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Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster

Uh-Oh Cargo Overboard

This cargo ship came very close to capsizing altogether. While the ship’s captain was relieved that the ship didn’t tip over, he was disappointed to find out what happened to the cargo on the back of the ship. Unbelievably, eight of those large shipping containers ended up in the water. You might think that they would’ve lost more, but that’s still a lot of valuable product lost. You never know when disaster is going to strike next.

One Heck Of A Grand Finale

Granny And The Gator

Grandma was just trolling around in the water getting ready to take a nice activity picture when the unthinkable happened. This alligator peeked his head up to give her a scare she’d never forget. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but moments after the picture was taken, she looked down and let out a scream so loud, that the alligator retreated.

Swimming With The Whales

Run! Gators!

These folks were on an airboat tour through the Everglades when it suddenly took on water and dumped everyone into the gator infested waters. Ironically, the tour guide was freaking out more than the passengers were, but that was probably  because he knew what the dangers actually were. They all made it out safely, but not before gators started approaching, sending everyone’s adrenaline levels through the roof!

That Was Close

The Python Whisperer

This woman befriended a giant Burmese Python, known to swallow humans whole.  She seemed   completely peaceful. These things commonly eat crocodiles, so going swimming with one seems like a ludicrous idea. Considering that this pretty lady wasn’t harmed by this thing, maybe she’s really a python whisperer.


Daredevil Kid

Teenagers do stupid things. This young man decided it would be a great idea to create his own ramp on the side of a river bank and try to fly his bike to the other side. His mother’s face in the background screams the fear for laundry in her near future. His sister couldn’t help but to find this moment hilarious as he smacked his face on the water like a bellyflop!

The Wandering Eye That Almost Cost Him An Eye

Swimming With The Whales

This whale came awfully close to realizing that humans don’t taste good. We’re all glad our ocean friend decided to stick to its diet of plankton and small crustaceans. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for these divers to play it safer from now on. Gosh, what a photo, though!

That’s One Cruel Joke, Guys

Gator Stand-Off

Officer Chuck Lamm holds a 6-foot alligator at gunpoint after it snuck up on him as he tried pulling someone over. The gator stared Officer Lamm down for 20 minutes before walking back to the water. As for the individual Officer Lamm wanted to pull over, well, he was long gone.

Not-So-Killer Whales

Elephant Love

This couple seems so calm and collected despite the giant elephant about to pick up their car and toss it. He must have been just wanting to get acquainted because a few sniffs were all it took and the couple drove off. Did you know that elephants were this big? I mean, look at its legs, they are taller than the car those kids are in!

Octopus Pack

Just A Little Nibble

Camels can be aggressive with one another and don’t usually display violent behavior towards humans. They even enjoy sniffing humans and will sometimes play with their hair. In this case though, it looks like one camel was beyond frustrated and took his anger out on a pretty innocent tourist.

Pole Dancing On Public Transport

A Furry Cat Rocket

If we could shoot our kitties out of big, silly cannons, this is surely what the furball projectiles would look like. With that look of determination, this critter must have been chasing after something seriously exciting. Felines don’t tend to exert themselves like this unless they think it’s worth it.

Bee Stings Hurt The Bee

Dodgeball—Or Not

If you’ve ever been struck in your face while wearing glasses, you know exactly how much it hurts. Innocent frames of metal and plastic turn into weaponized assault garments. This woman might have a hilarious photo for a dating site now, but she won’t play contact sports with glasses ever again.

Special Delivery!

Duck! (Actually, It’s A Pigeon)

This photo is nothing short of a tried and true classic—there’s just something special about it. It looks exactly like the pigeon has targeted this child in particular for some sort of birdy, wasteful revenge. (If you haven’t seen this photo before, you must be new to the internet. Welcome!)

Sick Of This Party

Sudden Doom

The timing of this photo is absolutely perfect. It had to have been taken a literal second before this car dove nose-first into the waters below. We know what you’re wondering, and no, there was no one in the car. This car was actually dropped into the lake from the sky. Why? Maybe a mob boss was hiding evidence, or maybe someone was extremely bored.

Taken Out At The Ballgame


Oh, bird fights—so tiny, hilarious, and cute. These two are different species, and it looks like they’re well aware of it. Why else would you boot someone who’s just trying to enjoy a seedy little snack? Mother Nature is beyond tough when you really think about it.

A True Fairytale Wedding

Walking On The Clouds

This is actually a great photo that shows what skydiving really feels like! Falling through clouds for sixty seconds is a sensation like no other. This guy’s clearly a professional if he’s striking poses in freefall, too. Advanced jumpers do all kinds of crazy challenging stunts in midair.

The Wandering Eye That Almost Cost Him An Eye

Something Fishy Underwater

This photo makes you want to go snorkeling and try to capture a similar shot of your own, right? Think about how weird it feels to swim your way through a huge school of fish. It’s part live-action Spongebob Squarepants and part fishy photobomb—it’s definitely frame worthy.

True Stealth Mode

Minibike Problems

This is why it’s best to check the nuts and bolts that make up your bicycle, motorized or otherwise. He was probably dizzy from all of those donuts. Other than that, though, this guy probably escaped with less than a bruise. Gotta love the ultra-low clearance of a minibike.

A Little Leggy

Is This Why Women Live Longer Than Men?

Seriously, guys? Using a front loader to hoist up a ladder and take down a tree? The lawnmower responsible for supporting this load is barely big enough to manage a front yard. Really, though, here’s to these guys and their determination. Someone out there has to make the bad decisions that the rest of us learn from!

This One Can’t Be Real

Conversation And Poolside Relaxation—Or Not

Lady, what are you doing standing right on the edge of a pool?! Maybe she’s had one mai-tai too many—or perhaps she knows exactly what she’s doing? Here’s hoping she didn’t have a cell phone in her pocket because that’s about to be gone.

Deep Breathing

The Birthday Cake Fail

You haven’t felt disappointment until you’ve dropped a birthday cake that doesn’t belong to you. Bonus points if the cake is for a super special birthday, like the sweet sixteen sheet pictured here. If you get lucky, the person who’s celebrating their birthday will be able to laugh it off.

Gotta Love The Attack Suit

A Poor Judgement Party

This could be some sort of Halloween party, but with the poor judgment behind bicycle riding over a bonfire, let’s assume it’s just a normal weekend for this squad. The depth of field seems to show that this guy didn’t land in the fire—but there’s still panic flashing through his body.

Showing Off A Lack Of Skills

Gymnastics And Pool Decks Don’t Mix

It looks like this guy was attempting some sort of backflip or somersault into the pool. The whole thing would probably look pretty great if it worked out in his favor, but he was hit with some bad luck instead. He probably ended up with a broken nose and hopefully kept all of his teeth.

It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Timber

Monkeying Around

This little creature was probably frustrated when this giant, billowing skirt blew up and biffed him in the face. He was also probably curious to know if the outfit would make for a comfortable umbrella of sorts. A nap was probably on the agenda once he was finished eating whatever fruit he’s got in his paws.


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