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Old Man Stares At House Daily, Teens Hide Camera

They couldn’t understand why the old man was staring at the house all day. They had never seen him before, and he wasn’t even their neighbor. 

It was only when they installed a hidden camera that they figured out what the stranger was really up to…

One day, as Eric was driving, he noticed an old man by the road. He was sitting under the shade of the maple tree and staring into nothing. 

He decided to approach him and see if he was alright. 

“You okay, sir?” Eric asked him. The man looked him in the eye and smiled. He was trying really hard to give off the impression that everything was okay. 

Eric wanted to keep talking to the man, but he couldn’t because he was on the road, and the car behind him kept honking at him. 

A few days later, Eric was driving on the same road when he saw the old man again. He was sitting and staring at the old blue house in front of him. 

Eric worried that maybe he had dementia and needed help, but he didn’t know how to ask him. He told his friend about the man, and he suggested hiding a camera nearby so they could see what was really going on with him.  

The idea seemed sketchy, but Eric knew he had to make sure the man was alright. So, he purchased a hidden camera and installed it not too far from where the man was usually sitting. 

Every day, the stranger would exit the bus and sit under the maple tree. He would stare at the blue house for several hours. 

The camera footage left Eric with more questions than answers. What was the man doing there? And why was he staring at the same house all day?

So, he got into his car, determined to find out the truth. 

Sure enough, he saw the man sitting under the tree again. Eric parked nearby and walked over to him. 

 “Sir, are you okay?” he asked him. 

The man looked up at Eric and smiled. “Oh, it’s you again!” He recognized him. 

“Ah, the young man from the car.” It turns out that the old man wasn’t sick. In fact, he was quite well-spoken and sharp. 

Eric soon learned that the blue house he was always looking at was the place where the man and his wife had lived. She passed away from cancer many years ago, and now he was all alone. 

He didn’t have children, and he never remarried. 

The hospital bills left him broke, and he was forced to move away. He would come to this spot to be closer to his late wife. 

Eric felt bad for him. He wished he could do something to help him. 

Eric was still young, and he didn’t have any money to give to the old man. 

But then, he came up with a plan. He wanted to help the man get back on his feet. 

The man insisted that he didn’t need any help and that he would be alright. But after Eric gave him a ride home, he noticed how happy he looked. 

Eric would take him on rides a few times a week, and they would chat about his friends at school and the girls he liked. 

The man would tell Eric stories about his past as well. Soon, they became very good friends. 

But that wasn’t all.

Eric and the man started going to coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. Sometimes Eric would bring his friends, and they also would ask him about his past. 

However, not everyone was supportive of their friendship. 

Some people thought it was strange that an old man was hanging out with a teenager, but they didn’t care what others thought of their friendship. 

They are happy in each other’s presence, and that’s all that matters. 


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