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Photos Of Shelter Dogs The Moment They Get Adopted

Nothing can beat the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see a rescue dog’s reaction to being taken home by a new owner. In the words of the great Freddie Mercury, everyone is just looking for “somebody to love.”

You can immediately see the difference between a shelter dog when they’re sitting alone in their cage and when they become bright-eyed at the sight of a new owner coming to pick them up. Keep reading to see some satisfying pictures of dogs when they get rescued.

This dog’s name is Scarlett and they were going to be euthanized because of the sheer amount of animals at the shelter. Since she had a small skin condition it was decided she would be the first to go. Thankfully their future owner saw the puppy dog eyes and had to save her.

Once they got home, Scarlett was full of energy and happy that she got a second chance. Now she’s a loyal, sweet, and adorable dog fit for her new family. She was rescued just in time.

The beautiful dog maned Princess Ru was ignored by people for months just because of her breed. She’s a pit-mix and has finally found herself a new family and home. Look how she’s turned around, she just needed some love.

Despite what people say about her breed, one owner ignored it and adopted her anyway. Now that she has a new family they seem to all get along wonderfully! Just look at that sweet face! How could anyone ignore her?

Pinkerton is an English bulldog and was adopted by a staff sergeant when he went to an event at his military base. He immediately knew that Pinkerton would be his new best friend.

English bulldogs are known for being adorable. They can be great therapy dogs for soldiers since they’re so comforting in times of need. Some shelters even have programs to give shelter dogs to veterans. They even provide them with everything a new dog owner needs.

How cute are the toothless grins on all the fluffs? These little chihuahuas were all from the same shelter and got adopted by the same woman! Now they’re enjoying their lives together. You can already see how unique each one is.

These fluffs may be a bit older but they’re just as spry as they were in their younger years. They just want to give love and be loved. They have a safe home and their owner gets to come home from every rough day (pun intended) to these guys!

Now, this dog is named Donuts! The only thing cuter than his name is the face she’s showing the camera when he knows he’s being adopted. He’d been waiting in the shelter for quite some time since he’s not got a lot going for him, he’s blind, deaf and has been diagnosed with cancer. Poor Donuts!

One day a kind man named Matt wanted a new canine companion and found Donuts. Matt instantly loved him and took him home on the very same day. Matt knew Donuts didn’t have forever so he’s trying his best to give him the absolute best life that he can.

Just take a look at Luna’s face, does that not scream happiness? She knows she’s going home with her new owner and can’t wait for a new warm, happy life instead of the cold one she had in the shelter.

That grin of pure happiness would make anyone cry. You can see she’s thinking about all the fun she’s going to have when she gets home. There’s nothing that can separate the bond between a boy and his dog.

Now we can definitely tell that Coso the dog is more than overjoyed to have found a new family to go home to. This pup can’t help but raise her paws and jump for joy!

You can see that her family is almost as joyed to adopt her as she is to be getting adopted. Coso still beats them out there. We’re sure that Coso found herself great owners and will be living a very happy life.

Now here’s a photo that’s just too adorable! This is the first meeting that Rosie is having with her new owner. We can tell that these two are going to be inseparable. They both have huge smiles that just show you the bond between dog and owner.

Rosie is so happy to leave the shelter behind her and swap it out for a cozy, loving home with a new family. Her mom also looks overjoyed to have found Rosie when she did. These two have years of snuggling ahead of them.

What’s sweeter than an old lady holding a small bundle of joy? She picked him up from a local shelter and couldn’t wait to take him home. Her smile makes her look ten years younger and we know the credit can go to the pup.

We’re sure we also see love on the dog’s side too! He’s enjoying that chin scratch, he’s just excited to be getting any attention. He even posing for the camera with his new owner and can’t wait to be home.

Luna wasn’t very happy in the shelter she was in. Her previous owners discarded her at a shelter and it was obvious she was neglected. Each day, she looked at the people coming in hoping that she would be picked. She deserved love like anyone else!

Then one day like every other, something happened. Someone came up to her and knew she would be the one for him. After getting back home just look at the difference! That’s one happy dog that won’t be neglected ever again.

This little fluffball took center stage in a selfie with his new family while riding home from the shelter. While his new parents look mighty proud, this happy pup is definitely stealing the spotlight with his silly grin.

No longer a lonely shelter dog, this cute little cloud is on his way to a life of being spoiled, pampered, and smothered with love, and he seems totally ready for it. You can almost hear him saying, “Let’s go, I can’t wait to get home!” With a new family and a new leash on life, you’d be smiling ear to ear too!

These two happy dudes met each other for the first time and it’s pretty apparent how they both felt about the situation. They were so excited, in fact, that they made identical facial expressions, both grinning wide and mugging for the camera.

These instant best buds are prepped for all the activities ahead, and one can’t help but picture the types of adorable shenanigans and heartwarming adventures they’ll emBARK on together. With a bond like this, it’s obvious that this duo will always have each other’s back, no matter what.

When a pooch is found wandering the streets and the owners can’t be found, they often end up at the local animal shelter, waiting for someone to come along and take them to a warm, cozy home and a loving family. That’s exactly what happened to little Pablo.

Found as a stray, Pablo was taken to a local shelter, and he was in rough shape after living on the streets for so long. His new family immediately fell in love with the scruffy little pup, and took him home to his new life of luxury. It suits him well, based on the photos. He’s transformed completely from a sad, nervous street dog to a confident, happy, and well-loved boy!

Some dogs, like puppies and rare breeds, are always in high demand and have no trouble getting adopted right away. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all shelter dogs. Some pups, like Pippa here, end up waiting and waiting for the right person to come along.

Thankfully, after 103 long days of living in the shelter, the perfect family came along looking for a dog just like her. As you can see, they loved Pippa right away, and she was just as overjoyed to meet them. It seems like all the waiting finally paid off, as Pippa finally got the loving family she always dreamed of!

Sometimes you pick the dog, sometimes the dog picks you. The latter is certainly the case here, as sweet boy Chance strutted right over and plopped in his new dad’s lap, as if to say, “This one is mine now.”

Since it’s impossible to say no to a face like that, obviously Chance got his way! He ended up going home with them and is now an irreplaceable member of their family. This smart puppy must have seen something special in them and decided that they’d be the perfect people for him. Good choice, Chance!

The cuteness of this pair is almost too much to handle! This little puppy perched on his new dad’s shoulder on the ride home from the shelter and couldn’t stop smiling.

These guys look so happy together, and this little pup gets to grow up with a best friend who loves him like crazy! Puppies can definitely be challenging because of their need for extra care and training while they grow into adulthood, but something tells us that this handsome little guy is well worth the extra effort.

How does a dog feel when they finally get to go home with a family? This newly adopted girl’s goofy face says it all. She’s so happy she can’t contain herself!

She might be a little nervous, too, which is to be expected when a pooch is experiencing all kinds of new sensations and getting to know her new family. Ultimately, though, we’re sure that this pup will settle in just fine as her new family spoils her with lots of treats and hugs! If you liked this girl’s silly grin, make sure to check out the next dog on the list.

Speaking of funny faces, this sweet girl’s pronounced underbite gives her quite a unique look! Luckily for her, her new owner loved her quirky appearance, and knew that she had to take her home.

Special needs dogs, although they are sometimes more challenging to care for, can be some of the most rewarding pets ever. There are lots of amazing dogs out there in shelters who just need a little something extra, and they show their gratitude by loving with their whole hearts. Just look at that chin scratch face; that’s an appreciative pup!

If you had a pet dog as a kid, do you remember the day you brought them home for the first time? There’s nothing like that feeling of overwhelming delight as your new pal climbs into your lap and happily licks your face, and you wrap them in a big hug, knowing that from that moment on, you’ll be the best of friends.

These two met for the first time not long before this photo was taken, and they’ve already hit it off. Judging by the expression on this little boy’s face and how comfortable the pup seems to be already, these two are destined to become close companions as they grow up together.

This little guy was waiting at the shelter for a home, and how he wasn’t adopted immediately is a mystery. That precious pout could break the internet, and it almost did after somebody visited the shelter and posted his picture on social media.

Responses started rolling in, and so many people wanted to help give this sweet, lonely boy a loving home. Soon after, a family come by to meet him, and the rest is history! His new owners named him Frank the Tank (such a perfect name) and promised to give him all the belly rubs and cuddles he could ever want. He even got a new dog brother. It certainly looks like Frank is much happier these days!

Getting adopted can be an overwhelming experience for a little puppy! All the excitement of meeting their new family and exploring a new home and yard can take a toll on a pooch, but luckily a good nap can help them perk right up again.

This little gal clearly had too much fun meeting her new family, and she’s so comfortable with them already that she just conked out right in her dad’s lap on the drive home. Doesn’t looking at that snuggly little face just make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy? Speaking of sleeping dogs, check out the next slide for another slumbering cutie.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. For this particular picture, we’re guessing all 1,000 of those words would be “happy”. This little guy’s smile is so heart-wrenchingly sweet!

Some people say dogs don’t smile; to them, we suggest taking a look at this photo. That cheery expression is undeniable and it’s obvious that this good boy is having the best day ever. He looks like he’s ready to head home and cuddle on the couch with his new human right away!

All tuckered out from the adoption day’s excitement, this funny dog decided to get some rest in his cozy new abode. He’s definitely making himself right at home and enjoying his new digs.

After getting some beauty rest, he’ll get to explore his new home, but for now, he seems to be channeling how we all feel after arriving home after a particularly full day (especially the facial expression). Here’s to the first of many relaxing naps on the couch for this little goofball!

Duncan might just be the happiest puppy ever. After being adopted, he got a brand new bandanna and went out on his very first hike with his new family. We think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it.

Duncan’s endearing smile is enough to turn even the toughest person into a quivering pile of mush, and we’re betting his new owners feel the same way about their precious pup. It looks like Duncan found the perfect family for him; it’s no wonder he’s so happy!

It’s hard to believe that the sad, scared little puppy cowering in her kennel on the left is the same dog as the ecstatic pup on the right, but that’s the power of love for you! Little Rey had plenty of reason to be frightened; she had been scheduled for euthanasia just days before she was adopted.

Her new mom saw her and knew at once she had to save this adorable creature from such a dark fate, and took her home that day. This spunky survivor looks completely different now that she’s free, and that smile certainly shows how grateful she is to have been rescued.

This nine month old Samoyed named Nook looks so thrilled to be adopted! As the living embodiment of fluffy clouds, these gentle pups make great household dogs and get along great with kids.

They’re known for their soft fur and quirky personalities, and this cutie has both in spades. Nook seems like he’s having a great time acclimating to his new surroundings, and this smart boy already knows the best way to thank his new humans for taking him home: a high five and a big smile!

This sweet girl found her fur-ever home and couldn’t stop smiling! The corgi/german shepherd mix named Vera won the heart of her new dad with her darling looks and personality, and he knew right away that she was going to be his dog.

In fact, they get along so well that her new owner is planning on training her to be an emotional support animal! Vera is yet another dog who was in line to be euthanized due to shelter overcrowding, so the ending of this story couldn’t be more heartwarming.

This adopted puppy couldn’t be more in love with her new mom. Just look at the way she’s staring lovingly up at her with the deepest admiration. That little Aussie smile just takes the cuteness level over the top!

Her name is Bella, and she’s a seven year old mini Australian Shepherd. Mini Aussies are a popular breed, valued for their smarts and loyalty, as well as their compact size, making them perfect family dogs and wonderful companions. Based on the photo, Bella is fitting in perfectly with her new people, and her new mom looks like she loves Bella as much as Bella loves her!

When Nicole Grimes went to her local shelter looking for a dog, she came across a poodle-pomeranian mix who reminded her a lot of her beloved puppy named Chloe, whom she had been forced by her parents to give up for adoption several years prior. When she looked further, she discovered an unbelievable coincidence.

This dog was not only her long lost pal’s twin, but also shared her name and was the exact same age! Though it seemed too crazy to be true, when they met at the shelter, Chloe came bounding out and started licking her face. Nicole knew then that she had to be the same dog she remembered, and when the vet scanned her microchip, it was confirmed! Chloe now lives with Nicole and her daughter (baby and pup have become the best of friends, by the way), and they couldn’t be happier.


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