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People Share The Weirdest Things They Find Attractive

“Hands. There’s just something about them that I love, especially if they’re “piano hands.” You can’t get any better than that.” -Reddit user DeceivingComment

“Those eye lines that some people have when they smile. Like Hugh Grant’s.” -Reddit user greengoddess

“Men who take their coffee black. It’s impossible for me to date someone who doesn’t like coffee in general…I’m not even an avid coffee drinker, I don’t know where this comes from, haha.” -Reddit user catalyss

“Sweatpants. And not those yoga pants (which are still awesome). I just love a woman that looks at her max level of comfort.” -Reddit user Shuuk

“A woman that can play an instrument or has any kind of musical theory knowledge. So hot.” -Reddit user Pagan-za

“When a lady knows her way around technology. In the software business, I see this a lot. Nothing hotter than a classy lady typing away on her laptop or using a highly technical device.” -Reddit user Dmoneater

“One-piece bathing suits and body suits on women. Bikini’s? Meh. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the singular texture over a woman’s torso that is a huge turn-on for me.” -Reddit user Kotetsuya

“Big eyebrows. Not like a monobrow, but just…I dunno. Thick eyebrows. Then there’s the normal stuff like broad shoulders and being taller than me – not hard though, I’m only 5′ 4.” -Reddit user AndThenSex

“When my girlfriend hasn’t re-painted her nails in about a month. She keeps them short, and after a while, the paint starts to chip and leaves only small pieces of the paint that used to be there. I don’t know why, but I find this attractive.” -Reddit user Lurk_Master

“Girls wearing converse sneakers and/or athletic attire. Love the athletic girls, and love the ones that don’t give a crap about fashion.” -Reddit user WildBilll33t

“Thick necks. I’m not sure why, but the thicker the neck, the more attractive he is. My boyfriend has a massively thick neck, and it is such a turn-on for me. I love the way it looks, I love touching it, and I am just so very weird.” -Reddit user MakeYourOwnLuck

“Asian girls with an accent you don’t expect. Like an Indian girl with an English accent. I met a girl of Japanese descent who grew up in Alabama. I didn’t think much of her until she opened her mouth and had the thickest southern accent I’d ever heard. Every time she said “y’all,” it drove me wild. She was also really tiny but had a deep voice.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Neck hair. You know that look when a guy hasn’t had a haircut for a couple of weeks, and the back of his neck is starting to get a little scruffy and unkempt-looking?” -Reddit user lbeaty1981

“Tiny hands. I fell for a girl who appeared to have trouble holding her pencil. I like petite girls, so they go hand in hand, pun intended, but tiny hands on a taller girl is better to me than big hands on a small girl.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“That look in a guy’s eyes when he totally zones out. Where has his mind wandered off to? What could be contemplating? Why don’t I join him in this mysterious, contemplative land? Just something about it really draws me in.” -Reddit user misscandyfeefee


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