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Photographer Reveals Photos From Inside an Abandoned Mansion In NYC

With the 8.5 million residents and dozens of skyscrapers you would think that there would be no room for secrets in New York City. If there were, where could they possibly hide seeing as there’s not an inch of the five boroughs that have gone unexplored. That being said, how does an abandoned mansion stay fully intact and how can it still be filled with mystery and secrets all this time?

It’s Been Abandoned for 40 Years

This mansion signifies the crumbling of an era. The mansion was built in the late 1930s and it was last inhabited in the 1970s. The last time someone had stepped into this mansion was at least 40 years ago, and nobody knows why. It is assumed that the mansion has 57 rooms along with an indoor tennis court and bowling alley. It’s location and build has the potential to be a great hotel or property, yet it has been left to decay.

The Owner Likes Buying Decaying Properties

It’s unknown what the past inhabiters of the mansion did for a living to afford it, but it can be assumed that it was taken care of. It was uncovered that the mansion does have an actual owner and it is reported that this unnamed wealthy property owner buys large mansions and then leaves them to deteriorate.

It’s On A Six Acre Estate

The interior isn’t the only thing impressive about this place. The mansion itself rests on six acres of property. Along with a bowling alley and an indoor tennis court, the home also has two bars and a private library. That being said, it looks like whoever owned the mansion in the past, didn’t plan on leaving it. SO, why did they end up abandoning it completely furnished?

The Old Owners Left In A Hurry

From how the mansion was left, it does not appear that it was sold in a normal fashion. It’s very suspicious how it looks as though whoever originally lived in the estate left in a hurry. The home is almost completely preserved with closets full of shoes and clothing. Children’s toys and furniture are also left in places and scattered about like the owners didn’t have time to pick up after themselves.

There Was At Least One Woman In The House

Although not a lot of facts can be deducted about the mansion, we DO know that at least one woman lived here. Most of this women’s shoes consisted of kitten heels, peep-toes, and colorful sling-backs. There isn’t a sneaker in sight! Guess she didn’t use the tennis courts very often!

What About The Children?

The woman mentioned before could also have been a mother to the children who lived in the home. The inside is littered with baby dolls and other children’s toys. In the foyer, resting by a large spiral staircase, sits a baby carrier in mint condition. From these facts we can deduce that there were multiple children in the home, perhaps toddler age.

The Library Is Full Of Books

The family didn’t have time to pack up their books before leaving, and from this, it’s easy to tell that they were avid reader. In the private library books have fallen off the shelves to land on an ornate desk. Although some of the books have lost their pages and have been sprawled across the floor, the room’s wood paneling is still in mint condition.

The Ballroom Is Intact

The mansion is right outside one of the busiest cities in the world and yet, besides the occasional graffiti, it has remained almost completely untouched by trespassers. The family left their opulent rugs, the curtains, expensive pianos and a suitcase on top of the couch. Could this mean that they didn’t have enough time to pack for wherever they were going?

The Tennis Court Now Is a Garbage Dump

Although the tennis court is one of the most beautiful rooms on the property, it is now a gathering place for garbage and ruin. What was most ideal about this room is that it was most likely as close as you could get to being outside but still have the temperature controlled. This probably allowed the inhabiters to play tennis year-round.

It Has Beautiful Victorian Design

It seems as though from the interior that the owners favored Victorian interior design. This is shown by the bold prints, dark patterned wallpaper, ornate details and rich jewel tones. The gold finish and ornate carvings in this room give a nod to Victorian design, something that was unique for a family in the 1970s.

It’s Not Immune To New York’s Elements


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