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People Are Sleeping With Soap Under Their Sheets, Here’s Why

There are many benefits to using bar soap. Not only are you saving the environment but you’ve also got a multi-purpose tool in your hand that can be used for much more than hand and body wash.

Here’s some amazing tips and tricks to using bar soap that will leave you so enthralled you’ll wish you never uncovered all of its wonders. Curious? Let’s get started. 

Breaking glass can be a big ordeal. There’s nothing quite like the panic of watching glass fall, or the sound of glass breaking. Equally as traumatic, is the task of picking up the broken shards. 

This is where a bar of soap can work its magic. Simply grab a slippery bar of soap and rub it over the affected area. The soap will collect the tiny shards of glass.

A squeaky door is possibly one of the most eerie sounds a house can produce. A sound that becomes even more spooky if you live by yourself or your roommates/ family/ dogs are away for the weekend. 

Enough is enough! Take your bar of soap and rub it on the hinges. Open and close the door a few times to ensure the soap spreads through the squeaky parts.  

We know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone put soap on flowers? They already smell so good. Surprisingly, soap may be shown to kill and repel common pests on indoor and garden plants. 

Dissolve an organic, fairtrade bar of soap in water and add 1tbsp of it to 1tbsp of vegetable oil and 1 gallon of water. Mix and spray on your plants. 

You’ve just showered, you’re running late and need to use the mirror but it’s all fogged up. As you rub the condensation, you realize you’ll have to clean it again later as you’ve left marks. Let’s rewind! 

Before taking the shower, carefully rub your bar of soap thinly onto the mirror. Then take a cotton/ microfiber cloth and polish the mirror until it’s shiny. Now there’ll be no more fog!

Speaking of seeing things better, a bar of soap has another trick up its sleeve to help improve our vision. And this one works a treat!

A bar of soap can polish your glasses and leave them anti-fog all at the same time. Just run your glasses under warm water, rub with soap and polish with a microfibre cloth.

If you’re a fan of sewing, this next use of soap may surprise you. Wrap some fabric around your bar of soap and fasten the fabric with a safety pin or sew it together. 

And there you have it, a pin cushion that you can stick your pins into. This is a wonderful fix as it also smells fantastic! 

Sometimes our cabinets and drawers don’t smell the way we’d like them to. They may have a stubborn musky smell or even smell a bit stale. 

This is where a bar of soap can really freshen up your wardrobe or utility cabinets. Simply place a bar of soap on the shelves and let it’s aroma be absorbed by its surroundings.  

Have you ever sweat so much that you left sweat rings under the armpits of your favourite coloured t-shirts? Don’t worry. Wear a t-shirt long enough and it’s bound to happen. Good news is a bar of soap is a great remedy for this. 

Simply crumble up a bar of soap and add some warm water to treat the affected area before laundering.

If you don’t own a tool box and have nail holes left behind in your wall, you may think fixing them can be tricky business. But this is easily fixed, even without specialised tools – when you have a bar of soap!

Rub a bar of soap over the nail holes, then wipe over the nail holes with a rag to get rid of excess soap pieces.  

This trick using bar soap seems odd until you realize how much sense it makes. If you’re having tire troubles on a bike or car. Get a bar of soap and water and soap up the tire, making sure to cover all areas. 

If you have an air leak, bubbles will immediately form and indicate exactly where the leak is. Genius!

Another odd use for bar soap that has gained quite a bit of attention is its potential for curing leg cramps or restless leg syndrome. Although this hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, some people swear it works because of its magnesium properties which helps relax muscles.

If you want to give it a try, pop a bar of soap under your sheets and snuggle in!

An ivory bar of soap can also provide a great science lesson and experiment for kids. If you ask them what will happen when you put a bar of soap into the microwave, they’ll say it’ll melt. But that’s not true. 

The bar of soap will actually erupt – safely of course, into a big ball of fluff. All you need is a bar of ivory soap and a 2-minute microwave spin.

A wet bar of soap is slippery stuff. To avoid any mishaps and falls, spoon out a chunk of soap in the centre of the bar, then get a bottle cap and glue a magnet inside the cap. 

Then glue the cap inside the chunk of space in the soap bar. The soap will now stick to all your metal surfaces, ensuring a slip-free environment!

For some fun, dissolve a bar of soap and mould it into any shape you want using your hands or shaped arts & crafts or cooking utensils. For extra fun, you can even add extra ingredients like lavender or rose leaves to your soap. 

Whatever you do though, maybe stay away from moulding a creepy soap hand!


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