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People With Hearts Of Gold Remind The World That Kindness Still Exists

Many people care about what happens around them and try to help those in need in any way they can. For example, there are 25 international human rights organizations with hundreds of sub-organizations and thousands of members. 

It doesn’t always have to be in such an organized environment. Even everyday people do extraordinary good deeds, both big and small, that help other people or animals. These next pictures are definite proof of that.

Every day for one week, lifeguards would meet Ms. Dottie and her family to help assist her down to her beach chair. There’s not such a thing as the right body or age for going to the beach. 

Everyone deserves some beach fun once in a while. This lady was lucky enough to find kind lifeguards that helped her make the most of her beach time.

Crowd surfing is for everyone. Yes, even people in wheelchairs. At this rock concert, this girl was lifted up by a fantastic crowd and experienced something incredible. 

All the people there united to perform a great act of kindness and make that girl feel like a part of the crowd. Music can really bring people together. 

When Christmas comes, people tend to get nicer. It’s the holiday of giving, after all. Everyone goes caroling, spends time with their family, and exchanges gifts.

This woman had a more exciting idea. She baked over 200 dozen cookies for Christmas to give to friends, family, co-workers, and others in her circle. The gesture “sweetened” their hearts. 

A young teenager told their grandmother that they are bisexual, and this was her answer. The lovely old lady knitted a sweater with the rainbow on it. 

What a better gift than that in a time when you are unsure about how your family would react to your coming out, especially the older ones. This grandma is an example for everyone out there.

Moving to a new place can be difficult. A lot of things to carry, not knowing how your neighbors are, and change by itself is always hard. 

When this person moved to a new place, someone left a wreath anonymously on their mailbox. The person just moved into the area. Their neighbors are the kindest people.

A street cleaner in Cairo has made it a habit to share his lunch with the stray dogs on his route. The man always tries to pack more to make sure he has enough for them too. 

At times, he just eats less, so he can give the dogs enough food. This man is proof that kindness still exists, and even a small gesture can change a life. 

This woman does the cutest thing. She wanders inside the hospital during the night and leaves small gifts behind. 

The woman has made it a habit to sneak around the hospital at night and leave cute little crocheted things in high-traffic areas. She’s using her talents to brighten someone’s day in a difficult time. Randomly finding one of these little guys will sure make anyone happy. 

The husband of this woman built an indoor playhouse for their foster children. It has a kitchen and real working windows and lights.

Imagine receiving a better gift when you were little. There aren’t really many things that can top that. Having your own little house to play in and decorate as you wish is the dream. 

This woman at a Subway on campus has fed the young man on the left for four years. Each time he was low on money, she came through for him.

And she didn’t do it only once or twice. She helped every time the student couldn’t afford to eat. She is his savior, and he couldn’t have made it through school without her. 

One kind woman teaches eighth grade. All her kids agreed to bring in $2 each, and they would buy girl clothes for someone. 

Then one day, one of them came to the classroom with a bicycle. It was definitely more than $2 and would surely make that little girl incredibly happy. Every kid wants a bike. 

This man’s mom works for an elementary school in a poor part of Pennsylvania. And when the cold comes, not everyone has what they need to be safe and comfortable.

But an anonymous person did something amazing for the children. Someone donated hats, gloves, shoes, and boots for every student. They made all the kids happy. 

This couple doesn’t have kids yet, but they have a lovely dog named Spock. They spoil him every day and do everything they can to make him happy. 

The couple even goes to amusement parks and takes their dog out to look at the lights. He absolutely loves it, and they do it quite often. It’s a delight to see him get excited every time he looks at the flickering lights. 

The man in the picture bought all of the remaining Santa hats. It was a very strange thing to do so someone asked him why he did it. 

He said, “I do this every year after Christmas and donate them to children’s hospitals.” What a wonderful thing to do. The kids everywhere probably love the man. 

The man in this photo had a brilliant idea. He decided to offer something many people need but find difficult to get. 

The kind man was offering to just listen to anyone who wanted to talk on the road. He was seen by a driver who passed by and couldn’t help but take a picture of the amazing display of humanity. 


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