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NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag. These Commuters Found the Most Creative Loopholes

New York City is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. So when they announced that dogs are no longer allowed to go on the subway, commuters decided that they were not having it one little bit and found incredibly creative ways to make sure their dog can join them. “Bag dogs” were showing up faster and faster on the subway lines as the rule stated that animals had to be “enclosed in a container”. While that alone is quite an interesting way to put it, the people of New York City figured out loopholes in this rule in that the city did not specify the size of the pet or the kind of container they needed to be in. For witty New Yorkers, this was one challenge they were happy to accept!

Since the law has been put into place, commuters in the city took to their reusable bags, baby carriers, and backpacks to make sure their pet got on the train with them. A personal favorite of many of these individuals was the blue reusable IKEA bag, due to its size and tough material. The dogs here give us a variety of looks, from happy to be around humans, tired of being photographed for being so cute, to nervous to be placed in a bag, and confused as to what is happening around them. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative “bag dogs” that graced the subway and were caught being all too adorable doing so. 

This small pup was put in his owners reusable bag so that he could join him for the sweet subway ride. He was small enough so that only his head popped out of the bag, surely giving other commuters something to talk about. This dog was all too curious to see what was going on around him on the train, he just had to have his head out and his eyes overlooking everything.

If you were just visiting the city, you would think that this man was smart to have his dog in the carrier because it is easier to handle, but for New Yorkers everywhere who knew of the new law, they looked at him in admiration and pride that he managed to work his way around the no dog rule. Many other locals followed suit and put their own dogs in hilariously similar situations. 

Basset hounds always have a look of being unimpressed thanks to their droopy eyes and mouth. However, this one being on a subway train while in a “remodeled” blue IKEA bag, makes for a seriously unimpressed pup. This owner decided to cute holes into his bag so that technically, his dog was in a carrier of some sort, the rule never said the dog cannot have his or her paws touch the ground. Looking at this dog, we can only imagine what he must be thinking.

“How long am I going to have to be in this bag for? Also, why is this other person taking a photo of me?!” There are many others who thought just like this man and used IKEA’s bag as their “pet carrier” whilst on the subway. Some dogs, however, were certainly not as unimpressed as this one. 

Why have one when you can have two? Seeing these two buddies fitting perfectly inside a reusable bag is quite comforting. Their entire bodies are inside the bags, with only their heads poking out of the top. Since the ban on dogs on the subway, you see more and more dogs in bags being brought onto the trains, especially like these ones, with a head popping out to watch the world around them with curiosity and awe.

We are sure that the commuters riding next to these two were all too happy to see them on the train and sharing the same space. Taking your dog on the subway is a great conversation starter, we are sure these two garnered more than enough attention! 

Most of the locals who decided to get creative around the no dog on the subway rule used bags for their way around, but this guy went an even more brilliant route – a backpack. This New Yorker put his adorable dog in his backpack to ensure his comfort and his dogs. A backpack is technically still considered a container so he was breaking no rules here!

This guy was so proud of his creative ways that he thought it best to commemorate the moment by taking a selfie with his pup. The dog seemed to be as excited as the guy and made sure to face the camera perfectly for the shot. 

That is what it seems like this dog is thinking. Placed in an old duffel bag, this relatively large dog is sitting comfortably on his owner but is also looking very ready to get off the train and walk his way to things. The subway can be the easiest and fastest commute, but it can also be a longer one depending on where you are going. This ride could not end fast enough for both of these guys, the owner included.

We wonder how long this rule will actually be in place since there are more and more people making their own creations to ensure their dog can board the train. 

Some dogs are more than happy to be in a bag next to their owner on the subway. However, there are dogs, especially the larger ones, who are not all too happy about the arrangement. This dog looks like he is planning his escape from the bag, trying to see if his owner would notice. We can almost hear him thinking, “I can make it, I can totally make it if I jump out of the bag.”

Many dogs probably have this look on their face, thinking about how they can get out of this situation that is sure to be very odd for them. 

Look, he is smiling! The other dog that was in a backpack was also happy about it so perhaps owners should take this as a lesson – use a backpack rather than an IKEA or other reusable bag. This husky is sitting pretty in his owners backpack and is even turning and smiling to the camera. This is one lucky shot!

This dog is not hiding how happy he is to be with his owner and being taken around the city. He is here for it and is showing it to every other commuter on the train along with him. 

Another dog on the subway in a backpack looking like he is ready for his adventure into the world of the unknown people and interesting smells. This frenchie is very comfortable in this backpack with his head popped out and looking out. The owner is not looking in the same direction as the dog, leaving it open for anyone to snap a photo such as this one.

This dog was sure to see a lot of things from that angle, and was probably pet by a lot of other people who could not get over how adorable this whole situation was. 

This dog does not look pleased at all to be on the subway, almost like he is the one who needs to go to work and spend hours there every day. Alas, he is probably not too happy to be placed in a bag on a cold subway seat and is confused by the surely strange smells that the subway has at times.

All this dog can dream of doing is running around free in Central Park rather than being cooped up on the subway in a bag that is sure to be smushing his legs a bit. 

This dog knew it was going to be on camera and made it their goal to be as cute as possible, and it worked. This pooch, sitting all too comfortably in the tote, looked up at the person taking the photo with their perfect puppy dog eyes and made sure the photo would be one for the books.

This dog probably gets put in this tote often since he or she looks very comfortable in it. The owner should be happy that her dog is not one of those anxious dogs that shake their way through their commute. 

While the dog before was super comfortable being in a bag on the subway, this dog is not having it at all. He looks very nervous to be in a reusable bag on a moving train, despite being on their owners lap. They seemed to have no idea where they were going and what they were doing and anxious about the whole thing. 

For dogs, who are very sensitive to smells, the subway must be a super overwhelming considering there are so many smells! Between the people, the food, and well, the other odors that the subway has, this dog seemed to have too much of it. 

First of all, this dog is just plain adorable. He or she is sitting pretty in their mom’s fabric tote and their little paws showing is too much for us to handle without commenting about it. This pup looks comfortable and happy to be in their owners bag and as though they do so pretty often honestly. 

This dog mom probably takes her dog with her everywhere and managed to find the perfect loophole to the city’s new rule about no dogs on the subway. Dogs on the subway will prevail! 

This dog and their owner made sure that this beautiful basset hounds ears were covered so that they are comfortable. The ears can be so big that the dog could even trip over them, but in the case of the subway, you do not want the ears to be dragging on the dirty (and somewhat dangerous) floor. 

The temperature in New York City also drops significantly in the winter time so this was probably also good for keeping the ears warm. This dog is prepared for everything, especially not getting caught without a “carrier” on the subway. 

This owner decided to get super creative when he decided that his dog was going to join him to wherever he was going. This foxy looking dog was placed in his owners sports bag and does not seem all too upset by it to be honest. The person taking this photo must have felt as compelled to take it as we would have.

The arms through the holes in the bag are just an added bonus touch that make this dog that much more of an attraction on the subway ride. He seems like he is cool with not moving anytime soon. 

We would be as overprotective as this dog mom if this adorable pug mix was coming with us on the subway and looked incredibly uncomfortable and nervous as this dog does! The bag looks like a blanket type of bag to make this trip even more comfortable but this was not the case as he looks very nervous about the forthcoming ride.

Mom looks happy to have her dog coming with her to wherever she is going, but the dog probably wanted to just be kept at home and out of this scary situation. 

Unlike the other dog, this one is as happy as a clam to be in an IKEA bag that had holes put into it so he can be allowed on the subway car without incident. IKEA’s bags are all the rage for this specific case on the New York City subway – it seems to be the perfect size and material. 

This dog is ready for an adventure of a lifetime, even if it is just to the grocery store or something. He is excited to be out with his owner and seeing the outside world!

There are some dog owners who are proud to show that they are practicing the loophole on the subway by putting their dogs in bags with the feet through makeshift holes. Other dog owners are trying to be a little more quiet about it, like this one. This dog is in a fabric bag and has his tiny head popping out to make sure he has enough air.

His head was up enough time for this photo to be taken. It almost looks like this dog is thinking, “I’m not here, you cannot see me.” Oh, but we see you!

Another day another IKEA blue bag. This dog is laying down in the bag and looks so comfortable that he may actually fall asleep right then and there. Hopefully the owner of this pooch made sure no one stepped on his beloved pet since it looks like he was right at the door of the subway car.

The blue bag is a dead giveaway. If you see one on the subway you are probably looking at a bag with a dog in it! More and more people are turning to this method for their beloved pets. 

Talk about a perfect fit! This sweet dog was placed in a perfectly fitting bag with his head popping out as if it is the only thing in the bag. 

The owner could easily have the dog put his head into the bag when going on and off the train so as to make sure he does not get into trouble, but as soon as the coast is clear he can have the pet’s head come right back out for his viewing pleasure. The dog looks so happy to be out and on the subway platform. 

Oh my how sweet are these two in their IKEA “carriers”! Larger dogs have been known to be placed in these bags as they are perfect for their size, and these two are no exception. Larger dogs make other commuters a little more nervous but these two are sweet and well-mannered. 

The white pit bull is relaxed in their carrier and the two made sure to look up for this photo to snap them being such good pups! We hope they got a serious treat for acting so well on their commute. 

This dog is excited to be going on a trip! The pug here is so excited that his tongue is out and ready for whatever the world has in store for it. This dog looks like a local, so if he could talk he would probably have a thick New York accent and ask where he could find a decent bagel in this city.

This dog was ready to have his picture taken and is excited for the day. They seem to be a surprise in a bag for some commuters if they do not look too closely at the bag. 

This is probably one of the bigger dogs we have seen go on the subway after the new rule came into play. The blue IKEA bag is coming in handy once again as that is his “carrier”. The chocolate lab is known for being a super loyal and sweet dog so this guy is one lucky guy to have his furry best friend be that kind of breed.

There were sure to be a lot of petting involved on this train ride as this dog is far too sweet not to be given some attention. 

Another backpack for the win. This guy took his dog and put him literally on his back in his backpack. This man was not about to go anywhere without his furry best friend and it shows! This dog was surely happy to be included in the trip throughout the day and not stuck at home bored. 

This guy has been taking his dog with him on his daily commute for a while it seems, as they are perfectly comfortable and in a routine with their backpacking adventures. 

This dog is not amused at his picture being taken, but he looks so good in his blue getup! The IKEA bag is seen time and again here as many people had the same shared thought about not giving the city any heed about not taking their dog on the subway. 

The locals were always going to find a way to have their pets come with them on board the train should they want them to – no one is stopping them! Perhaps the blue IKEA bag is also good to battle the elements for the dog. 

This is by far the most impressive and hilarious “carrier” we have seen! This little dog was placed in a baby carrier to be taken on the subway with its owner. This kind of creativity does not happen all the time so we are proud of this owner for making this, and proud of this dog for allowing him to place him in there (or her, since it is pink!). 

The person taking this photo is all of us, since there is zero chance that we would have let this one happen without documenting it.

He is happy to be with his owner who is giving off major cool vibes. This backpacked dog is content to be in there forever as long as he has his human best friend to be with. His hands on his owners back make it such a cute position and this photo a mandatory event.

We wonder if the more dogs come on the subway this way the more of a chance there is that the city will start to charge for dogs on the subway, that would make locals even more annoyed, that is for sure. 

This dog’s puppy dog eye game is strong! He is in his own little “carrier” and seems to be comfortable and in no rush to move around or bounce out of the bag. This little dog and his giant eyes are all too sweet and they sure know it and probably milk it while on the subway with people looking and fawning over them. 

Dogs love the attention most of the time, and owners love it too – it is a validation that their dog is the best and they rock. 

This husky was so comfortable in their owners arms that they were falling asleep as this photo was taken. They are indeed laying in a bag so that they are not in violation of the new subway rule. Whatever it may be, this dog is feeling perfectly safe and comfortable and thought this was the perfect time for a subway nap.

We are very glad that this photo was taken, as this shows another good perk of the “dog bag”, the dog gets to relax that much more on the way to wherever they are going. 

This bag had to have been made for the purpose of being the “carrier” for this dog since it is his face that graces the front of it. No one will ever say that this dog does not belong in this bag now. They are such a cute accessory now that they are supposed to be in bags! It is like having a live tamagotchi with you at all times.

This dog is perfectly content being in this bag and waiting for the subway train alongside their owner, feeling a part of the daily plan.  

This sweet furry baby is in his owners IKEA bag and could not possibly be happier about it. The owner looks just as excited (if not more) than the dog to have him along for the ride. This stylish duo must be on their way to somewhere very cool as they look like they would be a part of the ‘in crowd’.

It was probably the dog mom who took this photo of these two together looking so excited for their next adventure. This makes our day so much brighter! 

This dog is yet another one who is seemingly unimpressed with the person taking their photo. He is sitting pretty in the backpack of their owner who is comfortable with her dog sitting on her back and her hands splayed on her shoulder. The dog is looking over and is giving major eye roll motions here, which we find to be perfectly hilarious.

Dogs in bags do not always have to be on the subway in New York, this one is on the street but being a little lazy and having their parents carry them. 

The hottest accessory on the New York City subway is no longer a Chanel bag but rather a bag with a dog in it! This hairy dog is no exception and his owner is proud to have him shown off in their canvas tote. 

This labradoodle is making sure that the rest of the people on the subway car will know he is there and is to be pet upon entry. Having a dog in a bag on a subway is basically a status symbol at this point and we love it! 

How is it that it is husky’s that are the cutest ones on this list? Of course, all of the dogs are too cute for us to handle, but husky’s seem to be the most animated and into the ride. This guy has his husky in his backpack and the dog seems to be okay with being in there. 

He is looking right ahead and just wants to get where they are going and be out of the bag and free to roam around on his own four legs. 

This dog looks like he is thinking what we are thinking, which is – “If we see one more IKEA bag on the subway!” There are more and more blue bags on the subway now that dogs seem to be using them as their temporary travel home than ever before. We love to see it but the dogs are probably sick of seeing them and know that they are going to travel if the blue bag comes out.

Now that there are so many bags everywhere, there have been social media pages dedicated to the dogs on the subway and how they travel. 

This looks practically like a professional photo of this dog in his owners tote bag. This dog is giving us major model vibes, which is no surprise since this dog is living in New York City and is apt to look like a model and act like one too. 

Waiting for the train is serious business and this dog is unamused by the whole waiting for it to come part, which is very much like the rest of the locals who do not like waiting for the train either. 

No one is going to mess with me or my owner, you hear?! This adorable pup looks protective of his owner and the IKEA bag he is in on the subway. Perhaps he did not take kindly to being photographed but who could resist such a great sight? 

Maybe he just does not like being put in a bag and onto a moving train, that would be enough to make anyone annoyed. He is laying in the bag and could jump out if he wanted to, but this dog is not going anywhere it seems.

This frenchie literally has his owners back here! The two are happy about going on an adventure together, no matter how local the adventure is. The dog is giving us major excited vibes and the owner is proud to have his dog with him too. They both look like they were in this photo taken by a stranger but they pulled it off.

We are sure that these two made everyone else on the train happy with their smiles and the dog’s positive disposition – just look at him!

This larger than most pups who go on the subway dog is being held tightly by his owner as he seems to be more nervous than expected for the journey. This dog decided to curl up into a ball and have his dog mom hold him for the duration; how cute is that?

There, again, is the blue IKEA bag that is nice and handy for the subway ride but seems to make the dog even more anxious than he normally would be. 

We tell you, there is something about a dog in a backpack rather than a bag that makes them that much happier! This dog is on his owners back and is loving every single minute of it. He even turned around and basically smiled at the person taking this exceptional photograph!

There is no way that this dog is not joining his owner on the subway, no rule will separate the two and we love to see such a strong connection between owner and pet. 

Not only is this dog calm and comfortable in this backpack, but he seems to be groomed to perfection! His fox-like features are just so sweet and do not look like every other dog out there, this one is special! 

The bag is a second home for this one, who is in the front rather than the back of his mom’s body so she can make sure he is okay and that the world treats him as well as she does. 

This dog is literally wearing the blue IKEA bag! This owner is brilliant in that the dog is technically in a carrier but she does not actually have to hold him since this pup is not the smallest of dogs out there. 

This dog is giving us the look of being caught doing something they are not supposed to, but in this case the owner is the one transgressing so it is all good. What a cute subway ride commuter. 

What a face to run into on your subway ride, right? This dog is laying so beautifully in the tote bag that is meant just for him. His head is the only thing showing out of the bag and making others aware of his existence on the subway car. 

His pink nose is poking out and his fluffy furry head is such a sweet little thing to see when you are going about your day. He is reminding everyone to smile today! 

This golden retriever is not happy about having to wear a plastic bag around him while his legs are cut through the material. 

However, it is this or staying at home so the owner decided this was best and we are sure the dog was going to be happy about it all when he gets to his destination and can get out of the IKEA bag. This is the extreme of the loophole New Yorkers have found for their dogs to go on the subway. 

These are not real Chanel bags but these are indeed two real dogs in fake Chanel bags! How sweet are these two dachshund pups in their owners bags on their way to wherever it is they were going? 

If it were us watching them, we would go to them and pet them immediately, it is practically a necessity. The dogs knew they were being photographed too, just look at how focused they are at the camera lens. We hope they like being carried like royalty. 

This guys is being so good, waiting patiently for the train to come in his subway bag. This dog is not going to be in an IKEA bag, he has his own custom dog bag and it shows. 

This dog is also sporting a colorful bandana which shows his flair for the dramatic and style that means he would never be caught in an IKEA blue bag like everyone else. Blue eyes like this pups are just another reason we cannot stop staring at him. 

Move along, there is nothing to see here. This is just another IKEA bag filled with stuff and certainly is not a second home for a dog so he can go on the subway! Or so that is what the dog is hoping people are thinking. 

The IKEA bag is essentially the poster bag for the subway rule about having no dogs on the trains. Local New Yorkers are not about to let their furry friends stay at home when they do not have to. 

This adorable pup maybe thinks that he is a kangaroo as he is sitting in a pocket like a kangaroo would be and has his ears popped up and his hands on the outside of the pocket.

 He is super stylish with the bandana around its neck but is also giving major puppy dog eyes so he is sure not to get kicked off the subway train – he is far too cute for that to happen to him or his owner. 

This woman was not about to leave her dog at home and so she cut four holes into her blue IKEA bag and put her dog in the bag, threading the legs through the holes. However, this dog was not about to walk onto the platform, this dog mom carried her large dog through the subway station and seemed to do so quite difficultly. 

The poor dog probably felt uncomfortable being in that bag, but it is better than staying home so one must make their decisions!  

This oversized husky is going to make it on this subway train come hell or high water! His owner put him in his sports bag and held him close to him. The dog looks super confused but is letting his owner’s plan play out since it may lead to snacks and adventures. 

The owner looks like the dog may be a little heavy for him, but it is no matter as he wants his dog with him and that is all that matters. 

This dog and his mom are waiting patiently for the train and doing so all while holding on to the blue IKEA bag that has become synonymous with the subway no dog rule. Every day there are blue bags on the train filled with a dog (or two). 

If you want to judge a dog for how cute they are in the bag then keep the thoughts to yourself since every dog is cute and there is no if ands or whats about it. 

Curious dogs are all over the place and the subway is ripe with them! This dog is in his mom’s cross body bag and is looking around the world as if for the first time, perhaps this is his first time in this situation! 

Whatever the case may be, this dog is in no violation of the subway rule as he is not on the ground and is in his mom’s carrier which just so happens to be her purse. 

This dog was waiting anxiously for the train to come. When the train finally did come and there were people coming on and off of it, the dog got even more anxious. He is sitting in (what else?) his blue IKEA bag and is interested in everything in sight. 

The owner has the dog and the bag in between his legs to make sure he does not go anywhere and is also feeling secure with him. What a good and patient dog! 

For once we see the dog and the bag alone and no one else! This must have been a photoshoot waiting to happen as this does not happen often on the New York City subway. 

This corgi is living it up in a real dog carrier – no blue IKEA bags as a makeshift carrier here – and smiling to his owner who is sure to be holding up a piece of bacon as incentive for such perfect behavior. We could go through these all day if it were up to us. 

Confidence is key here and this dog is pulling it off nicely with his IKEA outfit on the subway. He knows he is breaking some rules, but he likes to live on the edge and is owning the bag look as if he has been doing it all of his life. 

It is not easy to pull off that kind of blue but he does so with no issue and those around him are loving it as much as we are. 

The look on this dog’s face is priceless. He is in a backpack like the other happy dogs but it is his look of confusion and sleepiness that has us completely melting. The mom here is happy to have her photo taken with her dog who is looking to HER for answers to his questions. 

As long as he is comfortable he may just be able to sleep in the back there and have his mom tag him along everywhere. 

At this point it is a little funny since the leash is on the dog but he is just wrapped in an IKEA bag. The owner is not even trying to hide the fact that she has a dog with her, and to be honest, she is in her right to keep it that way as the dog is technically “in a carrier”. 

The person who took this photo was probably thinking the very same thing. The dog, however, does not seem to care. 

We feel like this dog would have a lot to say if he could speak English. He does not look at all pleased with being placed in a canvas tote and shown off to the world on a busy subway car. However, he is very cute and looks almost like a doll! 

The look may also mean that he is nervous, in which case we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He may be thinking about how to jump out of the bag! 

IKEA bag again and another dog inside it! The trend for the dogs to be on the subway train along with their owners is only getting stronger and people are pushing back against the city of New York to show that they will not stop despite the rule. 

The blue bag may come and go but even that is not for sure as it does seem to be the bag of choice for owners who want to bring their dogs onto the subway train. 

Dogs who go out into the world with their owners are bombarded by smells and sounds. This dog seemed to have heard something on the platform and reverted its attention in that direction. 

The pup here is fitting perfectly in the canvas tote that their owner decided would be for them and so they are relaxing until they need to be picked up and brought into the subway train for the rest of the train to look and fawn over, as we do! 


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