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Photographs of Historical People You Haven’t Seen

In the modern-day people take cameras for granted even though they use them in everyday life.

Compared to how long our history is, cameras are relatively new technology. So here are some photographs of historical figures you haven’t seen before!

Van Gogh made more than 2,000 brilliant works of art in just 10 years. But not many people noticed because he sadly wasn’t recognized while he was alive.

His death is debated by some but largely believed that he took his own life in 1890. Afterwards, he was finally recognized and became an icon in Western art.

Phoebe Ann Mosey made a name for herself in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. She was recognized for her marksman skills.

She got on the show because she impressed Bill at the age of 15. The reason behind her sharpshooting skills was that she had to hunt animals to provide for her family.

Orville and Wilbur Wright worked together in a shop in Dayton Ohio where they became proficient machanics.

They created the Wright Flyer in 1903. But they did more than just that. They made aircraft controls for fixed-wing flight.

Geronimo was part of the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. He was their healer and also their leader.

But he became notorious with his raids on both Mexican and American camps. Sadly he was captured and made as a showcase for public functions. These photo are when he wasn’t a free man. This photo never should have been taken.

Mental institutions were quite different to today and being a patient definitely isn’t a reason in itself to be famous.

But it’s rather the story surrounding the girl. The mother of the boy she was dating said she would curse her. Not long afterwards the girl was blind and insane.

In her day Marie Curie was a brilliant chemist. She specialized in radioactivity and made many breakthroughs we still use today.

Because of her hard work and determination she ended up being the first female winner of a Nobel Prize. And she even won a second soon after. She met an unfortunate end after keeping radioactive compounds in her pockets.

People have heard of Ichabod Crane before. He’s surrounded by the Sleep Hollow legend. Soon an author took note of his deeds and put him in his book.

He was not only a colonel but also a high ranking officer in the marine corps. Even though it was obvious Crane never admitted that he was the protagonist in the story. 

Leo Tolstoy is a name that not many people would know, at least people that don’t know many authors.

Leo Tolstoy wrote many great works in his heyday such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina. In his life he never won a Nobel Prize even though he was nominated a staggering three times! 

Tubman was known for her association with the Underground Railroad.

Even though she escaped to her freedom, she didn’t stop there. She personally led 13 missions that freed over 70 slaves. She was also a scout and a spay for the Union army.

Stowe wasn’t just an abolitionist; she was the author that wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Even though she also wrote 30 other books and 3 travel memoirs, her story that told of the harsh conditions that slaves lived in became a catalyst for anti-slavery movements in America and Britain. 

Cassidy was a notorious train and bank robber – and the famous leader of the Wild Bunch gang.

He tore through the Wild West for over a decade but when the law finally started to get too close, he left the country with his partner (the Sundance Kid) and Kid’s girlfriend. Etta Place. 

He wasn’t just the villain in the animated film Anastasia. He was a real person – a Russian holy-man and mystic who served Nicholas II of Imperial Russia.

But his high position and large influence wasn’t enough. He eventually betrayed the royal family and was assassinated.

Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, and Oliver Twist – these are just a few famous books the prolific author wrote. 

He was considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian Era, with his weekly or monthly installments of his stories always ending on a cliff-hanger and making the reader want more.

He was a Serbian-American inventor, futurist, and engineer.

His relationships with Edison started off well enough, but quickly ended in bitterness. While Edison made a fortune off only a few inventions, Tesla died penniless after creating countless inventions. 


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