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People Share The Worst First Dates They’ve Ever Been On

“My friend was asked by a date (very early into the said date) ‘Are you on your period? I have this strange talent where I can always smell when a girl is on her period.’ She picked up her bag and left immediately.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“First date back into the dating scene after being out of it for 14 years. It had changed a lot. So I go out with a girl from one of the apps. Have a great time; we part ways for the night. I get a slew of angry messages about why I didn’t make any moves or invite her over after. Like crazy texts. Nothing about anything physical was discussed prior, and the last time I went on a first date was just before I had turned 17. So at 31, I was not in the know about the hookup scene. Her reaction to nothing physical was insane, way over the top.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Blind date. The girl was really hot, but she had anger issues. She was currently on probation for assault. Her ex-bf is in prison. She lives 2 and half hours from me.” -Reddit user MysticYounger

“Story from my friend. She went on a tinder date. He kept vaping into her face at a restaurant, asking if she was impressed by the large clouds.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“I met a girl on a dating app (Coffee Meets Bagel). She seemed okay. Then about halfway through the date, she starts ranting about the Jews, as she’s just realized I’m ethnically Jewish. She goes on about how I’m going to convert her babies to my evil cult (note: she does not yet have babies, and I’m an atheist). That…didn’t go so well.” -Reddit user JaronK

“We were at dinner at this nice casual Italian place, and she apologized for seeming distracted; she had just found out that her sister tried to kill herself 3 hours ago. All I could think was, “why wouldn’t you cancel/postpone the date?” -Reddit user BearsBearsWolf

“Went on a date with a girl from OkCupid. We decide to go to a local bar to have a couple of drinks. When she showed up, she starts ordering the most expensive mixed drink they have and a meal while I’m sipping a beer, trying to get the conversation started. She spends 10 minutes on her phone and mumbled some replies. I excuse myself from the table, go to the bar and pay for my beer and walked out. She didn’t notice me leave, too busy buried on her phone. There was no second date, and I never heard from her again.” -Reddit user zgh5002

“I went on a double date. My friend’s bf was trying to match me with one of his friends. We got there, and the guy never spoke directly to me. He always spoke to his guy friend. I was trying to add things to the convo, but he barely ever acknowledged me. I guess he was nervous or something.” -Reddit user Mindingtime

“He joked about putting me in his trunk a few too many times. Asked if I could hang out tomorrow, and I said I had plans with my family – he said, “I want to meet your family.” Ended the date by telling me he loved me. I’ve never bailed so fast.” -Reddit user ShySavage

“I showed up to the date, and there was already another dude there on a date with the girl. She was like, “oops, I expected at least one of you to stand me up.” Ended up having beers with the dude instead. Nice guy.” -Reddit user shinicle

“This is boring, but the guy was really nervous, and he talked about himself all through our dinner date. He didn’t ask me a single question. He really wanted another date “because we connected so well.” -Reddit user house-plants

“Vegan from work who knew I wasn’t vegan. Before we ordered, she said that I would need to be vegan to date her. I ordered a sad salad. There wasn’t a second date.” -Reddit user mattcbond

“Went on a date with a guy I’d met through a mutual friend. Things seemed pretty normal until we were sitting and waiting for the movie to start. He got his phone out and started showing me pictures of two of his ex-girlfriends. Both women were completely naked.” -Reddit user Molly-Millions

“Went on a date with a really aggressive guy. Had to call my Ukrainian (ex-navy) 6’4″ acquaintance to come to save me. The dude threatened to call the cops on me because I left the date early (in his mind).” -Reddit user tastefuldebauchery

“Met a girl on Tinder, arranged to go to lunch, arrived at the restaurant. So far, things are going well. She is late… I messaged her, “hey, you still coming to lunch?”. No response. I decide to wait 15 more minutes (30 minutes total). Just sitting at a table in my university’s main dining spot. I leave. That sucked, but it happens. She messages me a day later, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t feel like going.” I guess it’s technically not a date, but damn, that sucked.” -Reddit user LordOfVigilance


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