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Wife Looks Closer At Photo, Files For Divorce

She felt tears stream down her cheeks as she looked over the photo once more. She could feel her pulse start to race. 

Susan decided she would confront him about it, she showed the photo to her husband and asked what was going on.

For 15 years the two lived together very happily. People were jealous of the kind of relationship that the two shared together. To celebrate Susan wanted to have a photo taken of the family.

But she had no idea that she was about to run out of luck. That things were about to change, and not for the better.

Susan and John’s life together was seamless. They each had amazing jobs with an amazing house and some pretty amazing kids. They were originally high school sweathearts.

Susan was a shy girl that was always buried in a book. John was actually quite the opposite. Everyone knew that he frequently skipped his classes and got into trouble. But they had undeniable chemistry.

After a lot of nagging from John to go out with her, she finally gave in. And found that she quickly fell in love with him.

It wasn’t long after their graduation that Susan found out she was pregnant. Although the unexpected pregnancy came as a shock, they decided to rise to the challenge and build a life together.

She balled her fists closed and tried her best not to cry. Why would he do this to her?

The relationship could be strained sometimes but at the end of the day they knew it was worth it. The financial struggle would end eventually and then they could be comfortable. And they finally achieved it.

Time went by so quickly. Had it really been all those years since she was asked to marry John? Where had the time went?

She remembers her their first son being the ring bearer at their wedding while she was pregnant with their second son. She thought that everything was falling into place nicely. But she was so wrong.

Susan just wanted to have a photo taken of all of them as a family. Why didn’t John want to go through with it? She couldn’t remember the last time the two had actually taken a photo together.

Susan still went through with the booking of a photo. Surely it would turn out great, but her husband had other plans.

The photographer was booked despite the reaction from her husband. He didn’t see the reason for a photo but they were going through with it anyway.

This actually made Susan want to take the photo even more now. But she didn’t know the problems that the innocent picture would stir up. Her world would be turned upside down.

Susan decided that an autumn photoshoot at the park would be an amazing reminder of their anniversary. It would almost look like the cover of a magazine.

Susan looked so happy in her photo. The love in her eyes was so easy to see. But there was one tiny detail in the photo that would spark something that would be dangerous for their marriage.

The photographer was waiting for them, having already decided on the perfect spot to take some family photos. Susan felt a sudden jolt of excitement.

Susan looked blissfully at her family. She was filled with so much gratitude and love but when she looked at her husband, she noticed something in his expression that didn’t match hers.

Her husband didn’t look quite so pleased. He seemed almost nervous, what was going on with his hands? he was fidgeting quite a bit.

At first, Susan didn’t think too much of this behavior. But when she’d see the photo and realize the reason behind everything it would change everything. And not for the better.

John asked the photographer if he could send the photos to his work email. Susan said she could give him her email but John insisted his email would be easier because of his printer at work.

It wasn’t like John to be very involved with these things. Suddenly, Susan began to worry and become suspicious.

Susan tried to ignore his behavior and continue with the photo shoot. She followed the photographer’s instructions, all the while, trying to remain calm about her marriage.

But she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what was on his mind. When she’d eventually see the reason why in the photo, it would turn her whole world upside down.

John got the photos from the photoshoot the next day and sent them to his wife while he was working. Just after getting the email, Susan beamed with excitement. She was going to post these pictures for sure. 

But after examining the photos more closely. She noticed one tiny detail about them that would have her world crashing down. How could he do this?

Susan examined the hand that he was fidgeting with all day that day. She looked closer to see if she could tell what the problem was that day.

As soon as she saw it, there was no going back. Tears filled her eyes as looked at the wedding ring that was on his finger. 

Her mind raced at a hundred miles an hour as she tried to get to grips with what was happening. She examined the ring very closely, she was 100 percent sure of what was going on.

She felt tears stream down her face as she looks at the two rings. Her pulse races as she understood what was going on.

The ring her husband was wearing wasn’t hers. But if it wasn’t hers, then who did it belong to? She tried desperately to come up with a situation that would explain this, but she couldn’t think of one.

The image of her husband acting strangely before the photoshoot suddenly made sense. What was he hiding from her?

Susan waited for her husband to come home from work in a mixture of anger, despair, and shock. Why wasn’t he wearing her ring anymore? Whose ring was on his hand? How did she not notice until now?

When he walked through the door, she finally got her answers.

With puffy eyes and a distressed voice, Susan shoved the photo in front of John’s face and demanded he explains what was going on.

He shriveled under the conviction in her voice. The act was finally up. All these years of pretending nothing was wrong were spoiled by one single picture. A picture that led Susan to file for divorce. What did he have to say?

With his eyes cast, he told Susan everything. It happened four years ago when he went to the gym. He took off his ring to have a shower but when he got back to his locker, it was nowhere to be seen.

He didn’t know how to tell her so instead, he bought another ring that looked similar. But Susan wasn’t buying it.

John said he wanted to see the photos first to see if his ring was noticeable. When he saw that it was, he tried to photoshop another one in or blur his hand but it was too obvious.

When he realized he couldn’t fix it, he sent it, hoping she wouldn’t realize what was wrong. If she did, he was willing to finally admit to his lies. But Susan wasn’t buying it.

None of it made sense. If he really just lost it, why couldn’t he have just told her that? For Susan, his story wasn’t adding up. She continued to ask him where he got the ring.

But each time, his reply was the same. He bought it himself as a replacement. He insisted that he didn’t tell her out of fear of disappointing and upset her, not because he was hiding something – or someone.

Suddenly, everything felt like a lie to Susan. Their wedding day and that ring meant so much to her. How could he just lose it and not say it to her? How could he have lied to her all this time?

The next day, she filed for divorce. Did she make the right decision?

The ring her husband was wearing wasn’t hers. But if it wasn’t hers, then who did it belong to? She tried desperately to come up with a situation that would explain this, but she couldn’t think of one.

But what do you think? If the same situation happened to you, would you believe him? Or do you think Susan was too forgiving to John’s odd behavior?


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