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Pets That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn’t See

They say animals can sometimes see things that people can’t. Some say they can even know when an earthquake or another major natural disaster is about to happen. 

The following lists contain amazing examples of animals that reacted to things their owners couldn’t see. Were they things from beyond or some extraordinary phenomenon, or just coincidences?

In this first photo, the owner was sleeping peacefully on the couch with her dog. Then, in just under a second, things took an unexpected turn.

The clock on the far wall came crashing down suddenly, hitting the floor. But just before that happened, the dog lifted its head in preparation, almost as if he sensed something was in the house. What in the world happened? What did the dog see?

One YouTuber, or rather his dog, experienced something bizarre. And it was all captured on his home surveillance system. His dog and trash can both came crushing down the hall, and it appears as if the trash can is trailing or possibly even chasing the scared dog. 

It’s also important to consider that there was no person at home when all this happened. Did someone throw the trash can at the dog?

Next, another strange event occurred in someone’s home. The backstory here is that the woman living there claimed that there was a ghost trapped inside the property. 

Every now and again, her loyal dog would refuse to enter certain areas of the home, like on one particular night when the owner attempted to get her dog to enter the kitchen. But the dog refused to enter the kitchen, and nothing could convince him otherwise. What could he have seen there?

Cats are known in some cultures to have the responsibility of removing evil spirits and ghosts from our homes. They say that cats are sensitive to concentrated negative energy. 

Some believers think their cats are some sort of protectors of their homes. Such is also the case of a woman in Winsconsin who said on her YouTube channel that since she got a cat, her sleep improved, and her home began to feel different. And it’s not often that she caught her cat staring at what seemed to be nothing. But was it really nothing? Or was something there?

The kitty named George was very intent on harnessing and removing something that his owner couldn’t actually see. One must wonder what the cat was trying to do by jumping around on the wall and trying to reach something unseen.

What in the world was happening in that home? Maybe the cat was just trying to remove an evil spirit, or he was just acting weird. 

One day, a puppy named Zoe was being filmed by her owner after he claimed that she was wandering around the apartment looking at something that no one else could actually see. 

The owner got so spooked that he took out his phone and recorded the puppy to post the video online for everyone to check out. In the video, Zoe appeared to be focused on the wall. No one can prove that she was actually seeing something, but the whole thing is spooky nonetheless. 

Dogs have a superior sense of hearing when compared to humans. Sometimes they can hear something crawling inside the wall or a bird far away in the distance.

Such is also the case of one particular dog who kept barking at the bathroom door even if no one was in there. The owner got scared of what the dog could have seen and even recorded the pup to share the video on social media. Everyone wondered what could have been, but no one could decipher the mystery.

Next, this owner captured what it looks like an attack on a little doggy. The small dog was incessantly barking at the window at something, but the owners couldn’t see it. What was it?

In the video recorded by the owner, at some point, it looked as if the dog was shoved by something, and it even let out a little yelp when it happened. What happened there?

The following story is about a couple of kitties who seemed to be bothered by something unseen. The owner recorded the two cats, and it can be seen in the video how one of them is sitting on the floor.

Then the orange cat on the floor jumped suddenly as if avoiding something coming at her. A reflection could be seen coming at the cat, but no one could tell what it was. 

You don’t see dogs walking backward very often. One owner got to record his dog getting startled by something in the bushes that made him walk backward all of a sudden.

The dog backed away with caution, making the owner wonder what his pooch saw. Maybe it was a wild animal hiding in the bushes. Maybe it was something else. 

 A dog who was in the kitchen getting ready to have his meal saw or heard something that made him jump and run away from his bowl.

There aren’t many dogs who would refuse to eat their meals, so one can’t help but wonder what this dog saw in that kitchen. What spooked the dog so much that he had to say no to his meal. 

This one is not about a cat or a dog. An owner in New Jersey caught her rabbit on camera doing the strangest thing. 

After having the usual day, the rabbit, all of a sudden, began to stare insistently at the doorway. And no matter what, it wouldn’t budge. The rabbit sat there for so long that the owner started to believe that it was seeing something spooky. 

One particular cat living in a New York flat was caught on camera by her owner as it suddenly got up and began staring at the wall. 

The owner couldn’t see anything. But the hair on the cat’s back began to stand up as if it was threatened by something nearby. What could have scared the cad so much? 

The following story comes from an owner who said that his dog does the strangest thing. Every night at 9:15, the dog left the family and their other dog and went to this dark room near the kitchen. 

There, the dog sat and stared at one corner of the room as if watching something. The dog would watch the corner for up to 45 minutes, occasionally raising her ears as if she heard something. What was it that the dog saw that the owner couldn’t? 


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