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Nightmare Bosses: People Share The Worst Things Their Employer Has Ever Said To Them

“My boss was watching me learn a task for the first time and said, ‘If you were any slower, you’d be going back in time.'” -Reddit user 69schrutebucks

“‘You are great at your job, but you are not pretty enough to think that should get you anywhere.'” -Reddit user IrritatedAlpaca

“If I’d known you had tattoos, I probably wouldn’t have hired you.” -Reddit user she-huulk

“That women aren’t allowed on the company trip because ‘there’s alcohol involved, and we want to keep them safe.'” -Reddit user pingumom

“You have no idea how replaceable you are.” -Reddit user joedrums8a

“My boss had called me into work on my day off, and when I politely told her I was busy, she demanded to know what I was planning to do all day because it was semester break, and she knew I didn’t have classes. I quit not long after that.” -Reddit user bw833s

“You’re fired” after I came back from a four-day hospital stay.” -Reddit user Meteorcousin

“I can’t decide. Two days ago my boss told me that he didn’t like my shirt & it made me look pregnant. Yesterday he had a talk with me about how I don’t have potential in life due to low motivation.” -Reddit user bnm520

“My boss once put a crumpled piece of paper in the pocket of my uniform vest and said that he wanted me to throw it away for him. He wasn’t joking.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Reddit user:  marie_llama

 ”My old boss told me that I would make an amazing secretary for my looks alone. I’m a systems analyst.” -Reddit user Pandaland27

“I’d like to reduce your pay by $1 an hour. I switched positions.” -Reddit user shermywormy18

“My boss said that my personality was like a dishtowel.” -Reddit user aliceINchainz

“Hey, little girl” I was 35 at the time.” -Reddit user yermom79

“I was told that a project I was managing was being given to a male colleague because it was more of a ‘man’s project.'” -Reddit user charmanderr

“My boss accused me of having an affair with another married coworker, then said, ‘Or if you haven’t yet, you will.'” -Reddit user Heidi1026


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