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Man Buys ‘Old Clock’ From Thrift Store, Years Later Realizes What It Actually Is

Rich’s hands shake and he can feel his heartbeat in his throat. Was this some kind of a joke? This was just an old clock, right?; a mere random object Rich found one Saturday afternoon in a thrift store. 

Yet here he is, 500 miles away from home, sat across from a stranger he met on the internet with his ‘clock’ on display. Never in a million years did Rich think something like this was possible. Things like this just don’t happen to guys like him.

For Rich Adams, he loved nothing more than visiting thrift stores and getting himself some bargains. Whether it was designer clothing at a knock off price, gorgeous antiques that were covered in dust, or even the occasional toy for his daughter.  

Yes, Rich loved a thrift store. But he never could have expected to find what he did, one sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was a glorious Saturday afternoon when Rich decided to check out the new thrift store 30 miles from his home. With the sun beaming down and blue skies above, Rich pulled into the parking lot of the thrift store. He felt a burst of excitement at the thought of what might be inside. 

But he never could have expected to find what he did. 

As soon as he walked in the store his mouth dropped at all the things on display. He saw some seriously cool stuff that he kept picking up and putting back down. 

But it wasn’t until he turned into another aisle that he saw something that left him with goosebumps. He had never seen anything like this before. 

It was a tiny golden egg and Rich instantly fell in love with it; it was stunning and sophisticated. It just oozed elegance! But Rich was more interested in the fact it looked like it was made of real gold. 

So he purchased the golden egg, but for a total of $13,302! As soon as he left the store Rich started to second guess his decision. But little did he know it would be the best decision he would ever make. 

Something about the metal piece just stuck out to Rich, but his instinct told him it was much more valuable than he thought. A few weeks later, he attempted to try and sell the trinket to scrap metal dealers. But no one would take it. 

Suddenly, Rich’s enthusiasm turned to panic. He may have overestimated the egg’s value. A terrible feeling hits the pit of his stomach. He had to do something. He had to act fast. 

Feeling like he ate nearly 14 grand, Rich went to the one place that could maybe tell him more about the thrift store find: the internet. 

He was desperate to find any information indicating the clock was worth anything, but what he would find he never could have predicted. 

Rushing to Google, Rich typed “egg” plus the name engraved on the clock, “Vacheron Constantin,” into the search bar. The search took him to a 2011 article by Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. 

Rich took a deep breath before reading the article, and its words left him lost for words. 

According to the article, there was a “frantic search” for the golden relic, which turned out to be the Third Imperial Easter Egg, made by the renowned House of Fabergé for the Russian royal family. 

Rich felt both speechless and full of joy. He couldn’t believe what he found! But since there seemed to be such demand for it, Rich wondered how much it would go for. 

Soon, he started imagining the new price tag. Now $13,302 sounded like a steal! Practically jumping for joy, rich contacted Fabergé expert Kieran McCarthy. 

He then hopped onto a plane to London to meet with him in person.

Once Kieran and Rich met up, Kieran was speechless to find Rich’s miraculous 3.2-inch find sat on an elaborate gold stand with tiny lion paw feet. It boasted three sapphires and a diamond. Upon opening the egg, a Vacheron Constantin watch hidden inside was revealed. She was a real beaut!

Rich was excited at Kieran’s delight in his find. But nothing could have prepared Kieran for what would happen next. 

A few weeks passed and a private collector purchased Rich’s discovered Third Imperial Egg! The collector graciously allowed the public to view it at Wartski in before it was officially in his hands for good. 

Estimates suggest the egg could have cost the collector $33 million! Meaning it was Rich who would have that sum in his bank account! Wow! 


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