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This Is Why Guests Should Always Put Coins In The Hotel Sink

Traveling alone can be so memorable, yet some moments could lead to frustration. There may be instances that you could get lost; you have no one to help you with your bags, or worse— you could run out of shaving cream in the middle of the night!

These experiences can make your journey unenjoyable. It seems like you’re not the only one who goes through these bumps. Fortunately, there are lifesaving hacks that could make your next travel pretty delightful! 

Oh, you would be so thankful for this hack. It’s for the hotel curtains that block off the light. Come on, aren’t they God’s gift to those who like to sleep until noontime? However, it can be annoying as sunlight creeps in through some gaps.

To keep the curtains drawn, use those small clips attached to hangers that may be available in the closet. Now, go ahead and get a good night’s sleep

If the door to your hotel room is open, do you notice any hallway light or noise coming in? It could be disconcerting. After all, you stayed in a hotel room because you want to be comfortable. Place a cloth in front of the entrance to keep the light and noise from coming in.

 It may not be completely soundproof, but it is unquestionably a significant help.

Some hotels offer an extensive range of outlets, but others have one outlet below the bed, which is difficult to access. The TV may be an excellent option if you’re in this position and require charging for your phone, tablet, or other gadgets that can link to a USB connection.

 There is a USB connector on the back or the side of many hotel televisions. You may use this as a charging source for your device when no other ports are available.

Has it occurred to you that the atmosphere in your room is touch dry? Make an improvised DIY humidifier to provide some needed moisture to the air. Simply run a cloth under warm water and lay it over the baggage rack next to the fan. There you have it.

The very next time you’ll be staying in a hotel or motel, provide yourself minor improvements all around the place by adopting these insanely brilliant hotel tips. Your next road trips and holidays are about to be a great deal better thanks to these tips and tricks offered by other people. Do you have other hotel hacks you’d like to share?

Is there a little child in your family who cannot reach the hotel’s washroom counter? This quick hack is so helpful! You may use the garbage can as a footstool. That way, they can get to the sink and wash their hands.Just make sure that you’re around to supervise them because little kids tend to be clumsy, so it’s better to train them to be independent.

Just make sure that you’re around to supervise them because little kids tend to be clumsy, so it’s better to train them to be independent.

The effort in cleaning and straightening your clothes in preparation for a hotel stay is frequently rendered pointless. By the minute you open your suitcase, you’ll realize that all of your hard labor has been rendered meaningless. Worry no more. Just shower while closing the bathroom door to allow for maximum steam buildup, then bring your clothing into the bath with you to heat out those wrinkles.

If your clothes are not moisture-resistant, your other alternative is to use a hairdryer. Alternatively, save time and effort by employing a hotel hack that is all too often overlooked: simply phone the front desk and ask for a steamer to be sent up.

This hotel hack is one to live by. It has the potential to become a life hack for years to come if you are a fan of music mood boosters. Every hotel room will have a mug or a glass on the nightstand. Enjoy the acoustic power of your iPhone by dropping it into (an empty) glass.

Music could boost the mood inside your room. Go ahead and unpack while you enjoy the beat that fills the air. 

As you check-in, make sure to request two critical cards from the front desk. By placing one in the slot during your stay, you can guarantee your room is kept at the ideal temperature. Even better, you’ll be able to spend more time exploring the town as your gadgets charge without your having to supervise them back in the hotel room. 

Most of the hotels don’t give additional charges for this. But if they do, at least you asked. 

Isn’t it uncomfortable when you step into your guesthouse or hotel suite, and it smells somewhat… off? Well, there is a good solution for that. Remove the air freshener of your car’s ventilation and put it on the heaters or A/C ventilation in the room to refresh the air. 

 Put an end to those foul scents! Enjoy as your room smells fresh throughout your stay. 

Hey, we can relate with this one as it’s something we’ve all done. We’ve taken to the highway or boarded a plane only to find that we’ve forgotten our house keys or our chargers in the hotel room.

By connecting the keys to the phone charger, you can ensure that this never happens again. Of course, you won’t forget your phone charger, right? Always think about it as you hold your phone in your hand.

All of us hope that the cleaning staff does an excellent job sanitizing the washroom countertops in our rooms. But, at the same time, we are unable to be sure. You need to have a holder for your things—-especially ones that you put in your mouth.

Put your toothbrush into a hole in the bottom of the paper cup and turn it upside down. Your toothbrushes will be kept clean this way!

Not having a cooler but still want to take a few beers or drinks down to the pool with you? No problem! Just Make sure to put a new trash bag in the wastebasket and fill it halfway with ice before leaving the room. 

You have to make sure that the bin is clean too. Just to be sure, check with the hotel to see if the glass is permitted outside your room.

Are you constantly buying bottled water from convenience stores when you stay at a hotel? Well, after this, you may not do so again. Is there a water faucet in your hotel gym where you can get free drinking water?

Before you leave, make sure you refill your water flask there. By not having to purchase drinking water at your next gas station break, you’ll save a few dollars. 

Minibars, of course! Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of a small bar inside the hotel room? Delicious snacks and beverages are right at your fingertips! However, the issue is that they are super overpriced! Avoid the exorbitant fees by simply substituting them with purchases from a nearby grocery or liquor shop (which are far less expensive!).

However, you should be aware that many modern hotels include pressure plates that detect when you have removed something from the refrigerator.

Love to drink cold beverages? If your hotel does not include a mini-fridge, you may create your own. Put some ice in the sink and running the faucet. 

Remember to keep the drainage uncovered so that the ice melt may find a way to go out. Now you have refreshing stocks of drinks whenever you’re thirsty. 

Many recently constructed hotels and motels need you to leave your room key in a slot for the electricity to be turned on. That’s why we mentioned earlier that you must ask for two cards. 

Well, if they won’t let you have two key cards, simply insert any card into the slot to guarantee that the lights and air conditioning remain on while you are away. It will result in a pleasant, relaxed environment when you return.

When you’re on the road, you need food that is quick and handy. Use boiling water from a coffee maker to quickly prepare some ramen noodles for dinner.

Those small pots will be able to produce just the right amount of water you need.

Are you looking forward to seeing your favorite tv shows? You may stream them on the hotel TV. When it comes to streaming programs from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, a Chromecast (or similar device) may be worth the investment.

 As long as your hotel has Wi-Fi and the TV has an HDMI connection, you can easily enjoy shows from your devices. 

In some instances, hotels have babyproofing equipment set up in advance if you contact them early to inquire. However, if they don’t have any, duct tape is always a great alternative. You may tape washcloths to sharp edges, cover plugs with tape, and secure loose cables with it.

Your first and foremost concern should always be the safety of your children.

Although having a swimming pool at your accommodation or motel is usually a plus, it is possible that your swimwear may not be completely dry by the time you pack up and leave.

Alternatively, you may place it in the plastic bag provided with your ice bucket. It won’t get any of the other contents in your bag wet anymore.

Conditioner is frequently provided in hotel rooms. But did you know that it may be used for a variety of purposes more than simply moisturizing your hair?

It’s also useful as a makeup remover, cuticle cream, and shaving cream, among other things. It’s a fantastic product!

If the period for free cancellations of your hotel booking has expired, you may be able to avoid paying a termination fee by altering the dates of your trip. Once you have changed your dates to fall inside the cancellation period without paying a deposit, you should then be able to cancel your reservation without incurring any fees.

Attention travelers: this hotel trick is only effective if you have made a refundable booking.

Those teeny-tiny containers of soap, shampoo, moisturizer, and mouthwash were placed on the counter for your convenience! Even if you don’t utilize all of them, make a point of bringing them with you. 

They’re the ideal size for aircraft trips, hiking, or keeping hand lotion in your handbag. You could even give them away if you wanted to!

Inform the hotel of any special event you may be commemorating, whether birthdays, an anniversary, honeymoon, or a significant life achievement.

Occasionally, they may provide you with complimentary upgrades or leave chocolates or wine in your room. Isn’t that nice?

When siblings are forced to share a hotel room, they are not uncommon to feel frustrated. Here’s an easy tip for you! You may use pillows to create a bed divider.

If you don’t have good pillows in your room, just phone the front desk, and they’ll send you some more. These kitties seem to be enjoying their space!

Suppose you’ve taken snacks or takeaway into your hotel, phone the front desk and request them to provide dishes and dishware for your convenience.

Most of the time, they’ll get a few from their restaurants and bring them to your room. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! 

If you’re concerned with someone coming into your room to conduct cleaning, simply leave the DND sign on your door. They won’t be able to tell if you’re in the hotel room or not.

This way, they will not bother you during your stay.

It is best not to use the “Clean Room” sign if the hotel is located in an area that does not feel safe. It serves as a signal for the cleaning personnel to enter, although it also helps to warn potential burglars that you are not there in the room.

Just call the front desk to savor your room cleaned without putting on the sign to remedy this dilemma.

It is not only dishes that are available for borrowing! Whether you believe it or not, hotels with restaurants are frequently ready to provide you with quite a few items if you only inquire.

If you’d want to do some of your domestic cooking, they may be willing to offer you a blender or a deep fryer from time to time.

When the entire family stays in the same hotel room, there may not be much space to sit and enjoy meals together. Fortunately, you can convert the ironing board in your hotel room into a temporary dinner table. 

Simply spread a towel on the floor to serve as a tablecloth and make use of the bed as a seat. It is even height-adjustable!

The plugin your hotel’s washbasin or jacuzzi may be missing, causing the sink or bathtub to be continually drained. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Just push. Use the plastic from the ice bucket into the drain. 

Then, put coins inside it to create a stopper. You can simply pull the plastic bag up once you’re finished!

Especially if you’re traveling with a newborn or toddler and are frequently changing diapers, it’s not a good idea to just put them in the little hotel trash cans.

Instead, make use of the free laundry bag that is supplied in your room and place the dirty diapers inside of it instead.

Pack some painter’s tape with you to keep the kids entertained while they’re in the hotel suite. Tic-tac-toe boards, toy car tracks, and whatever else your imagination may conjure up are all possible things to do as long as you have your magic painter’s tape! 

Get creative even while on a trip.

Make every effort to arrive as late in the day as you possibly can. The later it gets in the day, the fewer people there are to serve. In this case, the hotel will book the more excellent rooms, and you will have a greater chance of getting the best one or at least an upgrade.

I guess it’s the opposite of the saying, early bird gets the worm!

Don’t you have any pots and pans with you? Of course, you don’t. Prepare meals by using iron. Put a small tin foil over the hot iron and then heat items such as eggs or sausages. You could toast muffins and use them to make a homemade breakfast sandwich too!

And who could forget, grilled cheese!

For those traveling lighter, heading to the laundromat and spending a whole load of washing seems to be a waste of time and money. Fortunately, a simple method is entirely free, but you will still require some money—well, at least this way is not so expensive. 

It’s super easy: simply wash the clothing in the sink and ta-dah! 

If you don’t have a champagne bottle opener, most lodgings will lend you one, but if they won’t, there are various techniques to MacGyver the cork out of the bottle. One of the most straightforward (and arguably, least messy) methods is to utilize a key.

Remember that you’ll want to choose either a sturdy key or one that you don’t worry about bending.

If it wasn’t the wall plug-in that you have forgotten, but instead your charger cord, do not be concerned! To see whether they have any that you may borrow, inquire at the front desk.

Many individuals forget to take theirs with them, and they may have one extra to lend you.

Most hotel and lodging doors are constructed of solid materials to ensure that they close if you unintentionally leave them open. However, if you’re bringing a large amount of luggage, this may be a significant inconvenience. 

One of the hangers and the top lock could be used to hold the door wide open.


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