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Photos From The ’70s That Show They Really Were Crazy

Here are some vintage photos that will either give you nostalgic goosebumps or surprise you beyond belief depending on when you were born.

This was the era of Disco, autumn shades, and some famous icons in the fashion world.

Donald Bain had just written Coffee, Tea, or Me? which showed the life of stewardess in a playful and carefree way.

Two years after the book was published he admitted that every story in the book was made up. But unfortunately, the stereotype was already out there.

A lot of money was normally put into public events like parades, school events, and any other spectacles. 

Expensive and elaborate costumes were the norm for parades and were often seen like the ones above. Christmas was the biggest celebration every year and no expenses were spared.

Women didn’t only start wearing suits and pants in the ’70s. It wasn’t a new thing by any means.

It was a movement against the discrimination of boys and girls. A side effect of this was a fashion explosion as women started wearing clothes that they had never worn before.

Platform shoes aren’t a big deal these days, but they emerged in the ’70s.

The explosion that these shoes had meant that you’d see one around every corner with their own unique color, normally Autumn shades. It wasn’t limited to women either!

Bianca Jagger in 1977 made an amazing entrance to a club she went to that no one expected!

The club owner gave her the idea. But the heads she turned when she appeared on a horse must have made an impact. And we’re glad there’s a photo to show it. We’re sure it was unforgettable.

70s America had a thing for franchises making giant replicas of whatever they were selling. Here’s an example.

Randy’s Donuts is a successful franchise from Lose Angeles that still has stores open today. We wonder how many people remember it from when they were younger?

Here’s an actress that you may not recognize. Here’s a hint – she wore a black dress and followed a yellow-brick road.

She acted as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz but is also known for her Maxwell House commercials. She endorsed many products and got a lot of exposure from them.

Who still remembers life without cell phones? Well we’re sure at least a few remember the days of telephones on walls.

At many universities calls were free so rows of students could be found talking to their loved ones on the phone all night. This started a phone call party culture where people would have fun while waiting in line.

Did you know that between the 40s and late 60s, pinball was outlawed because the government thought it was gambling?

But wasn’t until the 70s did they realize it was more about skill than chance and finally let the public play again. 

If you’ve seen the Studio 52 movie, you might know of the famous partying granny.

If not, the picture speaks a thousand words. “Disco Granny” would often show up in colorful clothes, converse sneakers, and funky glasses – and always liven up the party. She was proof that age is just a number!

While Burger King was around since the 50s but in the 70s it got a makeover.

Former MacDonald’s exec, Donald N. Smith, made all outlets have the same menu, introduced a breakfast option, and gave the franchise a makeover with red, orange, and brown tones – which were uber 70s.

It wouldn’t be a summer day without seeing a Mister Softee truck.

There might have only been two flavors – vanilla and chocolate – but the toppings, dips, or sprinkles were vast and the combinations infinite. Lines of adults and children all waiting for their turn was a staple of summer experiences.

None of the younger generations will know what full-service gas stations were like.

Remember when you would just pull up to the pump and turn off the ignition? Someone would come out, take your “gas order” then check your oil levels, wash your window, and whatever other freebies were included with the experience. 

If you think the New York subway is bad now, in the 70s it was an entirely different world!

They had even less money and were even more understaffed. This meant that graffiti and other vandalism was everywhere in the cars. But, people always adapt, and these girls are just relaxing on their journey to wherever. 


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