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Parents Install Camera In Daughter’s Room To Find Out Why She Wakes Up With Bruises Every Day

When a young girl began to wake up with new bruises all over her body, naturally, her parents began to worry. However, she didn’t appear to be in pain and couldn’t remember how she had gotten them.

So, her parents decided to install a video camera in her bedroom to solve this mystery. But they weren’t prepared for the truth.

Every morning she would wake up with new bruises on her body. At first, she and her parents didn’t think much of it. But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, the bruising she would wake up to was getting more severe. 

The bruises were now bigger and more visible. Her parents, however, still weren’t worried about it too much and sent her off to a sleep-away camp.

The bruising continued while the girl was at a camp, and because it was hot outside, she was wearing shorts and tops, so it was visible. As a result, the staff at the camp began to suspect that her parents were physically abusing her.

They alerted the authorities, and her parents were really beginning to panic. 

Some family friends thought that an iron deficiency was causing these mysterious bruises. So, the worried parents made an appointment to see a family doctor and have him examine the bruises. 

Sadly, the reason for the bruises was far worse than iron deficiency. 

Sadly, the family never made it to the doctor’s appointment because the child services showed up at their house. They informed the family about the report that the staff at the summer camp had made. 

They, too, feared that the parents had something to do with the bruising. 

However, the girl’s parents knew for certain they had never hurt their daughter. But how could they prove it to the authorities?

The social services spoke with the girl, and she told them her parents had never hit her before. She just kept waking up with new bruises every day. Was she ill?

The girl also told the social worker about her upcoming doctor’s appointment to determine the reason behind the bruising and how to treat it. 

With this information, the social worker decided to pause the case until the family came back with the diagnosis. 

The family doctors ran many tests on the girl and examined the bruises. All the testing came back negative, meaning she was perfectly healthy and had no underlying illnesses. 

The girl was relieved that she was healthy, however, the bruising never stopped, and the social workers kept putting more pressure on her parents. 

Finally, the parents decided to install a video camera in their daughter’s bedroom to see what was really going on there.

After installing the camera, the parents turned on the record button and went to bed. They couldn’t wait to find out the truth. 

The following day, the girl woke up with new bruises on her body. Her parents rushed to the video camera and began viewing the footage from the night before. 

However, what they saw in the footage left them shocked and terrified. 

Their precious child, while sleeping, would crawl. However, it wasn’t a normal crawl. Instead, she appeared to be possessed. 

Somehow, the teen managed to crawl backward and upside-down. How was this even possible?

The parents couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It looked exactly like the classic horror movie that keeps you awake at night.  

How could they help her? Did she need a priest?

The pair didn’t want to show the footage to their daughter, but they did show it to social services, who closed the case against them after watching it. 

But what about their daughter? Would they be able to help her?

The social worker referred the girl to a sleep specialist who they thought would be able to figure out a way to stop this strange behavior from happening. 

But would he be able to help her?

Fortunately, the sleep specialist knew exactly which technique to use to help the teen. It wasn’t long before bruising and crawling began to diminish. 

After half a year, she finally stopped developing new bruises. 


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