM, the truth is that once you leave the nest, taking all of your financial needs and whining with you, your guardians give up. They hope banks fill in the blanks for your institutional needs via aid and loans, while the experience of learning and discovering yourself will cover everything else…especially those “excess” items like food and fun. Below you will see the kind of ingenuity that occurs when pennies are pinched and belts are tightened. It’s also a level of inventiveness that few of these student’s professors ever seen. Homework may come in on dirty and wrinkled up papers, but if a hungry physics major needs to get his Top Ramen on, a couple of ballpoint pens do make amazing chopsticks. Many schools outlaw actual appliances in the dorm rooms, but that doesn’t mean a simple drip coffee maker can’t become a bastion of boiling water (and recipes using same). It’s all about being clever. It’s all about being resourceful. Actually, it’s all about being flat broke. As you will see, necessity is indeed the mother of some pretty insane inventions.

1. Fill ‘Er Up, Water Fountain

2. When Mother Nature Gives You A Blizzard, Make An Ice Box

3. And Who Said Plumbing Was Hard???

4. Speakers Are DONE! It’s Time To Party!

5. Just Make Sure You Don’t Throw Anything Hot In There…

6. Side View Mirror? Who Needs A Side View Mirror?

7. Cold Pizza’s Fine, But How About Some Flat Iron Pie (With Help From The Hairdryer)?

8. This May Not Be Practical For That Fancy Pair Of Argyles

9. Just Like My Tech Savvy Italian Grandma Used To Make

10. Have A Seat – And Make Sure To Keep Your Tray Tables Up And Locked During Takeoff

11. Now You Can Mow As You Go…

12. Not Only Are They Grillin’, They Are Clearly Chillin’ As Well

13.Why Wash A Dish When Plastic Wrap Can Keep Everything Clean?

14. Plastic Soda Bottles Paired With A Sharp Nice Make Fine Drinking Vessels

15. Have A Seat…Or Take A Chair – Your Choice

16. This Specific Pizza Hack Rules…Get It? Rules?

17. Kitchen Aide? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Kitchen Aide…

18. That Should Keep My Roommate – And Their Fat Rolls – Covered Up

19. Don’t You Know That Colanders Are A Big ‘Racket’

20. Now That’s What We Call Putting The Meal Plan To Good Use

21.The Clock On The Wall (Kind Of) Says…

22. Who Needs A Car Alarm When You’ve Got…This?

23. Hopefully It’s Not A BIG Fire…

24. When The Sea Calls, You’ve Got To Answer…Anyway You Can

25.What Do You Want? Color…Or Functionality?

26.Research…Rest…And Reboot, All From One Comfy Location

27. They’re A Specialty – Coffee Pot Poached Eggs

28. Happy Five Matches Birthday To You!

29.Gotta Look Good Before You Make Dinner, Right?

30.Did Somebody Say WEENIE ROAST?

31.This Dustbin Is Also An Excellent Source Of Discarded Cheese

32.Amazing Wordwork…But Can It Pass The Crash Dummy Test?

33.Umm…It’s Called ‘Recycling’…Duh!

34. Anyone Hungry For Wire Hanger Kabobs? Anyone?

35. One Close (And Semi-Deadly) Save Coming Up!

36. That’s One Way To Keep The Pool Heated In Winter

37.Luke Is One VERY LUCKY Guy…

38.Who Said We Don’t Own A Fire Pit?

39.Who Knew Electric Iron’s Were Rechargable?

40.Cup Noodles – You’re Sort Of Eating Them…’Write’

41.Forget Furniture…This Dorm Room Needs A Hot Tub

42. Sure Beats The Curling Iron…Or The Broken Microwave

43.Now You’ll Know When A Fire Starts…While Enjoying A Delicious Snack

44. When The Financial Aid Check In Late And The Library Bathroom Is Unlocked

45.Christmas Is Coming…We Got The Tree Covered

46.That’s ONE WAY To Toast Up Some Hot Pockets…Not The Right Way, But…

47.One Makeshift Candelabra At Your Service…For That Hot Date

48.Rationing It Crucial If You Want To Make It Through All Four Years

49.One Order Of Beer Bottle Mashed Potatoes Coming Your Way

50.What Do You Mean That Plate Is Broken? It Looks Fine To Me


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