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Then And Now: Where Are ‘The Bachelor’ Couples Now?

After 21 seasons on the air, The Bachelor is one of the most successful television shows of all time. After all of these seasons, we’ve seen both love, heartbreak and everything in between. Some may be obvious but where some of the couples are now may be quite the surprise. Check out our gallery to see some of the most unexpecting Bachelor couples to date.

Season 1: Alex And Amanda

At the finale of season 1, Alex didn’t propose to Amanda. They just dated for a few months, then broke up. Nowadays, Alex is in a serious relationship, but not married, and working as a spokesman for Match.com and Amanda is married to her childhood friend, and they have a daughter together.

Season 2: Aaron and Helene

Aaron proposed to Helene on the finale of season 2, but the couple broke up pretty fairly quickly after. In 2009, Aaron eventually got married to a woman he met in his hometown. The two now have a daughter together, and his wife has one daughter from a previous relationship. Also, In 2013, Helene eventually got married to a tech consultant.

Season 3: Andrew and Jen

Andrew proposed to Jen at the finale of season 3, but unfortunately, they split a few months later.
After their split, Andrew, who is the heir to the Firestone fortune, married model Ivana Bozilovic in 2008.
Although Jen became The Bachelorette after the couple broke up, she didn’t end up with Jerry Ferris at the end of her season. She would eventually marry a businessman in 2009 and have two kids.

Season 4: Bob and Estella

The fourth season of The Bachelor ended with Bob choosing Estella, but like most other Bachelor relationships, they broke up soon after.
From 2004 to 2010, Bob was married to soap actress Rebecca Budig, but is now single.
Estella is single as well. Maybe we’ll see an old Bachelor couple get together again in the near future.

Season 5: Jesse and Jessica

On the finale of season 5, Jesse didn’t propose to Jessica, and the couple eventually split a few months later due to the lack of commitment.

Currently, Jesse is single and works at a sports broadcaster both in Canada and the United States.

Jessica is married, has a little boy, and passed the California state bar exam in 2007 to become a lawyer. It seems like both Jesse and Jessica have done well for themselves since breaking it off.

Season 6: Byron and Mary

Byron proposed to Mary at the end of season six, and they stayed together for what seemed like a tumultuous five years.

Byron now runs a resort in Texas, and he occasionally makes appearances on TV shows about fishing.

Mary has had a few arrests since she appeared on the show, but according to a Facebook page, her real estate company exists, so maybe she’s gotten her act together, but who really knows.

Season 7: Charlie and Sarah

Charlie, who’s the little brother of famous actor Jerry O’Connell, picked Sarah in the finale and they dated for two years, then broke up, then got back together, then broke up again. Annoying, we know. Currently, Charlie is dating Playboy model Anna Sophia Berglund and Sarah is working for a cosmetic procedures company, and she is married with two children.

Season 8: Travis and Sarah

Travis picked Sarah, but he didn’t propose, which led to their inevitable break up.

Travis, who is a medical doctor, married another doctor, and cohosts ‘The Doctors’, which is a daytime talk show.

Sarah, on the other hand, is married and living in Nashville with her husband and two daughters.

Season 9: Prince Lorenzo and Jennifer

Prince Lorenzo picked Jennifer but didn’t propose, and although they still stayed together, they broke up about a year later.

Prince Lorenzo now owns an Italian pet spa and has been seen out and about with Linnea Sensenbaugh, but they are not confirmed to be in a relationship together, although it looks otherwise.

Jennifer, though, lives in South Florida with her accountant boyfriend and works for Juice Plus as a wellness coach.

Season 10: Andy and Tessa

Andy proposed to Tessa, but they called off their engagement shortly after the show. They dated for six months before they completely broke it off. Andy is currently in a relationship and is working on triathlons. Tessa, on the other hand, got married in 2013 and is working and living in San Francisco.

Season 11: Brad

Brad picked neither DeAnna nor Jenni in the finale of Season 11 and ended up walking away singe from the entire experience. In 2017, Brad is known to be single and has faded into normalcy ever since the end of his season.

Season 12: Matt and Shayne

Matt proposed to Shayne on the final episode, but they broke up just months later. Typical Bachelor. Matt currently lives in London and according to his social media accounts, has a new girlfriend. Shayne, however, acted in a few movies, married a man she’d known for a matter of hours in 2010, and has appeared on Couples Therapy. We hope she’s doing better.

Season 13: Jason and Melissa

Jason proposed to Melissa but then broke up with her for ousted contestant Molly on the ‘After the Rose’ live special, which shocked everybody. Jason and Molly ACTUALLY got married in 2010 and now they live in Seattle. Melissa seems to be doing well herself. She appeared on Dancing With the Stars in 2009, and she also appeared on a CMT reality show with her husband.

Season 14: Jake and Vienna

Jake proposed to Vienna, but they broke up months after the show aired, like most Bachelor couples do. Jake appeared on both Dancing With the Stars and Bachelor Pad, and dated Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth for a while but is currently single and living it up the way a bachelor was intended to do. Vienna dated another Bachelorette alumnus, Kasey Kahl, but split up with him in 2014. She’s currently in another relationship at this point in her life.

Season 15: Brad (again) and Emily

Brad, of Season 11 jerk fame, returned for Season 15. He proposed to Emily on the finale, but they broke up quickly. Typical Brad. According to recent reports, Brad owns a few bars with his brothers in Texas and is currently single. Emily appeared on The Bachelorette but ultimately broke up with her pick from the show Jeff. She eventually got married in 2014 and is still enjoying the married life.

Season 16: Ben and Courtney

Ben proposed to the unlikely candidate Courtney on the finale, then they broke up, then they got re-engaged on the ‘After the Rose’ live special. Then they broke up again. It’s hard to keep up, we know. But now Ben has moved on is currently in a new relationship. Unlike Ben, Courtney is single and released a memoir in 2014 and also dated another Bachelorette alumnus, Arie Luyendyk, but they broke up shortly after.

Season 17: Sean and Catherine

Finally, a happy ending! Sean proposed to fan-favorite Catherine in the season finale. Sean is the first Bachelor to marry the woman he actually chose on the final episode. They got married on live TV in 2014.

Season 18: Juan Pablo and Nikki

Juan Pablo was a favorite during Desiree’s Bachelorette as a contestant, but soon lost the hearts of fans after he made some sexist and homophobic comments. Eventually, he chose Nikki in the finale, but they broke up after a difficult long-distance relationship. Currently, Juan Pablo is single and working in the film industry. Nikki is now single and has no issues with Juan Pablo, saying “We’re just two different people.”

Season 19: Chris and Whitney

Chris, also known as “Prince Farming”, proposed to Whitney on the finale of the 19th season. Chris later appeared on the show ‘Dancing With the Stars’ recently, but he and Whitney are no longer a couple. And in later news, Chris was recently involved in a felony hit-and-run in connection with a fatal car crash.

Season 20: Ben and Lauren

Ben’s season featured identical twins in the pool of contestants, but he proposed to Lauren at the end of the season. However, only over a year after the finale aired, Ben and Lauren called off their relationship. She told reporters about their relationship that she was “fortunate for the time had together.”

Season 21: Nick and Vanessa


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