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Photos: Life-Like Sculptures Play Tricks On People As Museum Displays Hyperrealist Art

© SAM JINKS Untitled (Kneeling Woman). 2015. Silicone, pigments, resin, and hair. The sculptures come to life at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain. No, they don’t actually walk and talk, but the life-like sculptures portray the human body in the realist form. In fact, the works of art are so realistic, that they are easily mistaken for living, breathing people. The temporary exhibition, Hyperrealist Sculpture 1973-2016, provided 34 pieces that represented over 50 years of the art movement. The sculptures included a grandmother holding a newborn— wrinkles and all, which could easily be mistaken for a child that is about to cry at any moment. © SAM JINKS Woman and Child. 2010. The attention to detail these artists show is truly remarkable. In another scene, an artist showcases a self-portrait of a man sleeping in a cardboard box. At first glance, it appears to actually be a human. The hair, wrinkles, and close attention to detail make this one impressive work of art. The cardboard boxes continue in a horseshoe shape, and finally end with the “man’s” legs coming out of the other side. It’s one of the best optical illusions, if you will, that I’ve seen. © PETER LAND Back to Square One. 2015. Other sculptures include a couple mid-embrace, a woman enjoying the “sunshine” as life-like sweat drips down her chest, and this one— a woman seen sitting with her hands to her face and knees pulled up to her chest. The realistic pose is quite impressive on its own, but the artist didn’t stop there. © MARK SIJAN, Cornered. 2011. The artist, Mark Sijan, went into extreme detail from the woman’s facial expression to the very ends of her toes. Look at the detail he put into her feet alone! The toenails, veins and ankle bones are all so realistic, they make this sculpture appear as a living person. READ NEXT: 28 Of History’s Most Influential Leaders You Had No Idea Were Gay 


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