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Petty Revenge Stories That Are Surprisingly Satisfying

Are you someone who holds grudges? Some people have an easier time letting go of things, but others really try their best on getting their revenge on whoever has wronged them, no matter how petty it can seem.

Here, we have compiled some testimonies from the r/pettyrevenge subreddit. Be warned that some of them are incredibly devilish, but also satisfying in a twisted way!

A close friend of the family with whom I grew up had always belittled me, calling me dumb and the like. Eventually, we drifted apart, but recently we were at the same family event.

His mom mentioned how he had been applying to a bunch of law firms and got rejected from every single one of them. Then, she asked me if I was working. I answered that I was, indeed; as a matter of fact, I was an intern in one of the law firms he had been rejected from.

A co-worker of mine ate my lunch once because I didn’t have my name on it. One day, I noticed she was saving a lot of boxes, preparing for an upcoming move.

I sliced all her boxes and put them in the recycler. She came to ask me what happened to the boxes, and I said to her “did they have your name on them?”

I found out that my partner had been cheating on me. The information came from a mutual friend, who said he had been taking someone who he presented as his “girlfriend” to his grandma’s service. Needless to say, it wasn’t me.

I met with the woman in question and we both dumped him that very same day. Today, years later, we are still good friends.

My roommate started giving me static over $4.50, even though I drive her to work every morning for free, and even let her borrow my car on a couple of occasions.

I told her that if this is how she wants it to be, then she’s gonna have to pay me back for using my car. Quickly, she tried to backpedal, but now she owes me $100.

I’m an international student. I recently reached out to a former classmate who happened to be working at a company I was applying for. I didn’t hear back from him, but another classmate did the same and I heard she got a job in the company right away. I realized I was being ignored.

3 years later, the classmate who ignored me reached out to me asking for an in at the company I’m working for. Guess who’s getting ignored now?

My nearest train station has bike lockers that follow the “first come first serve” rule. However, people started locking them with personal locks to try and reserve them.

After I informed the appropriate people in the station staff and no one did anything about it, I bought a bolt cutter and broke the locks of the lockers that were locked but otherwise empty. No one has tried to do it again ever since.

My cousin parked his truck right behind my car on my driveway, which blocked the way for me. He went to Texas unannounced and left the truck there. He didn’t leave his keys or even ask for permission to use my driveway.

So I called a tow truck and had him towed. I texted him about it and then I turned my phone off. I had fifteen calls from him when I turned it back on.

We were out driving and we noticed a car that kept honking at the car in front of it, even though we all were stuck in slow-moving traffic. The car in front stopped, which forced the honker to go around.

Now, the honker was stuck in front and the car (now behind the honker) started honking at the former honker like there’s no tomorrow. It was hilarious to see his face when he realized what happened.

I saw a mail courier that was holding up the elevator while I was waiting for it. I decided to take the stairs, but I pressed every button on the way to my floor.

I thought that if he doesn’t see a problem with holding the elevator on his way up, then he can spare time to wait on the way down.

My roommate used to host really noisy parties at our flat. When I asked her to please stop, she promised she would, but she threw a wild party just a few days later. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night.

I decided to wake up early, play music, and do some chores. She woke up really annoyed, but it felt great not letting her sleep and leaving her alone with her hangover.

I had a coworker who was extremely cocky and always undermining me, trying to get one up on me and such. So I tricked him into taking on a promotion at a different store.

I knew that the store would be a disaster, and that’s exactly what happened: it barely broke even. It shut down after just a few months, and he was among the staff.

I had just started working in an office. Being the newcomer, the rest of the employees treated me poorly. They were rude to me, isolated me, and tried their best to make things difficult.

One of my tasks was to buy and make coffee for everyone. I bought de-caf one week and then switched it to extra-strong the week after. 

One particularly crude winter, I spent 45 minutes shoveling a parking spot for my wife’s car. We went out for a minute, we came back, and found out our neighbor had taken the spot.

I was so mad I poured water all over his windshield and let it freeze during the night. Watching him scrape ice off his car the next morning was absolutely priceless.

Every single morning, my wife presses snooze over and over on her phone alarm instead of just getting up. It ruins my sleep, so I decided to take drastic measures.

I’ve started moving her phone from the nightstand to other rooms and even under the bed, so now she has to get up and shut the alarm off.


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