People Reveal The Most Disturbing Thing They’ve Ever Witnessed

“Went to Walmart one day to get some stuff. As I pull into the parking lot, another car comes speeding into the parking lot, nearly hitting me, and skids to a stop in a section of the lot that doesn’t have many cars. I just thought it was some drunk driver. I get out of my car and look over at the car. A guy in a suit gets out, takes out a gun, and blows his head off right there. I’ll never forget that. Wish I could.” -Reddit user Lazer310

“I was in the delivery room where a 12-year-old girl was giving birth to a child, while her 26-year-old mother (about to be grandmother) telling her (while still in labor) how she hopes her daughter remembers how painful this is next time she wants to sleep around.” -Reddit user Inferior_Comment

“Driving through Guatemala City on a mission trip: A man shooting another man standing alongside an exit ramp. Nobody else in the van saw it but me (they were all sleeping from the work done all day), but I can still see the whole scene in my mind.” -Reddit user epicwinguy101

“My dad worked at an airport in the US. I would often go to work with him. One of his jobs was picking up debris on the runways so that we would be on the tarmac a lot. We were parked and watching a plane unload its cargo hold. They pulled out about five dog crates; all the animals were dead. They forgot to pressurize the hold. I remember thinking how the people getting off the plane don’t even know how horrible their life is about to be.” -Reddit user Bazooka_Pants

“I was on lunch break at work, my buddy and I were sitting in his car eating McDonald’s just looking out of the car kind of blankly when a car pulls out and immediately gets T boned, and we both saw a lady get ejected from the SUV onto the street. It was horrifying for a 16-year-old. This happened last summer.” -Reddit user Dirtymike5

“I was at the animal shelter adopting a cat. She was sick and being treated somewhere on the premises, but it was taking forever, so I searched for her. I walked into a room with a loading dock, in which was a laundry-type bin over-filled with terminated pets. It was a blur of fur that I will never get out of my head.” -Reddit user ccnova

“I was in a car accident, and a fellow passenger was scalped. She regained consciousness and was in shock but talking to me. I was trapped alone in the car with her and had to carry on a conversation with someone whose skull was fully exposed. Still gives me nightmares.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I didn’t actually witness the accident, but my mother and I saw the aftermath of a car that drove under a semi-trailer at a toll road. The whole top was peeled off. My mom checked the papers for the report, and a whole family had been decapitated. Glad I didn’t see it happen.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I went to a party one night and ran into an acquaintance. She told me she’d taken a pregnancy test earlier that day, and it was positive. She then took a huge drink of straight vodka and told me she was going to drink enough to kill the baby. I told her it didn’t work that way, and she said she didn’t care. She was passed out when I left. So sad.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“My aunt drowned in my family hot tub. I found her around twelve hours later. Not a pretty sight… Not a pretty sight.” -Reddit user yogas

“I watched a man bleed to death after his truck knocked him down and ran over his head. His wife was sitting next to me. They had just gotten into town on vacation.” -Reddit user depleteduraniumftw

“I went to a flea market with my family. Randomly we decided to visit my grandma. Upon arrival, the house was on fire. My dad and I ran in to see my grandma charred black and on fire in her rocker. She fell asleep smoking and basically lit herself on fire.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“My mother had my father record my birth on video. When I was 5, I asked my mom where babies come from. Without a word, she put in that video, made me watch the whole thing, and looked me dead in the eye, and said, “any more questions?” -Reddit user fingered_by_freddie

“When I was 11 years old, I found my dead mother on the bathroom floor naked. We had no father, I had to call the police myself and tell them, “my mom won’t wake up.” I saw the looks the police and paramedics gave me as they saw what I was unwilling to accept. The only other person in my family there was my little sister. It was hard seeing these strangers have to take care of us until they could find someone to come take care of us. That was the most fucked up experience of my life.” -Reddit user jakenbake20

“Seeing my mother in a coma hooked up to a bunch of tubes after a brain aneurysm. I was 14 and she didn’t survive.” -Reddit user You_Fucking_Drugger


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