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People Are Sharing Bad Luck Moments That Ruined Their Day

John was on his way to a blind date his friends had set him up. He was looking forward to it. As he got out of his car, the worst thing happened. A bird decided to add some color to his pants. So he stood there contemplating his choices.

His white pants were covered in poop, and he did not have any spare pants. So he sat in his car, hoping for a miracle.

Sarah had on these black heels she had purchased years but had not worn in ages. So for brunch, she decided to wear them.

She looked good and felt even better. She got out of her and proceeded to walk to where her friends were. She did not get far, because she realized that the bottom of her shoe had come off and was left behind.

Jessie had this cute little dress she adored. The dress was perfect for every occasion. She decided to try this new market her friends told her about for grocery shopping and went to the market. As she was walking, she felt a breeze coming from behind.

As she turned to look at the back, she realized a tear at the back of her dress that was exposing her bottom half. Grocery shopping was never the same.

Anne was attending a work function in her favorite red dress, and everyone kept complimenting her. She went to the bathroom to powder her nose, and as she unzipped her dress, it got caught in her lace undergarment, and she pulled it so hard that she did not realize she was tearing it into her dress. 

It was so bad that she was trapped in the bathroom, waiting for someone to come and rescue her.

Dave had two friends named Jim, and the one Jim was saved by his surname Smith, simply because he was a new friend and the other was Jim1.

Dave was the guy who had mastered multitasking among his friends. He was gossiping about Jim Smith to Jim1 and somehow sent a message to the wrong Jim, exposing how they felt.

My mother and I went hiking with her friends, and we liked to believe that we were more experienced than most. We were excited about discovering a new trail. It had rained the night before, and we were already warned that we should be careful, but we did not care.

As we were descending, my mom took a slip and fell on her behind. As I tried to get to her, I also took a fall. So we both ended up falling on our backs and were covered in mud.

Sarah was brilliant at doing multiple things simultaneously and found her manager annoying and incompetent. 

So she was chatting to her best friend via email and complaining about her usual day-to-day nonsense and got distracted for a split second by her colleague, so she copied her text message for her best friend and sent it to a client instead. There was no escaping this leak.

I hardly drank, but I decided to indulge because it was my best friend’s birthday and I felt happier than usual. So I drank six shots and, in the spirit of feeling brave, decided to send my crush named Chris a message detailing what I wanted to do to him and asking him out on a date.

However, it turns out that I sent the message to our priest’s father, Chris, instead. He responded with a bible verse and sent me bible verses every day. I haven’t been to church in a month.

In Middle school, our teacher had this great idea to pick a name to make a card. I was excited because I picked my crush and gave her the card I made but got a thank’s Pete in return.

A few years later, my crush invited me to dinner on valentines day and got me excited. As I waited for her to arrive, I got a text saying, thanks, Pete, but I won’t make it. I was back in Middle school again.

We had the water in our complex turned off for repair. So I decided to visit my friend, forgetting that I had opened the taps but never closed them before I left. My neighbor called me saying he could hear and see water coming from my house.

So I rushed home only to find the place flooded with water. My laptop was on the floor floating in the water, along with my books and other stuff I had left on the floor.

I was grateful that this girl I had matched with online had decided to give me a second chance after I had canceled on her twice. So as I was driving out of my complex, my car decided to stop working right next to the gate. I called my mechanic, but he was out of the city for the weekend. 

I called my date trying to explain,

My mom’s friend, aunt Shiela was having a BBQ at her house, and I only went because I wanted to see her cute son Brian. Aunt Shiela loved cooking with herbs and odd spices, and as usual, my mom forgot to warn her about my allergy to rosemary and thyme, which happened to be in every meal.

There I was standing with a swollen face and lips crying at how embarrassing this was. That was the last day I stopped visiting.

My little brother hated getting his hair done by any other person but his barber. We were visiting our cousins for a family wedding, and my brother needed his hair done for the wedding. So he went to our cousin’s barber. 

I just saw my brother crying with a hat on, and that’s when I knew something was wrong. It turns out the barber cut his hair instead of giving him a trim as he asked for, saying boys should not have long hair.

My boyfriend Sam was walking with his friends to the stands to watch the athletes, and out of nowhere, a discus flew into his head and knocked him out. He woke up later, asking where he was, and won the race. 

He was the leading star for our college relay team, and that day, our college lost. Even now, everyone talks about how our bad luck streak at relay began.

I was trying out something new, so I decided to attend a day market near my area with my friends. There was live music and food stalls. I was having so much fun, and I guess it made the animals mad. 

I went to a chicken farm, and for some odd reason, the rooster decided to start chasing me. I ran for my life and tripped and fell into a mud pit. At the same time, the rooster looked at me proudly.


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