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People Share the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

“I’m a big guy. 6’2, 280 lbs, bearded. I was walking through the mall one day and went to hitch up my pants. I chose to do that, however, at the exact time that a small Hispanic woman was walking by with her baby in her arms. I accidentally elbowed that baby RIGHT in the face. The woman, very timidly, said, “Ohhhh…..lo siento!” and ran off in the opposite direction.| -Reddit user StoneColdNaked

“My half-sister (who lived with her father in another state) died of a brain tumor when I was 17, and she was 15. The tumor pressed on her vocal cords, causing her voice to be very high-pitched and breathy. For the last six months of her life, I refused to speak with her on the phone because her voice reminded me of her (at the time) untreatable cancer and (at the time) inevitable death. This was in 1987, and I still hate myself for it.” -Reddit user ottomated

“I was climbing a tree with my friend when we were in 1st grade. I was the better tree climber as he was sort of an inside-all-the-time kind of kid. For some reason, I thought it would be awesome to pee from the top of the tree. While peeing, I thought it would be awesome to pee on him, so I did.” -Reddit user bonedead

“Mine’s not as bad as the others, but I’ll post it anyway. In 7th grade, I was at the last school dance, and a girl there said I had to dance with her on the last dance. I had a crush on her at the time, so of course, I did. During our dance, I asked why she wanted to dance with me out of everyone, to which she replied, “I didn’t want to dance with Zach.” Zach was one of my good friends who had cancer and was in 8th grade, so this was his last Jr high dance ever. He literally sat the entire time wanting to dance with the girl that I danced with, a few weeks later, he died from cancer, to this day, I feel like I took his one wish away from him.” -Reddit user berchtold

“I don’t know about ever, but I ran over a squirrel today, and I feel terrible about it. My 3-year-old was in the back of the car and felt the bump, and he started saying over and over: “Daddy tooted, daddy tooted” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.” -Reddit user rabboni

“I accidentally kicked a pregnant girl in the stomach while swimming. She later miscarried. Whether or not it was due to the kick, I will never know, but I will always wonder. It was about 9 years ago or so, so the details are rather fuzzy now. I seem to recall some of the other girls who were there saying that she bled all over the bathroom floor, but I’m pretty sure they were just trolling in very poor taste.” -Reddit user Narissis

“I was riding a bike through a crowd (drunk) on the 4th of July and accidentally kicked a kid in a stroller in the face.” -Reddit user __-___-__

“My dad was sick for years before he died. The night he died, he was calling my name… I didn’t go in to check on him because I was asleep. I… I was just tired. He went into a coma later that night and was declared brain dead. We pulled the plug two weeks later. I am an asshole. I am also in therapy.”
-Reddit user throwaway867530912

“I wanted to know how many ants were in my back garden. I figured I could work it out if I sprayed some of the ant line with gold paint and check to see how many gold ants I saw the next day. Turns out gold spray paint is not good for ants and will tend to leave you with tiny ant statues when it dries. I felt awful for murdering so many ants.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Accidentally (recklessly) destroyed hundreds of years old building of great historical/archaeological importance. Details omitted for obvious reasons.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“Someone treated me very poorly. So I wished they would die. Then they did actually die from a strange complication to an otherwise-routine elective surgery. I felt terrible.” -Reddit user thepainteddoor

“When I was 8 I tried to sell my mom’s wedding ring door to door for $50 to buy a video game.” -Reddit user andrew0896

“I was volunteering to rebuild a driveway at an orphanage in Tijuana and I accidentally dropped a brick on the foot of an orphan girl with Down Syndrome. I like to think my altruistic intentions cancel things out.” -Reddit user grizaste

“December 2002. Flying in a small kit-built aircraft with a friend from church. Suddenly I grab hold of the stick, screamed “ALLAH!” at the top of my lungs, and dropped the plane 1000 feet before leveling out. Needless to say, I was never allowed on that plane again.” -Reddit user (deleted)

“When I was in 5th grade me and my neighbor almost lit our school’s playground on fire. Good thing it rained.” -Reddit user backpackerjoe


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