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NFL Star Takes Mom To “Random” House, She Breaks Down When He Tells Her Who Owns It

No matter how much money you have and how many people recognize you while you are shopping, what truly matters is your ability to appreciate everything that you have and not to forget those who stood by your side along the way. So Russell Wilson stands a great example for that and his act will leave you in tears! Make sure not to miss #17, #16 and most importantly #14! 

Russell Wilson is a really famous player in the NFL and we’re sure you have heard him, too. Recently he signed a four-year extension that added $140-million to his contract. As a result, he is considered as the highest paid player in the NFL. However, he isn’t just that! 

He is 30 years old and even though he is extremely rich and successful, he never forgets from where he came from and who was the one that helped him achieve his goals! But who is that special person? Click next to find out!

Yes! That person is his mom and with a reason. Wilson never forgets that his mother had always been really supportive and never left his side as he was trying to create his career. 

Russell Wilson, who is also married to the famous singer, Ciara, decided with his wife that it was time to give his mother the best gift. This gift would represent all the appreciation and gratitude that he was feeling for his mom who had always been by his side.

Everything had to be organized really carefully because he wanted to surprise his mother with his gift and most importantly it had to be on Mother’s Day!

After Mother’s Day, Russell Wilson decided that he wanted to share this time of happiness with the rest of the world, so he uploaded the video from that day and had us all in tears!

“All these years you have never asked me for anything… the only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well, thanks for loving us the way you do. This one’s for you. I love you, momma.”

As we see on the video, at first, Russell Wilson and Ciara take Wilson’s mom, Tammy and they go to the front door of a house she had never seen before.

At first, they all act pretty casually and Tammy doesn’t have a clue about what will happen next! Everyone plays their role really well until Wilson decides to give her a little hint!

So as they were casually chatting he takes out of his pocket and gives to his mother a set of keys. At first, Tammy doesn’t understand what this gesture means.

“what’s this?”, she asked really confused. When her son answered that these are the keys of her new home, Tammy stood speechless, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

“You lying. Are you serious?” his mom asks loudly her son when she realized what he did for her. “No. Are you serious? For real?”

 She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the best Mother’s Day gift ever! She was so grateful to her son and his wife for that huge gift that she was still a little bit confused.

Russell Wilson had some trouble convincing his mother that this wasn’t a joke and that he had actually bought her a new home just for her, as a Mother’s Day gift!

When she realized what had just happened, she couldn’t help it and burst into tears of joy and gratitude. She was so happy with her gift and most importantly with the gesture. 

Russell Wilson seemed really pleased to watch his mother being so happy. He wanted to give the best gift to his mother on that special day, in order to thank her for everything that she had done for him.

Even though he became extremely rich and famous, he never forgot his roots and his beloved mother that was there for him all through these years!

And for him, that gift was his way of showing his gratitude and his appreciation towards his mother. 

Everyone seemed to be really pleased and happy with that surprise and even more Wilson, who saw his mother becoming so excited about her new home!

This could be a great example for everyone and not just the famous and rich people. We should be grateful to those that stood by our side in our hard times.


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