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These Photos are Sure to Trigger Your Fear of the Sea

The sea is full of wonders above and under the waves. Some of the discoveries you’ll find in the ocean might make you feel like you’re in some kind of Hollywood movie while others will even make you feel like you’re on another planet. If you’re an adventurer, that kind of persistent fear and intense adrenaline rush doesn’t frighten you. You may actually get off on it!

Black Holes Aren’t Reserved Only for Outer Space

There are chasms on the bottom of the ocean floor that like whirlpools. So don’t get too close or it could pull you right on in and it’s dark and scary down there.

Visibility Isn’t Best

If you thought being able to see what lies in the dark waters would comfort your thalassophobia, you thought wrong. Some things are better left unseen, like this shark, who is not a fan of cameramen, preparing for dinner.

Water Nightmares

Beware wandering in the dark of the ocean. Not everyone enjoys visitors.

Shouldn’t Have Left The Stream

Row, row, row that boat all you’d like. You just better hope you don’t give that sea creature a fright and cause him to tip you into his territory.

Underwater Heart Attack

14 feet of beluga whale coming towards you is enough to send any diver into underwater cardiac arrest. Talk about afraid to stay and afraid to swim away!

Gullet of a Giant?

Can You Handle the gullet of a giant? After decades underwater, the bow of a ship transforms into a giant fish—or so it appears. Would you dare to dive inside? It would be unfortunate to accidentally become fish food.

All Eyes on You

Find peace drifting with the waves only to realize you’re not alone. There’s always someone watching…

Devine Experience

If you go down far enough, you might even have a divine experience. Maybe looking for Jesus doesn’t always involve looking up. Sometimes you have to look down to find him. Just don’t go too far down or you might end up in hot water, if you catch our drift. If you go down far enough, you might even have a divine experience.

Icy Conditions

When you go swimming in icy conditions, make sure you have plenty of oxygen. If you don’t have any oxygen, then hopefully you can hold your breath until you can swim away from this icy shelf that’ll keep you from joining the surface. Just thinking about it will make your heart skip a beat.

Sting Ray Migration

Like birds, Stingrays tend to migrate to better climates as the season change. We wouldn’t mind observing this school of stingrays from the safety of a boat but if this swarm approached us while we were swimming, we’d be paddling at lightspeed to get to safety.

Insane Waterfall

You could say that the sea is like a mirror image of the world above, and like dry land, you’ll also find waterfalls underwater. But don’t count on being able to swim up shore if you get caught in one of these. The waterfalls can have the same pulling force as a whirlpool.

Titanic Sized Iceberg

Swerving the gigantic piece of ice doesn’t seem so simple now. We can only imagine watching Jack Dawson float down past this.

Surf’s Up, Fins Up

We’re not exactly sure if this is a whale or a shark, but either way, we sure would feel bad if that surfer ran into either of those creatures. Thank goodness he’s oblivious to what’s behind him or he’d have a heart attack.

Scene From a Sci-fi Movie


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