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20 Traditional Fashion Trends That Need To Stay In The Past

Everyone has their own style. In the modern-day, and with all the corporate offices with people wearing suits, there are just as many wearing jeans and t-shirts. This is the look of the times and people will always follow fashion trends of the time.

Styles you’ll find in magazines today may be destined for the shredder in a few years. This is a common occurrence where once-popular styles become outdated quickly.

Modern thinking might suggest that one should try to line up their makeup to their outfit. Keeping red makeup on for a red dress may have seemed classy when you were younger, but times have changed.

Having eye-shadow or lipstick keep to a theme is a bit too matchy and is best left for teenagers still in school. It’s best to let the younger generation grow out of it than to have you using this style.

A lot of people aren’t willing to admit that they’ve kept their hair long for far too long. This is far past the point where split ends appear. Having long hair can be great to boost your self-esteem when it’s well maintained.

But if it’s getting to a point when it looks more like a bird’s nest than anything else, maybe consider cutting it a bit shorter.

Obnoxious big, bright jewelry used to be a huge part of someone’s image. Just a few years ago people would wear bangles, necklaces, earrings, and more just for the statement.

The time where it had appeal has passed. Going for a subtler look these days may keep the fashion police off your back.

It used to be an obsession in fashion to pluck your eyebrows. You’d see so many celebrities sporting a thing set of eyebrows back in the day.

The fad is over and now you’ll see younger people going a bit easier on their eyebrows. Tweezers can be a great tool to make you stand out, but over-plucking isn’t one of them.

When the jeggings became a popular fashion item, people thought it made perfect sense. Why not combine the fashionable look of jeans with the comfort of leggings?

Well, people seem to have a bit more common sense today. They know that both clothing items should stay well away from each other.

Who doesn’t love that beautiful sun-kissed beachgoer look? Having looked like you’ve taken a few hours to slowly tan on the sand is fashionable and can work to great effect.

On the other hand, taking it a bit too far and buying the first cheap spray-on tan may give you the wrong kind of attention. Try to avoid the orange complexion we see so often with failed tans.

The only people that should still have a plethora of tweed in their wardrobe are British professors. Other than that demographic it’s very much out of fashion thankfully.

The uncomfortable material doesn’t make up for it in aesthetics. The material doesn’t just make you look unfashionable but can age you by a decade at least!

Pantyhose used to be extremely popular back in the day. But the only people that shuffle around in it are grandmothers. For them, it’s acceptable, but not for you if you’re going for a modern look.

If you are set on wearing pantyhose be forewarned that you will run the risk of looking like a grandmother too. If you’re going to wear a skirt then at least commit yourself to it.

Chevron print has been very popular for a while now. Even though it used to be all the rage you can see that it’s been dying out in more recent years. 

You’ll hardly ever find it in the modern closets of the 21st century. If you’ve ever worn Chevron our only advice would be to not make that mistake again!

In the modern world of fashion, you should only be wearing scarves when it’s cold out. If it isn’t then you shouldn’t be wearing one at all! 

Summer scarves made a brief fashion trend a while ago and slowly went straight back to being unpopular. It was for good reason, don’t wear summer scarves!

For a time, capri pants are for the non-committed. Too long to be shorts but too short to be pants, they exist in a clothing grey area.

Today, Capri wearers are resolving their commitment issues and going for shorts or pants. It’s best to leave this abomination behind!

Eyeliner can be great when it’s done subtly. When it comes to makeup, the adage “less is more” can definitely apply.

Packing on the eyeliner doesn’t make us look any younger, so play it safe with a more natural look.

Overdoing the blush. Makeup trends come and go, and being heavy on the blush is on the way out.

A more natural look will make you look much younger. No more having to compete with the attention your blush is getting.

Not using a belt: Sometimes not using a well-styled belt can make you look wider than you actually are. Having awful impressions on anyone you want to impress.

Few of us can pull off a shapeless dress, so use a belt to define your waist! One detail change will work in your favor, trust us.

Stripey highlights: Not many hairstylists get requests for this look anymore. As clients opt for more natural-looking highlights.

While the stripes offer some pizzazz, they likely won’t be coming back any time soon. In the modern-day of fashion, they’ve been out for a while now.

Outdated eyewear: Choosing a pair of glasses can make or break your look. The right pair can compliment you perfectly.

 While the wrong frames can make you look like you’re still living in the 1980s. And that’s not a good thing!

Foundation mismatch: With makeup, the most difficult task is matching your foundation color to your skin tone.

Going too dark or too light can cause issues, so make sure you match appropriately. You don’t want to look like you’ve erupted into a nasty rash do you?

Kitten heels: If you’re going to make a statement, make a statement. That’s the thinking behind the fall of the kitten heels.

If you want to wear heels, commit to at least a few inches. Kitten heels haven’t recovered from their fall in fashion and we don’t think they’re coming back soon.

Shoulder pads: Long ago, shoulder pads were all the rage, but now they’ll just make you look like a middle linebacker.

Feel free to rock that vintage blazer, but just cut the shoulder pads out first! Otherwise the fashion police will come knocking.

DIY dye jobs: Using a cap to give yourself highlights almost never ends well. Let the professionals handle your hair!

After all, without the experts’ knowledge. We never would’ve moved on from these odd 1920s trends.

For most of history, sporting a tan was not considered attractive. It meant you worked outside and were thus a member of the lower class.

This all changed after Coco Chanel fell asleep on her yacht. As her sunburn suddenly convinced millions of women that tanning was cool.

 Believe it or not, back in the twenties, x-ray machines were used not as a medical test, but as a method of removing hair for cosmetic purposes.

When customers came back extremely ill, manufacturers realized this was probably a bad idea.


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