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How Customers Ended Up On “No-Delivery” Lists At Pizza Places

Pizza workers share some of the weirdest things customers have done that got them on their “No Delivery List.” Some of them might have had a good reason, but the deliveries stopped when they took it too far.

Pizza places have to deal with awful scenarios sometimes. They have no choice but to stop delivering to some customers. Here are some stories about people who got in trouble with their favorite pizza places.

I worked at Little Caesars when I was a teenager. On a really snowy night, one of our drivers got into a car accident and sadly lost his life on his way to deliver the pizza.

After we learned about the accident, the customer called in a little while and absolutely lost it that his pizza hadn’t been delivered. When the manager explained the situation, he stated he did not care and wanted his pizza delivered for free. He got an earful from my manager and then was put onto a no-serve list.

I used to be a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. I used to work the Sunday afternoon shifts and would have the same man order a supreme pizza every week. I was always the one to deliver his order because, most of the time, I was the only driver on duty at that time of day.

One day, I didn’t take his delivery for some reason. Poor Marvin took the delivery instead of me on the day that Alan, the loyal customer, decided to open the door stark naked. Alan wanted to show me (a small, redheaded girl) the goods, not big, black Marvin; Alan never got another delivery.

I had this one guy who would always cuss you out. The first time I delivered to him, I was just in shock, so I didn’t say anything, stiffened, and went on my way. The second time I delivered to him, I didn’t realize it was him until I pulled up to the apartment. He opens the door and starts cussing me out about the pizza being cold and how I took way too long.

Well, this guy caught me in a bad mood. As he started cussing me out, I politely asked him if he would like the pizza or not. He said yes, but he wanted it for free. I pulled it out of the bag, opened the box, just flipped it face down right on the ground, and walked away. That was seriously one of the BEST feelings of my life.

I delivered pizza in New Jersey; I saw a snarling Rottweiler behind the door on the porch. The lady pushed him back. We did the pizza transaction, and as I turned to go, the lady said, ‘Oh my god, he’s out….’ The back door was open, and the dog was charging around the house, about to come on the porch.

The dog bites my calf because I can only close the screen door so much, there is not much damage, but I’m bleeding. The manager goes to talk with the lady, and the Rottweilers are penned up. As soon as the lady starts talking to him, another small mutt dog zips out the door and bites him on the hand; He made the call on no more pizza for them.

We had a guy, and two girls order separately, then grab the pizzas and run. The girls had picked the food up and left while the guy was paying. After 30 seconds, the guy bolted. It was a $100 order. My manager, who is a frequent gym-goer, leaped the counter and gave chase.

The two girls had gotten into a car with the food, but when they saw my manager, they drove off, leaving the guy. All three went to school with a kitchen hand at the store, so we got names, jobs, addresses, and Facebook. We put them on the no-delivery list.

There was an older man who suffered from dementia that would order four fountain drinks and nothing else from my shop, then would tip about $300 every time.

After hearing about it a couple of times, I told my manager. We all agreed to contact his family, let them know we wouldn’t take orders from him, and that they’d have to take some measures to keep him from doing the same with other establishments. God only knows how much money that guy gave away.

I delivered to the dorms when I was in college before credit cards could be used to pay for pizza. In the largest men’s dorm, some residents got mad when we wouldn’t accept an expired coupon for a 14 pizza order.

So they kept calling us up with ghost orders and making life awful for us over the course of a few weeks. It was the mid-’80s, and there was no caller ID. So we banned that dorm forever. It was cool because those people would place 5-20 pizza orders and tip $2.

I was delivering in Memphis in 1988. We had no-delivery houses as well as areas. We got a new manager. He was eager to up his numbers, so he quickly changed a bad area to be a legit delivery area. The first time he handed me an order for that complex, I explained that it was a terrible complex and we didn’t go there for a reason. He accused me of being racist.

So I drive out there and walk upstairs to the apartment door. I look a bit closer, and it is obviously a vacant apartment. So I head back to my car, and I see 3 bad-looking dudes crossing the parking lot heading for my car. I got back to the shop, and the new manager accused me of making it all up. He insists, so I insist he comes with me. We drive out there, realize that it is a vacant apartment, and quickly get back in the car. ‘Sorry, dude. You were right.’

An old lady on our delivery route was always just getting out of the shower when we arrived and kept “accidentally” dropping her towel. There wasn’t a single driver in our shop who hadn’t seen her naked.

The manager finally warned her that she would be banned if she did it again. She, of course, did it again, and I like to think the resultant loss of home-delivered pizza translated into a net benefit for her physical health, just as it had done for our mental health.

A coworker and friend of mine got a delivery one night. Before he left, our manager pulled him into the office, gave him a pair of latex gloves, and instructed him to use them to put the money in an envelope. He was confused but didn’t ask many questions.

The woman who answers the door is grotesque and is covered in red splotches and potentially bites of some kind. He quickly hands her the pizza and sprints back to his car. When he got back to the store, he threw a fit, and the manager felt so bad she put the house on the blacklist. 

A couple of years back, right after I graduated high school, I managed a Little Caesars Pizza. It is awful if you were wondering. This one lady would call with this specific order, and about an hour goes by, and the girl calls me to the front to talk to a customer.

As soon as I came around the corner, this lady started screaming at me. Sometime during all this, her son, who looked around my age at the time (19), came into the store and was standing with her. This woman’s son decides it’s time to escalate this to a physical confrontation because I am even laughing at her at this point. To conclude, the son got a ticket for trespassing and was beaten up, and the lady was banned from our store.

I am on the no-delivery list because my roommate can’t do math to save his life. He once sent a driver away after a heated conversation with a 25 cent tip. Unfortunately, I was in the shower at the time. It wasn’t until afterward that he explained the situation to me that I realized what a moron he was.

The bill came to $20.25. He gave the guy $20 and thought it was a good tip. In actuality, it was a $2.25 delivery fee. So $20.25 in total. Unfortunately, the delivery guy spoke almost zero English, so he couldn’t explain better. My roommate is no longer allowed to answer our door.

I delivered to a quiet suburb. I knock on the door, and after about two seconds, the door flies open, and I have a hooded man with a weapon chasing me. I ran from him and was already behind my car when he yelled ‘IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO!!’

It was some 16-18-year-old kid with an airsoft gun. He told me he was expecting a friend that he planned on scaring. When I was done shaking, I picked up the pizza from his porch and threw it at him, and the sauce got all over him. An officer got involved, and the address get blacklisted.

Our delivery store had a woman who used to come in every so often, or order delivery, who did not want black people to interact with her or her food at all. One of our drivers, a really lovely old black dude, delivered to her, and she simply slammed the door in his face.

Another time, she walked out on a black cashier because she swapped places with the white driver who had initially taken her carryout order. Finally, the manager put his foot down and told her not to ever come back or order from us again.


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