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People Had No Idea Tissue Boxes Could Do This

From our sad days to our sick days, tissues are always there for us. This makes them easy targets to be taken for granted or even taken advantage of by your pupper. 

But before you toss that tissue box in the trash, hold it! Because it’s not done giving yet. Here’s some things you never knew your tissue box could be!

Life is busy, we don’t always have time to place things away carefully and neatly. In fact, a lot of the time we just throw them in whatever free space we find. It’s only later when you’ve been looking for the matching sock too long that we realize the foolishness of our ways. 

Cut the top and bottom off to leave the perfect drawer organiser skeleton.

This one looks best when you have a few so start saving those tissues boxes. When you have them all saved, cut the tops off and pay attention to the cover. 

If the design works, get glueing. If not, look for a suitable wall or wrapping paper to glue onto the box. Then, glue the boxes together and fasten to the wall. This cute little storage idea is perfect for makeup.  

This quick and simple fix will save you a lot of time in the future. Instead of walking back and forth to the bin every time you put in or finish a wash, just grab an empty tissue box.

 It will act as the perfect compact container to stuff your lint into until it’s time to empty it. Problem solved!

Running or organizing a household is tough, especially if you’re living with roommates. Nowadays, we’re all subscribed to a number of different services that post letters and bills that arrive in the mail on the daily. 

This can lead to a messy looking counter. But not anymore, upcycle that tissue box to a cute and neat mail holder. 

When you find a tissue box that is so beautifully ornate, sometimes it’s hard to find the heart to throw them out. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. 

Repurpose the tissue box into a flower holder. The flowers can be real or fake. Either way, you’ll have an ornament that adds life to your day! 

While we’re on the topic of flowers, this next use is one of our favourites. Grab a taller empty tissue box and wrap it in twines, starting from the bottom, up. 

Place a small flower pot inside, then sit back and admire your handiwork. This creation looks great in a bathroom, sitting room or bedroom.  

With so many devices being used at the same time, it’s not surprising how most of us have turned to extension leads and multiple socket products. 

But this leaves floors and office desks looking like every neat-freaks worst nightmare. Keep cords untangled and organized by cutting labeled cable holes in tissue boxes.

This ones a no-brainer. Shops are still generously handing out plastic bags, and because you don’t want to throw them away, they’re usually stuffed somewhere out-of-sight looking gaudy. 

Simply, place the bags in the empty tissue box and use as you would usually. For extra handiness, stick the box to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. 

Remember how we used twine before? Well this is the same thing again but with an added piece of fabric on top. 

This gorgeous design makes you feel like you’ve upgraded your bathroom to a hotel suite. The tissue box is a perfect fix for small hand towels. This design also looks great beside the planter!

The tissue box is always sitting next to you at work. Propped just out of reach so it’s not in your way but also not too far that you wouldn’t be able to lunge for it when needed. 

You’ve grown attached to that little box, so why not keep it as an office supplies holder that will leave your space looking neat and organised.

While keeping receipts is a dying trend, sometimes they’re still very necessary, especially when you’re spending big money. 

These types of receipts would be staying around for a while so take them out of your pockets, wallet or purse and keep them safe in a cute little tissue box. They’ll never get lost on you again!

Who doesn’t love a good pinata. Whacking something full of candy, blindfolded with a weapon of your choice, what could be more fun? 

It’s going to get destroyed anyways so why not save some money and make one yourself with an empty tissue box. Stuff it with candy, decorate it, glue it and voila!! Let the good times roll!

This one’s for all the parents out there, the uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers. Anyone with a child in their life who’d love a cute little dollhouse. 

This ones much easier than it looks. All you need is glue, colorful paper and tiny toys. Cut out the top of the tissue box and you have your first room. Design as you please!

Just like the secret compartment, there’s a lot more to the humble tissue box. Carefully open the tissue box from the side, remove some sheets of tissue and create a space for extra keys or other items you want to keep secret.

A secret for everyone but your cat that is. So, keep them out of reach!


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