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People Share The Shocking Secrets That Their Company Does Not Want Its Customers to Know

“Wash your fruits and vegetables very thoroughly a lot of them will end up being scooped off a disgusting warehouse floor and put back in the package after falling out.” -Reddit user @x720xWastedx

“I worked at NASA as a contractor for 2 years. 90% of the computing hardware was very antiquated and out of date. I saw a lot of Dell computers from the mid-2000s still being used, yes even pre-thin-style monitors, that beige or off-white color. They are pretty underfunded and spend most of their money on more advanced hardware like supercomputers, large servers, etc. But the basic hardware is really out of date. In fact, the whole place looked like a museum of the 1990s…the architecture, the dress styles, the lighting, carpet, and so on. It was very strange, almost eerie.” -Reddit user alexandersuper666

“One of my Facebook friends interviewed for a teaching position at the school district I work for. She was nervous and awaited the news with 100% more anxiety than she should have. The teacher shortage we have here is so bad we’ll pretty much take anyone that’s completed their certification, including people that have just obtained it and have never stepped foot in a classroom before.” -Reddit user @AuroraLux

“I worked at a “luxury” movie theatre for 3 years. Complete with service to your seat, oversized recliner seats, pillows, and blankets. The pillows and blankets were never washed. Ever. But the break room was stocked with brand new ones. Always ask for a new blanket.”

-Reddit user QueenIllest

“Used to work for a coffee shop whose claim to fame was that all food items were made from scratch in house. All of their pastries were made using Pillsbury dough, and every other kind of dessert was bought from a grocery store.” -Reddit user @Desperate4Potato

“I am in Mexico and used to work at call centers. They would ask us to always state we were located in the US. I worked for Comcast and Sprint-Nextel but there were some other campaigns such as HP tech support or AT&T or Verizon.” -Reddit user Klettova

“I used to work in skincare: None of the products cost more than $2 to manufacture, but would retail at anything from $20 to $150 per product. Always amazed me how much people would shell out for anything with volcanic clay or snake venom cream.”

-Reddit user @DWeb338

“I take donations at Goodwill. We throw away a good 90% of what we get.”

-Reddit user @jibsand

“Candy man here. We left chocolate out in display cases for months on end. When my friends came by to the store I told them to avoid it at all costs.” -Reddit user walruswhisky

“The “garlic butter”  we put on our pizza crust is, in fact, garlic margarine. There’s no dairy in it at all. I’ll get customers calling in every once in a while who ask for soy cheese and no garlic butter, and if I’m feeling nice I’ll let them in on the secret that they can enjoy that garlic-y goodness without worrying. “Garlic butter” just sounds more appetizing than the truth.”

-Reddit user @the_xxvii

“I worked for the northwest company in northern Canada. The Inuk art that they sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars they buy for $10-20 from the artist. I asked a manager why, he said it’s because they’re poor anyway. I quit that evil company the next week.” -Reddit user giganticsquid

“I used to work at Whole Foods, in our bakery department. Almost nothing, aside from the bread is made from scratch there. This shouldn’t be too shocking, considering they’re a multi-national chain now, but really it’d be more correct to say that our cakes are “assembled” in house.” -Reddit user  @DandyLyen

“That mattress you bought on “clearance” was a return somebody slept on for up to a month or so.” -Reddit user Pisgahstyle

“The sustainability policy is not about the environment at all, it is about cost reduction.” -Reddit user @Georgesghajj

“I recently started working for a cleaning firm. My boss basically said: “It doesn’t actually have to be clean, it just has to look clean.” -Reddit user @snigel_rumpa


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