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Perfectly Timed Selfies

Selfies are a relatively new phenomenon. That being said, having a phone that can take a great photo at any given moment from a frontal camera, is bound to give the world a plethora of images that were taken either by mistake or captured at hilarious moments. The following selfies will make you glad the age of the smart phone is part of the world we’re living in.

It’s My Fry!

This guy is a bit of an expert at taking animal selfies, but he most definitely did not expect this fry fight between a seagull and a parrot! Looks like this guy just got in the middle of a turf war. We put our bets on the seagull.  These  birds are serious about their food.

Fishy Kiss

Other than the fact that this selfie is in a stunning location, this guy got more than he bargained for. The location of one of the fish is just right, making it look like he’s giving him a bit of a smooch. How Adorable!

Queen B

We bet when this girl woke up that morning she didn’t think she would end her night with a selfie with Beyonce. Alas, this lucky girl was front row, taking a selfie of herself by the stage, and lone behold the Queen herself saw her and decided to join. Lucky!

Hey Hey, Don’t Forget Me!

This group hiking trip made a new friend in this wild guy! As the group was taking a selfie with a selfie stick, this attention seeking animal decided to join in. We have to say, he makes the photo all the better.


We’re happy we weren’t there to see the aftermath of this selfie. This woman was just trying to take a selfie with the stadium! Poor one got more than she thought with that ball coming straight for her.


This epic selfie captures both how close he is to the goal but also the goal itself! Check out the capture of his capture by the television crew, imagine getting that goal on camera, first of its kind!

Cold, Cold, Cold!

This selfie started out as an adorable snap of two friends until one friend forgot to close her water bottle and proceeded to pour cold water down her poor friend’s shirt; hence the girl’s face in the bottom selfie. LOL.


This guy decided to be creative with his selfie. Half below water and a half above, girls on the top and men swimming; we have to say that is one good selfie…of everyone involved!

Now THIS Is Perfectly Timed

This guy was just having a leisurely selfie when this little creature came to join. The guy’s face is downright hilarious in its surprise, and the little critter looks so incredibly pleased with himself that we can’t help but feel happy for him.

This Counts!

This young one is probably thinking that if it looks like a kiss, then he officially got one. We would probably think he’s wrong, but we would never tell him that! Just look at that smug mug at getting this photo.

Giraffe O’clock

Giraffes are one of the nicest animals in the kingdom, and here we even see a funny one! This guy got a MUCH closer photo of the giraffe than he planned for, that’s for sure!

Hello Officer

Now this guy has a pair. He got pulled over for some reason or other and thought it would be a good idea to snap a selfie with the officer. This action probably didn’t prevent him from getting a ticket, but he gets an A for effort (and courage)!

Run The Field

We have no idea what prompted this young woman to run the field of what seems like a soccer match, but her selfie is absolutely epic! The security guy behind her looks so intent on catching her!

Camel Yell

The talent this guy has for making the same face as the animals in his selfies is super impressive. Here we see these two having a bromance moment. The camel seems to like the guy!

Kangaroo You Too!

We have to give this dude some credit, he manages to get incredible snaps with equally funny animals. This kangaroo is all about being photographed. It seems as though he is a second away from taking the phone himself to prep for a better angle.

Angry Squirrel

One second you think you’re getting an epic shot of you and a squirrel, the next you realize the squirrel hates you and your camera and attacks you away from your image snapping device. Smart animal!

Another Kangaroo

This little guy is so darn happy to be in a photo! These two look like a match made in heaven. Selfie heaven! Also, we’d love to have what this kangaroo is having to make him that chipper.

Plane Down

This genius decided it would be a good idea to take a selfie as his plane was going under. We have the life jacket and all in this one. We hope he also thought to call for some help and not just snap this great picture.

Pick Pocket Down

These two girls just thought they were taking a cute selfie. Little did they know that they were also documenting one of them getting pick pocketed AND managing to get a very clear image of the culprit.

Blow Fish Game

This diver probably takes a ton of underwater selfies, but we bet he doesn’t have another one like this one! This blowfish got in the frame just in time to be a part of this photo, making it an incredible one at that.

Dog Days

This little dog was positioned juuuuuusst right for this photo. We love these types of selfies, where animals take on their owner’s human body, almost like the film, Mars Attacks! This chihuahua is living the absolute life.

What’d You Say?!

This cat selfie is just incredible. This cat owner just wanted a selfie with her cat, but her cat decided to mimic her facial expression and go all out ‘surprised’ on its owner. This one is probably framed in this girls house.

When Your Dog Thinks You’re Ridiculous

This husky is looking at their owner taking a car selfie in the most hilarious way possible. The dog is one step away from legitimately rolling their eyes. Smart pooch!

My, What Big Ears You Have

The position of the dog in this photo makes it as perfect as can be! This reminds us of a certain fairytale about a girl who visits her grandmother in the woods wearing a red cape…

Spilled the Beans

This photo perfectly captures the split second before the liquid being thrown lands on the couple take a photo. We wonder if this drink was thrown at the guy by his girlfriend… maybe he shouldn’t have been dancing with this young lady.

Multitasking At Its Best

This pilot has his right hand on the steering and the other out the plane for a selfie! This can’t be safe but it does make one seriously awesome photo. There’s an actual window in the glider for the pilot to stick his hand out. How convenient!

All About Positioning

This selfie is not only adorable because of the baby, but so incredibly funny because of the dog’s position (in general and in the photo). While the kid looks like he is the one making the effort, the dog it doing all the work.

Leap Year

This young lady was looking oh so fondly at the little frog in her hand… until he jumped in her face! This moment was such a beauty to capture. The frog is so small and adorable, gross, but adorable.

Spill Much?

Whether these two are a couple or she is just a fan trying to get a selfie with the celeb (he looks familiar to us!) this young woman got a little too excited and didn’t realize she was spilling her drink on the guy! Look how happy she is and look how annoyed he looks. Awkward…

Monkey Say NO!

This monkey is NOT having this young woman take his photo. He is hilariously pushing this girl’s head! We aren’t sure if we would laugh or cry if this were us, but it sure is funny to look at.


This guy got more than he bargained for when he was taking a selfie of himself. We are very grateful not to have seen the aftermath of this photo (we are sure the guy is fine, if not a little traumatized). Having a great white sneak up on you like that has got to give you nightmares.

Muscle and Mirror

A little reminder: next time you take a selfie, make sure there isn’t a mirror behind you to show the world how you ‘flex’. From where the camera is this guy seems muscular, while he is just artfully pushing his skin up. LOL.

Again With the Mirror!

Guys, how many times do we have to remind you that when taking a photo, make sure there isn’t a mirror showing anything you don’t want to be seen! While her shirt says ‘free hugs’, we are getting much more than that in the mirror’s reflection.

Love Bites

This adorable dog was just playing around with his owner, but the result was an epic perfectly timed selfie. It seems as though the pup is just yawning and their owner put her head by the dog’s mouth.

Your Selfie’s On Fire

This fire fighter decided it would be a good (and respectful) idea to take a selfie with a burning house in the background. We have to say that this one is pretty insensitive, this kid must be a newby.

Celebrity Photobomb

Basketball star Kobe Bryant decided it would be hilarious to photobomb soccer sensation, Lionel Messi’s photo. He was absolutely right! This is brilliant!

Pug Surprise

This guy just wanted an innocent selfie with his cute dog. Clearly the dog was very excited about the possibility of being in a photo with his owner, but poor dog is not very photogenic.


This genius tried to take a selfie with bulls. Not the brightest tool in the shed now is he? This photo may not be a selfie, but we would kill to see what his phone captured as this guy was running for his life.

Celebrity Plane Selfie

This woman was super excited about sitting next to actor, Nicolas Cage. Poor Cage just wasn’t in the mood for a photo (although he did allow it) and it shows with his half open stare into the camera.


Remember a few pages earlier we saw the monkey pushing away the girl as she was taking a selfie? Well, this is the same girl realizing she is being pushed by the monkey and completely freaking out. Epic!

Camel Days

The poor camel thought this girl’s hair was food! This incredibly funny photo is courtesy of the very lady in the photo. Did it taste good, buddy?

Plane crash is a perfect time

Maybe he thought that it was going to be the last picture of him ever taken. Maybe he was saying his last goodbyes. Or maybe it’s just a crazy, once in a lifetime opportunity to prove how cool he is.

High in the sky

Now this is cool. It’s not every day that we get to see what a pilot sees. Both looking at the cockpit of a fighter plane as well as seeing the clouds from so high make us re-think our life decisions.

Perhaps not the best time

Well, we don’t know about you, but we aren’t exactly sure that this is the best time to take a selfie. In fact, it is illegal in some states to photograph the police. This kid sure is edgy!

Don’t anger the squirrels

This guy thought it would be cool to take a selfie with a squirrel, which is usually really tough to do. But then, something happened, and the squirrel attacked. Maybe the guy stole a nut from the squirrel?


What is this girl reaching for? Is she trying to get the can of cola located right next to her prom date? Well, in any case, this is a funny picture. We are sure that they are having a great, innocent time…


This is some great accidental forced perspective. The man who is sitting in the back seems to be sitting on the girl, but in reality, his pants and her shirt just happen to be the perfect match. We wonder if they are together.

Winged bull

This bull looks like it definitely has wings. Is it Lamassu, the Akkadian god of defense and protection? Probably not. It’s just a bull who got a bit too close to some giant bird’s eggs.

Eyes for you

Well, we all know that butterflies have what looks like eyes on their wings in order to freak out whatever is chasing them. But this picture looks really cool. Still, we don’t know how we would react with a bug on our face.


Well, this isn’t good. All of these men are supposed to be completely uniform in this clearly eastern European military. And we all know that the eastern Europeans are extreme with their punishments. We hope this guy is ok.

Quokkan up

This little smiling critter is called a quokka, and yes, you actually can go right up to them and take a picture with them. Native to Australia, they really live the good life, and always have a smile on their face.

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