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People Reveal The Weirdest Things They Do When They’re Alone

“I throw up gang signs at my dog. Don’t know why it started but I get a laugh out of it and my dog just likes the attention.” -Reddit user Melgitat_Shujaa 

“If I’m laying down while reading or playing a game or on my laptop I like….flex my butt over and over really fast, it’s hard to explain. It just looks like it’s shaking/jiggling. It makes me feel less lazy, something to keep me ‘moving’ I guess?” -Reddit user MediocreAtJokes

“Just before I’m about to write, sometimes I’ll do this little circle thing in the air above the paper, like I’m revving the pen up before I use it.”  – Reddit user OmarGuard

“I like to run around my house naked making animal noises, and pretend to be a Choo Choo train. Of course, that’s not really weird though.” -Reddit user Hamelvich

“Pretend that I’m doing a tv show. Whenever I’m doing my makeup or my hair, or even cooking, I talk to the camera in my head and make weird gestures.”

-Reddit user alisadumb

“Sometimes when I get bored, I explain modern things to Benjamin Franklin. Music I listen to, or how my phone works, etc. Sometimes I go even further back and explain it to Socrates or a caveman. Sometimes it’s philosophical, sometimes it’s just stupid. I don’t know why I do it, but it’s very entertaining.”  – Reddit user zigazigazah

“Sometimes I walk around backwards and try to do everything in an odd manner. I also talk to my cats and make up silly songs about them. Sometimes we dance.” -Reddit user unlikelytrailertrash

“I’m not even sure I can accurately explain this, but I’ll try. Sometimes I lay down with different blankets or jackets or shirts, whatever and I imagine other things being made of them as I sort of daydream and stroke them like they are a pet.”

-Reddit user TitaniumBranium

“I play with my ears, especially when they’re cold. I fold and scrunch them to fit them into the ear canal until they unfold and pop back into form.”  – Reddit user InfintexCourtxJester

“I’ll occasionally reread sections of a book where nothing much happens, but the characters are just chilling. It’s almost like visiting friends.”

-Reddit user krista 

“Each day when I come home from work, I say to my cat Bruce Wayne, ‘Hi, Honey! I’m home! Did you do your taxes? Awww, you did your taxes!’ In my head if my cat were a person he’d be a tax accountant or something.”
-Reddit user ChasingAfterChelsea

“If I am playing a game I tend to talk to myself. For example, if playing Skyrim I will say out loud, “There is some bastard around this corner” -Reddit user All-Shall-Kneel

“I have noticed I often sniff when I enter a room so I don’t scare people by just talking out of nowhere.”

-Reddit user erotic_rook

“I rub the tip of my nose and after a while it starts to feel really nice and I get a mild sensation.”  - Reddit user jpaxonreyes 

“I make a valley out of pillows and blankets and sleep in the middle so I can koala hug something while laying on either side.”  – Reddit user TristanTwo-Shoes


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