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Photos That Perfectly Describe Each State

Each and every state in the United States has a personality and a stereotype. These hilarious photos completely capture each of the 50 states.


This photograph screams Alabama. Some people may just see a floating device and a redneck, however people from Alabama would see a very creative fishing method. They would also see a die-hard Alabama fan cheering “Roll Tide.”


Alaska, where there’s no such thing as too cold. These crazy Alaskans don’t let the cold stop them from doing their favorite things!


Arizona is a desert so obviously its known for their cactuses.


Enjoy the relaxing benefits of a bubbling spa and brew while also shooting your dinner for later. You can do it all in one place!


This picture perfectly sums up the state of California. California, the most liberal state in the United States. It is probably also the only state where a surfboard would cause a car accident. Their state motto should probably be “Love is Love”


When you are in the great state of Colorado, it is not hard to come by a free spirited person. Many people have flocked to Colorado for the fresh air or marijuana. Colorado is a great place to let go and live your life.



Florida is known for Disneyworld. Every little kid dreams of visiting this magical place.


It is known as the Peach State and peaches are the state fruit. This southern state is known for their peach cobbler.


The Aloha State sits on top of multiple active volcanoes, so it is no surprise that these school buses were overtaken and preserved by some volcanic ash. The 50th state is made up of eight small islands but more than one million people live on the beautiful land.


It turns out that almost half of Idaho is controlled by the United States Forest Service. This is more than any other state. Because of this, the state has been known for not having really anything to do there.


The police look a little bit more like the military in Illinois because they need greater protection from their serious crime problems. Unfortunately Chicago has given Illinois a bad wrap for its crime ridden areas. Chicago’s homicide rate is higher than Los Angeles and twice as much as New York!


Home of many plumbers and the butt of many jokes, Indiana is always somehow just a little bit behind.


In the photograph below, we have the greatest rest stop in Iowa with the best vending machine out there. The lovely state of Iowa is known to most as a Midwestern state, mostly consisting of farmland.


In the state of tornadoes, this picture sums it all up. In the event of a disaster, a little beer fixes everything.


If you are not from the Bluegrass State, this sign may mean very little to you. You may be wondering, what are “Biddies & Growd ones”? Even people from Kentucky may struggle to read this sign.


Down in the swamp lands of Louisiana, you may be able to find some alligators. When the people of Louisiana are not getting down with the gators, they may be partying it up at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


If you like beer and you love ice fishing, the great state of Maine is the place for you!



Welcome to the freezing state of Massachusetts. Boston accents are what this state is known for.


If you are a furry animal, we suggest you run far far away from the state of Michigan. The Great Lakes State is known for their road kill and their guns.


Minnesota is known as the “land of ten thousand lakes”. They probably wish they could be the sunshine state. Unfortunately it is one of the coldest states. They have nine months of a brutal winter.


Known as the Magnolia State, you can find people like this delicate flower, ready to smoke anything you can cover with BBQ sauce.


We have finally reached the land of monster trucks. In Missouri, even school buses like to go big with their wheels. The Show Me State will show you how to make an entrance at the next elementary school Field Day.


Welcome to the great state of Montana, where it is perfectly normal to find a man in the tub with a bear. It is also the least densely populated. If you visit the beautiful landscape you will probably find more moose crossing signs than traffic lights.


Nebraska, the Cornhusker State is filled with tons of corn and cows and the people of Nebraska are proud of it.


Nevada is a state that knows their priorities. They are proud to be the home welcoming gamblers, prostitutes, and drinkers.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is notorious for being a White state, which is not a stereotype. The northeast state wedged between Vermont, Maine, and Massachusettes is 93% White.

New Jersey

Even if you have never visited the great state of New Jersey, you have probably spotted these young, tan, men with incredibly gelled spiky hair. New Jersey has gotten quite a reputation for these “Jersey Shore Guidos”.

New Mexico

New Mexico is known for low rider cars being very popular. This sign clarifies that the parking spot is “exclusive low-rider parking” and reads, “If it doesn’t scrape the pavement, it’s not a low-rider. It’s just another car with rims.” The state is home to many car enthusiasts that love the low slow riders.

New York

This state is without a doubt known for its pizza. Pizza is the popular subway snack because it is filled with people trying to quickly scurry from place to place while snagging some delicious food on the way.

North Carolina

The great state of North Carolina may need to redistribute some of their funds towards the education system since they seem to have a problem with spelling. Besides some spelling issues, pull over anywhere in the Tar Heel State to find the most delicious BBQ and sweet tea.

North Dakota

North Dakotans love their guns and their hockey above everything else. When people are not playing hockey or hunting, you will probably find North Dakotans in a church. This state has more churches per capita than any other state.


The people of Oklahoma are known to drink and as a result, they are big fans of the keg bicycle. You can find the popular mode of transportation all over the great state.


This picture proves that the people of Ohio are happy and kind to everyone in life and in death! They also love to spell out their state by using their body. They want to enjoy their simple lives by being with their family, tailgating and watching football.


The people of Oregon are known for being a little bit crazy. This picture totally captures the strange culture of the area. You have not seen a real hipster until you’ve been to Portland, Oregon. The man in the photo is as hipster as it gets.


If you are in Pennsylvania, this is a totally normal sight to see. Welcome to the land of the Amish! Pennsylvania is famous for their large Amish population.

Rhode Island

Even though Rhode Island is the tiniest of all fifty states, the Ocean State should not be overlooked based on its size. Rhode Island is known for great seafood.

South Carolina

South Carolina is the nation’s leading peach producer and shipper east of the Mississippi River.

South Dakota

Welcome to the great state of South Dakota, where buffaloes roam freely like prairie dogs. This huge state is sparsely populated, so there are probably more buffaloes than people.


When it comes to the state of Tennessee, it is pretty easy to make jokes. Proving that the people wearing camouflage are usually the first people that you see whether you want to or not.


The great state of Texas where you can bring your horses through a drive-thru. Don’t hesitate to park in a handicap spot when you are with your cattle because that is totally allowed in the Lone Star State.


In Utah, it is totally normal for each man to have a few wives. This western state is also known for having the largest population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons. Almost 62% of the population is Mormon.


Vermont has a lot to offer. This beautiful place is a state filled with many moose and even more hippies. People from Vermont just want to live happy lives and eat maple syrup all day.


It seems as though some loyal Virginians still think that the Civil War is going on. There are tons of memorials all over the state as well as yearly Civil War reenactments that take place around the area.


Washington is known to be home to people that are a bit kookier than your average person. That may be why the people of Washington are happy to give out licenses to a completely fictional beast. It seems that Washingtonians really do believe in the magic of Bigfoot.

West Virginia

In the photo, we have the most stereotypical West Virginian man you have ever seen. People from the Mountain State are known for being the ultimate rednecks.


Wisconsin is a beautiful state where the motor boats have bigger and better wheels than most of the cars around the area. Something you need to know is that the people of Wisconsin love life on the lake!



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