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Outdated Fashion And Cosmetic Trends That Will Add Years

Fashion trends come and go (and sometimes came back around again). However, there are some things that will almost always be a poor choice. 

The worst are the “aging” ones – things that will automatically make you look way older than you really are. Even regular ponytails can be a bad idea.

It’s an obvious one, but some people still choose to neglect their epidermis. 

Dehydration, aggressive (or lack of) cleansing, little to no moisturizing, and ignoring the SPF  rule are all avenues to looking past your real age. It will also affect makeup application. As for makeup itself, there are many things to avoid.

Don’t be that person that seems on the edge of a “100 layers of something” challenge. Foundation is the worst culprit. 

The added layers will create cracks and crevices just look like extra wrinkles. Poor matches to your skin tone don’t help either. The same goes for things like blush or eyeshadow. Speaking of eyes…

Those drugstore spectacles are handy, but the designs are generic. 

If someone is going to be wearing frames every day, it’s a better idea to go to a place that offers a wider selection and something that flatters the face. However, that doesn’t mean you stick to the same frames forever.

There’s always that “one person” everyone knows. They’ve had the same style since forever. 

Somehow their acid-washed bell bottoms and “turtlenecks under a thick, teddy bear sweater” stuck to them like some zombie fashion epidemic. Don’t be a slave to trends but do change things up once in a while.

One-size-fits all is a scam and a size 16 trouser is not the same in every store. 

Getting something that actually fits can be a bit of a nightmare. People need to try things on and understand what cuts, styles, and prints will accentuate their bodies, not make them look like they live in a retirement home.

A poorly-fitted bra won’t only affect how your shirt sits, it can cause discomfort or even pain. 

Sadly, bras suffer from the same issues as other clothing – the sizes don’t always turn out standard. It’s better to invest in a couple of good ones than stock up on the cheapies. It will completely change your wardrobe.

On one hand, people want to be comfortable – and this might include their favorite pair of bulky undies. 

There are also people that despise certain panty cuts. On the other hand, panty lines can detract from the outfit and give you the “granny panty” look. It’s possible to mix comfort with fashion – even when it comes to hair.

Remember that changing things up is a good thing? The same goes for hair. 

Some retro styles are classic and will always look good. Some will throw you into the early-bird-dinner category. Hint: avoid short cuts with tight curls. If it’s affordable, try to keep your dye jobs fresh and the roots under control.

They’re fashionable. They’re functional. They also are a contradiction. 

Wearing one is an automatic ticket to youth, but keeping it back with constant pulling can sometimes lead to hair loss (tension alopecia), especially around the temples and front hairline. This can also come from weaves and certain hair extensions. Let things hang loose sometimes.

Stop doing this. Please, for the love of crumb cake, stop putting thick, black eyeliner on the bottom line. 

There are ways to wear it, but it requires know-how and a gifted hand. A gentle sweep of eyeshadow can be a good alternative. If done wrong, it makes eyes look droopy, tired, and a bit weird.

The lips are part of the face and it’s already been established that healthy skin is an all-around good thing. 

Lips are no exception. Dry smackers will flake and crack. It gets worse when people add dark lipstick on top and aggravate or put a spot light on the problem area – which just adds years.

Disclaimer, there’s nothing wrong with a nice chunky necklace or other accessories. The problem is there’s a fine line. 

And one step in the wrong direction will either make someone look like a 5-year-old playing dress up or someone with more years under their belt. It can be stunning or tacky. Just be careful.

On my. These are so comfy when you’re on a long trip or planning to binge at a holiday dinner. 

However, elastic waists are generally not a good idea as part of a regular outfit rotation – mostly because they are outdated and look cheap. They can be hidden undershirts if really necessary.

Flowers are the essence of spring and youthfulness. They’re everywhere in stores (even during the winter months). 

They can also look like something that would be on a grandmother’s sofa (probably sealed under plastic) or out of a hippy wedding. Take care when choosing blooms and don’t go overboard. Couple them with a few plain pieces.


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