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Woman Gets Insulted By Passenger On Flight, Instinct Told Her To Ruin Her Flight

Sally can feel her cheeks blush like an over-ripe tomato. How could someone be so rude? Sally didn’t deserve this. No way. This was supposed to be a perfect holiday. The plane hadn’t even taken off yet, and Sally felt like her trip had been ruined. All by this one very rude woman sitting next to her.

Then suddenly, Sally could feel anger boil deep in her system. As hot as lava it churned within, hungry for revenge. Sally knew she wasn’t going to let the woman get away with what she did. No way. 

Sally Jones locks her front door and rubs her tired eyes. She pulls her suitcase to the end of her driveway and waits for a taxi to take her to the airport.

It may have been 3:30 am in the morning, and still pitch black outside, but Sally was bursting with excitement. This was going to be a trip she would always remember. And she was right, but she would remember it for all the wrong reasons.

You see, Sally was going to visit her sister who was living in Spain. As soon as her sister asked her to come to visit, a mere week before, immediately, Sally agreed. 

She intended to spend the next week sunbathing, drinking cocktails, and relaxing. Finally, she was going to have so much needed downtime. But Sally had no idea what was coming next. 

Sally arrived at the airport and checked in. Armed with her luggage and a ton of excitement, she took herself to a bar and ordered herself a cocktail. Her vacation officially started now!

But while she waited for her flight details to appear on the screen, she heard a noise. It was a noise that left a shiver up her spine.

As Sally took a sip of her cocktail, she could hear loud and brash voices echoing throughout the airport. It sounded like people were arguing. 

Then, she heard a scream and her heart sunk. What was happening? She followed the sound to see where it was coming from. But she never expected to see what she did. 

An elderly woman and what seemed like her middle-aged daughter were arguing with a cashier at a nearby shop. Fellow holidaymakers walked past, most likely en route to their flight, and were staring at the mother and daughter duo. Why would they cause a scene like this?

Then suddenly the daughter looked straight at Sally, and gave her a look that left a chill up her spine. 

Sally immediately ignored the look and carried on drinking her cocktail. She didn’t want any drama; this was supposed to be a drama-free vacation! And so, once she sipped the last drop of her cocktail, she made her way to her flight. 

But as she boarded the plane she noticed the same woman and elderly woman who were causing a scene earlier, were also on the same flight! And a terrible feeling hit the pit of Sally’s stomach. 

As she boarded the flight, Sally greeted the flight attendants with her cheery smile. With each step, she took trying to find her seat, excitement burst through her body.

She was so ready for this vacation, and if anybody needed a week in the sun, Sally sure did! She was overworked, stressed, and not to mention her dating life had reached an all-time low. This was going to a perfect vacation. But Sally would soon learn it would be far from perfect.

Carefully, Sally scooted through the never-ending aisles; her eyes flicking between the seat number and the ticket she clutched tightly in her hand.

She gave fellow holidaymakers a smile and a wave and they reciprocated. Everybody was in such a good mood, and who wouldn’t be when you’re about to start your vacation? But then, as she finally reached her allocated seat, she was left lost for words. 

Sally saw she had a window seat, but noticed that next to her designated seat was none other than the elderly woman and her horrible daughter from earlier! 

Sally took a deep breath before letting them know she was sitting next to the window. She apologized instantly, thinking they wouldn’t mind. But she had no idea what was coming. 

The older lady didn’t seem to understand what Sally was saying at first and she just kept smiling at her. Then her daughter told her to get up because they have to let Sally get past. 

The older woman got up and told Sally not to worry about it, but her daughter seemed extremely annoyed. What was her problem? Little did Sally know she would soon find out. 

As soon as Sally nestled herself into her seat, the woman started to fire off comments to her mother that were totally directed at Sally. “What an idiot for making an old woman move,” the daughter muttered, under her breath.

Sally tried to not let her words get to her but the woman was being completely unreasonable! She was obviously furious at the fact Sally had a window seat and made her get up and move. But this was just the start for Sally.

The woman’s mother didn’t seem to pay her daughter any mind. She was pretty old. But Sally genuinely did feel guilty that she made them – especially the older lady with the big smile – get up for her. But this was Sally’s seat. And having to get up for another passenger is what normally happens on flights. 

But when the daughter saw that her mother was ignoring her, she did something Sally didn’t expect. 

The daughter started to look for anyone around her that she could complain about Sally to. She even asked the flight attendant for a glass of wine because the ‘silly moron’ sat next to her had stressed her out.

The flight attendant looked at Sally and gave her a dirty look. So now the woman had turned the flight attendant on Sally. This was going to be a long flight. But Sally had no idea what else was in store for her.

With every offensive comment the woman made, Sally could feel anger brew inside her like tea in a pot, but she told herself to stay calm. 

She put her headphones in and occasionally she paused the movie she was watching on her phone to check if she was still complaining about her. And to Sally’s disgust, she was. But things were about to get even more heated. 

When Sally noticed they were reaching flying altitude, she peered outside the window amazed at the sights from below. As she changed position to get a closer look, she saw that the woman who insulted her was trying to see out the window to look down on the city they were leaving.

This was Sally’s moment. She was going to make the woman pay for being so rude to her.

Sally noticed the woman trying to look outside the window, and a thought popped into her mind, and a smirk crept on her face. 

She was never one to be petty. She always took the high road, no matter what. Her friends often called her the peacemaker. But this was time different. She knew how she was going to get payback on this woman. She deserved it after all. 

Immediately, Sally hunched herself forward. Then she sat back and then hunched herself forward again. You see, Sally was blocking the woman from seeing outside the window.

Amongst the movie playing in Sally’s ears through her earphones, she heard the woman tut to herself. In the corner of her eye, she saw the woman was getting flustered with annoyance and anger. But Sally wasn’t done. She still had to so much more up her sleeve.

Initially, Sally planned to block the window for about 20 minutes, but 20 minutes became 30 minutes, then 30 minutes became 45 minutes, and then the next thing, Sally knew she had to fully commit to hunching in front of the window for the entire flight. And so she did.

She didn’t look at the woman’s face at first, but Sally just knew she would be annoyed. And how she was right!

Throughout the flight, Sally could see the woman was getting more and more annoyed. But Sally didn’t care. She blasted her volume, skipped the mid-flight snack and drinks, and continued to block the window until they landed.

And once they did, Sally knew for a fact that her revenge was sweet. 


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