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Not Pleased To Meet You: People Shared Crazy In-Laws Stories

There are already tons of existing mother-in-law “nerve-wracking” stories that you surely heard. However, as always, there is the other side of the story. At this moment, it’s now time to uncover stories about the worst experiences mothers-in-law have had. Check these CRAZY sons/daughters-in-law stories that you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Throwaway. We lived on the other side of the country from them so we didn’t have many visits — one or two a year. When we visited, all was well — the house was clean, the kids were cared for, etc. She was fun to be around. However, once we left, life went back to “normal” for my son and grandkids. She would say she was going to the store and would not come home for 2 to 4 days. She did drugs. She did not clean or do anything else. My son traveled for business, and when he was gone, she had many different men in the house. He would come home to a trashed house, trashed car, trashed everything. She would put the kids to bed, then leave to party. She kept the two oldest kids home from school when he traveled. She was too busy sleeping from partying all night to take them to school. Then the very worst thing happened. As he was making plans to leave her and take the kids, she killed the youngest child and is now in jail awaiting trial. All of this came out after she died. I wish they had never met. throwawaytardis12

For me, a MIL it’s kind of a reverse heartbreak because I loved my DIL, and we got on very well. She’s from a semi-abusive background and, at first, had issues with drugs but dealt with that and became an excellent mother. But one day, things turned around. Now they are separated, at her instigation. My son is devastated, and although I don’t believe in taking sides, it’s hard to go past her decision to break up the family because she has to ‘find herself.’ I’m just not coping as we had been a very close extended family. Not a matter of abuse, addiction, cheating, or even close. auntynell

My mother always tried with my ex-SIL but she was a nutcase. My ex-SIL and my brother were separated after she abandoned their son at the daycare center to run away and start a new life. My brother ended up with full custody of my nephew. The straw that broke the camel’s back for my mom was when my ex-SIL tried to kidnap my nephew and steal my brother’s car during a visitation period (my mom was there to witness the whole thing). She didn’t secure my nephew (2yo) into his seat and she crashed into a light pole in her haste — luckily nobody was hurt. My mother never forgave her for that and had to step in for my brother a few times during law proceedings to make sure that my ex-SIL never got more than visitation rights. Ex-SIL currently has every other weekend visitation and hasn’t seen him in 5years but has 4 other children by all different fathers while trying to tie one down. skydivingfoxes2

My MIL has a very rocky relationship with one of her Daughters in law. There are a few of us. This one time this particular DIL (with a rocky relationship) had started “being nice” to our MIL by going to lunch with her and giving her advice on how to change annoying aspects of her personality. This lasted for a couple of months. Finally the DIL had an absolute rage session and did things that proved her recent behavior was a whole lie. She started screaming at the MIL saying how she could no longer be part of this ruse and that all her attempts at being friendly and trying to changing the MIL’s personality was pointless because the MIL was too stupid. To this day they don’t get along and family gatherings are always super uncomfortable. This of course is from my POV so I can’t say for certain what was actually going on in either of their heads, but there you have it. SiXleft7

This happened to a friend. Her brother married this girl who was his college friend. They were very happy, and had a baby girl… Suddenly her father passed away so her mother went to stay with her son and DIL. At first, she was ok. But after like a month, DIL started to do things unfairly. She locks the fridge (in India fridges come with internal locks) and pantry doors. She started cutting down MIL’s food. When my friend came to know about this, we went to her brother’s place, packed her mom’s stuff, and brought her back to my friend’s house. The DIL was a scary lady and that brother couldn’t say anything to his wife. thatindianmum

I’m writing on behalf of my mother. My SIL is a lazy, obnoxious cow. At first, we thought she was a good catch for my brother, but not until they married. She hasn’t worked in 10 years, while my brother works 60 hrs a week minimum. Even though she gets an allowance for being a stay-at-home mum, that goes to cigarettes and until recently a crapload of pot. My brother went years without a birthday/Christmas/father’s day card or gift from her. So my mum used to come down for weeks at a time whenever my SIL was ‘unwell’ (read: withdrawing). Last year, my mum bought my brother a big, expensive birthday present. He was worth it, we always tried to show him what he’s worth. Well, Mrs. SIL chucked a wobbly. “You need to stop buying him crap, or you and I will be having words out the front!!” Mum looked dead at her, “you wanna beat me up because I treat your husband better than you?!” That’s just 1 story. Green_eyes_1986

My husband and his mom have had a strained relationship due to politics the last few years, but I got a DUI a little over a year ago. It was a supreme screw up on my part, and I take full responsibility. I made stupid choices. Hence the throwaway. Anyway, my husband gets the call that I’m getting arrested, and he chose to call his mom to help, versus my mom at the moment. My mom is super chill and a good woman in a crisis and was arguably the more pragmatic choice, but I think he just needed his mom, understandably. So he calls his mom to come to watch our kid while he figures out bail and picking me up and all that. What I experienced proved just how lovely she was and how crazy I am. I’ll never forget coming home at like 4 am feeling so embarrassed and overwhelmed and she was there, arms wide open to accept and comfort me. This diminutive church-going Southern mama grabbed me and held my atheist, messed up self for what seemed like an eternity, but in a good way. Like all her natural mom energy was passing through me. We may not agree on most things, but I’ll never forget how loved she made me feel at my lowest, without judgment or pretense. I hear horror stories about in-laws and I think how lucky I am. Thisisathrowaway407

So I have one daughter who at 20 “came out” to me. As gay? No. As a polygamist. A pregnant one. Pregnant by a 40-year-old dude with a wife and three grown kids. I was 44 at the time. Long story short, the original wife got sick of all the crazy and left. Now my daughter and the son-in-law are monogamous with five kids and I have a son-in-law who is 4 years younger than me. throwmebaby6754

I always feel really guilty because when I and my husband first got together my MIL would try and call me (I had never met her in person as she lived on the other side of the country from us) and I’m a huge introvert so I very rarely would answer the phone and talk to her. Well about a year and a half later there was an incident with my step dad coming to live with us full time and my MIL stayed on the phone with me for hours being super supportive. Unfortunately, sad news came. Less than a month later she passed away unexpectedly. I never did get the chance to meet her in person. I miss her so much, I can still see her in my head (as I remember her from FaceTime) and I can hear her voice. I hate that I didn’t answer the phone every single time she called me. That’s a regret I will always have to live with. Hero_For_a_Day2

My brother’s ex-wife instigated a fight with him over the phone, recorded him once she got him mad, and reported him to the police. She then told them exactly where to find him, as he was employed as a high school teacher at the time. She stopped making payments on the house after she got him out, and eventually it was repossessed. She started cavorting around with our younger brother and dated him for like two years after they divorced. We think that they had been running around behind his back for at least three years beforehand, and personally, I’m pretty sure she groomed him from as young as 16 And the real kicker, she was running around with our younger brother mostly at our mom’s house. Just a completely disgusting sociopathic monster. I’ve told my brother if he needs her tires slashed so she misses a court date, I’m in. ProjectKurtz

My mom always amazed me for not flipping out on my SIL. My sister-in-law does everything in her power to be miserable about my mom. She complained that my mom sold her and my brother a truck instead of giving it. Horrible person. She complained that my mom gave her boyfriend tamales on a real plate one Christmas instead of paper like the rest of us. Witch. One time, my brother’s family had a cold. She complained that my mom didn’t drop everything to get them popsicles, soup ETC. She had the audacity to wait a little bit to make them a care package. Monster. She gets mad, texts my mom and calls my mom dirty messages. My brother tried to keep the peace but it just rarely happened. I will never understand why she dislikes my mom so much. My mom isn’t perfect but my SIL is nuts. My brother passed away last April and my SIL made it a little weird and hurt my mom but that’s a whole different post. SnooBooks702

I’m apparently the crazy DIL. One of our kids asked to change pronouns and live as a girl which we fully supported. It wasn’t a surprise to us, we’ve seen it coming for a long time, and had gone so far as to let some family members know that it seemed like our child was on that path. Well, my FIL told my husband that he thought I was forcing our child to do this because of, “how much I hate men,” at which point we thought they might have gone too much. We decided that our children would no longer be going to their house unsupervised because we weren’t going to subject them to that attitude. And then covid hit which meant they couldn’t really see the kids at all anyway. MIL threw a fit about how unfair all of this was to her. They’ve both decided I hate them. I have very little sympathy for the corner they’ve backed themselves into. When they apologize and commit to supporting their granddaughter, we can talk about reforming a relationship. electrickumquat

I was a crappy DIL. At least for the first 6 years. We had a strained relationship that would go back and forth between hate, tolerance, and actually liking each other. To be fair, my husband was the youngest and we became teen parents. She blamed me for stealing her son, I blamed her for not letting us live our lives. But after a while, I found out how nice she was. In 2011 things started to change and we started talking and getting to know each other. Two years ago we lost her and I am honored to have been one of the ones chosen to be by her side during that time. [deleted]

My grandparents gave my uncle and his wife everything. They lived on the farm that my grandpa grew up on. My grandparents moved into the ranch next door that my great grandparents built, and my “aunt” and uncle moved into the farmhouse. My grandparents owned it all up until my grandpa died and my uncle convinced and manipulated my grieving grandma to sign it away to him. One day, they did the worst thing that proved they were not good people. He and my aunt auctioned off the farm equipment before my grandpa’s body was even cold, and now they’ve locked up all the sheds and garages. Who knows what they’re hiding. My grandma even needs to ask to get into her own property. Sometimes when I visit my grandma, I hear the outside basement door creak open and I know it’s my aunt sneaking downstairs to go look for something she wants. My grandma can’t hear that door from the living room so she knows she can come and go without being seen or heard. It’s gotten to the point that my mom and the rest of my aunts bought my grandma a fridge and freezer with a lock on it because her food started to go missing. I hate them. And I don’t care that I’m likely not getting any money when my grandma dies – I care that they steal from her like she’s already dead. toothpastenachos

I have 3 daughters, so I have 3 sons-in-law. I have a pretty funny story about my middle daughter DH. Now I don’t like him because he’s 12 years older than my daughter, he’s an alcoholic, and has DUI’s in multiple states. My husband hired him to work for our small construction company. He would show up reeking of either booze or pot, he would be told to meet my husband to drive to a job. He would show up 2 or 3 hours late for leaving for a job. Best carpenter we have ever had worked for us. During this time, we had purchased a 1922 house that needed a total remodel (all 3 floors of 2600 square feet of it) I had surgery on my right foot/leg was in a cast, and couldn’t drive (had to have either my husband, sister or 1 of my 3 daughter’s drive me around) my sister had driven me over to the new house and son-in-law was there. But my husband wasn’t. I accidentally left my cellphone at the new house, and my sister took me home. (Now my husband and I have each other listed under our pet names for each other in our cellphones. I had hubby listed as Mr. Snowflake) my cell rings, SIL goes to answer it, and sees Mr. Snowflake & doesn’t answer it. That’s where the issue started. He goes home & tells my daughter that he thinks that I am cheating on my hubby. My daughter asked him if he really has met me? That there was no way in the world I would be having an affair. The next day hubby and I go back over to the new house and I see my cell phone. Hubby and I are talking & I call him Mr. Snowflake in front of the SIL & he starts laughing, and tells us this story. I am upset by this. AdAdventurous8225

I was a crappy DIL. My MIL was a widow and my husband was an only child. I always felt she was competing with me, but I didn’t realize my children and husband were her world. What I found annoying was just her way of showing love. One day she laid down for a nap and never woke up. My family was devastated and I had to support everyone. I finally realized how much my MIL loved my children and my husband. How wrong I had been! Now I really miss her, the old bat. OldGrayMare59

My boyfriend’s SIL was already a bit crazy before the wedding 2 years ago but really ramped up after. His brother and SIL fight constantly! Her argument was that he wasn’t home enough, she was convinced he was cheating and/or going out for drinks after work. Fight all day, all night… She would call his parents in the middle of the night screaming about whatever imagined slight he had committed to trying to turn them against him! Then she snapped and went too far. She barged into their (in-laws) house randomly, screaming/demanding to see him because “I know you’re hiding him!” The brother was at work, he worked long hours to support her and their baby because she didn’t work. Then the pandemic hit, and he was laid off, so he’s home all the time and they still fight constantly. Now it’s just that he’s home too often! No winning in that marriage. CatsOverFlowers

So I have an aunt who passed away recently who I always thought had 3 sons. Turns out she has a fourth who I never met, knew, or ever heard mentioned. As far as we know he was a normal guy, studied, had a decent job, got married, and had 2 kids. Suddenly, he phones his mother and says he wants nothing to do with her and that she has ruined him as a person, etc. He cuts himself off from the entire family so no contact at all. The hard part however was there was absolutely no reason why all this happened. The parents, siblings, friends, and extended family could not figure out what happened or why he did this. He had another child that we only knew about later due to someone spotting him and his family at a hardware store. His mother died during covid, and the eldest brother thinks he saw him standing at the back (masks made it difficult). And recently, I found something weird. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me this exact story and I was like wait I know these people and he said that this guy’s wife (the DIL) was into black magic and superstition which she used to push him into the way that he is. Reeeaz

My sister experienced it when she lived with my SIL and brother. SIL had a very particular way of doing things. So she told my sister to not do anything because SIL had an order. Dishes? Nope, leave it in the sink. Cleaning? Nope, you’re not doing it my way. So as my SIL said, my sister didn’t touch any cleaning. Then SIL got upset that my sister didn’t clean. Then she did something very petty. She made a PowerPoint presentation on everything my sister did wrong. These presentations would last a minimum of 20 minutes and up to an hour or so. My sister was confused because when she did help, she was told she was doing it wrong and SIL told her to stop. Now that she stopped, SIL is mad my sister isn’t helping. My sister isn’t dirty by any means, she knows how to clean up. It just wasn’t being done the way SIL wanted it to be done. My sister had to sit through multiple presentations when she lived with them. SilhouetteCommenter

My DIL decided, after years of manipulating my son, to walk out on him and their two kids. A few hours later she changes her mind and bombards him with all kinds of crap for a week. But this did not stop and went on for weeks which led to the worst scenario. Then she gains access to the house when he’s out and changes the locks causing him and their two young kids to be homeless. She sucks! mysonisatwat


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