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Mom Gets Even After Neighbor Doesn’t Allow Kids To Use Public Pool

The pool belonged to her, and her wife, which meant the kids in it were trespassing. What if one slipped on the deck and fell, hurting themselves or drowning? Her family would be legally responsible.

She talked to them, finding out they were used to coming over for a swim. She thought explaining why they couldn’t use the pool would deter them from coming. She was wrong.

When Hailey and Jane Winstead decided to buy a house, they’d only wanted to find a place they could finally call home.

The two had been together for more than twelve years, culminating in a beautiful wedding in Hawaii. With their careers taking off, they could finally afford the home of their dreams. They had no clue what was waiting for them in the future.

Hailey and Jane met in their first year of college. Hailey had been a literature buff majoring in creative writing while Jane was an engineering student.

The two hit it off immediately, realizing they completed each other in many ways. Not every day a person finds and falls in love with their soulmate. But for Hailey and Jane, this was precisely the case. 

The couple always talked about moving to Hawaii when they finished college. Although they’d both power through grad school first, with Hailey starting her Ph.D. degree afterward, they’d manage to move to the Aloha state soon enough.

Hailey and Jane had the most beautiful wedding on one of the state’s most pristine beaches. They were eager to begin the next phase of their lives together and saw buying a house as the next logical step.

Hailey and Jane perused suitable neighborhoods with a realtor looking for the house of their dreams, and it wouldn’t be long until they found it.

To make everything even better, the old couple that previously owned it loved the two so much that they cut back on their selling price. Hailey and Jane were so delighted, not knowing what inconsiderate neighbors they had. 

Hailey and Jane’s house was a Hispanic-style two-story building with a beautiful yard and garden. It boasted lush trees around its perimeter, a wide driveway, and, most importantly, a large pool where the couple could enjoy their weekends under the loving Hawaiian sun.

The two bought the house and moved their stuff in, quickly settling as they resumed everyday life. Everything was going on nicely until one day, trouble came knocking. 

Hailey was alone in the house working on her next novel when she heard noises coming from the back of the house. Not sure what to expect, she hurried over to her baseball bat and slowly made her way to the kitchen.

She peeped out the window, her brows furrowing when her eyes registered everything happening before her.

Several teenagers were in their swimming suits around her pool, setting up a stereo as the rest handed out drinks. Since Hailey and her wife were still new to the area, she thought she could approach them in a friendly manner and inform them this was a private pool.

Perhaps the previous couple who lived in this house allowed such activities, but for Hailey, it looked like a lawsuit waiting to happen if the kids were abusing drugs or if one of them got hurt.

With these harrowing thoughts in mind, Hailey placed her bat aside and hurried over to say hi. “I asked why they were at my pool, to which they said the old couple that lived in the house was usually okay with them using it,” Hailey shared on a social media post.

“They were our neighbor’s kids and refused to leave when I asked them to do it.” Infuriated by the blatant disrespect, Hailey called Jane and explained the issue. They would confront their neighbors that night.

Hailey and Jane visited their neighbors at nightfall, introducing themselves as the new house owners next door. They explained their issue, to which the parents insisted that the kids had always used the pool despite it being private property.

The mom, in particular, asked Hailey and Jane if the kids could continue to use the pool as they were “just kids,” but the two refused. Was their reason for refusing valid?

Hailey and Jane aired their fears about the kids using their pool, stating that they would be legally responsible if any of the children were to get hurt or, worse, drown on their property.

Such a scandal could strip them of their dream home and any future opportunities to own property. But there was an even bigger reason why the two couldn’t allow the kids to use their pool anymore.

“We didn’t know them that well for them to be coming into our place and using our pool,” a frustrated Hailey shared. She hoped the neighbors would hear them out and bar their kids from using the pool, but the following Friday got the shock of their lives.

Hailey and Jane were in their house that afternoon, enjoying the peace of knowing life was terrific. But then they heard a loud splash in their backyard accompanied by some chuckles. 

The two hurried into the kitchen, seeing the neighbor’s kids alongside a few friends swimming in their pool. The teenagers had jumped the fence, disregarding the trespassing signs that Hailey and Jane placed near the pool.

The couple marched out, chased the kids, and then went over to talk to their parents. But the glares they received from the neighbors told them everything they needed to know about the situation.

Hailey and Jane returned home that afternoon dejected. They’d only wanted to find a place they could call their own, a place where the neighbors would respect them as much as they did them.

Of course, the two would allow the kids to use their pool once they were at a level where they trusted each other enough. But since the neighbors treated them like dirt, Hailey and Jane would have their revenge.

A week passed before the kids sneaked into Hailey and Jane’s property again. They had no clue they were on camera while Hailey was calling the police. She reported the kids for trespassing, and the police didn’t waste time coming to pick them up.

Hailey dropped the charges with her wife by her side, promising her neighbors she wouldn’t be as lenient the next time. The two families would grow to be great friends, but their friendship would be built out of mutual respect.


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