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Woman Spies On Crew, Realizes Why Plane Is Delayed

She felt the anger rise up inside of her as she saw the old woman being harrassed. They were trying to take the dog… At least that’s what it looked like.

She got closer so that she could hear what they were saying. Then the pilot said something over the intercom had made her pulse race and her start to sweat.

After 3 weeks outside of state, Kristen Wiley couldn’t wait to get back to California where her home was. But the flight would have certain complications.

She was in Seattle at college and even worked in the city. She was excited to go home to see her family after not seeing them for a while. She’d see her parents and her excitable dog – Maxi.

She’d have to wake up early to get her flight on time. Despite having gone between Seattle and California many times she felt nervous flying. But at least she was familiar with the Seattle-Tacoma airport at this point.

She decided to get there 3 hours earlier just to make sure she didn’t miss her flight. She then got some coffee and some breakfast at the cafe there. But she had no idea her problems would start on the ground.

She still felt nervous as she boarded the plane. The hardest part for her was always taking off. Once the plane was flying, she always felt better.

But she had a funny feeling today, like something was wrong, more so than usual, at least. She waited for the seatbelt sign and quickly buckled in for take off.

Wiley just needed to take a deep breath and she’d be alright. But they didn’t know where she was and she liked it that way.

She knew there was a delay but she wondered what it could have been. Then she noticed the flight attendants with security together at the front of the plane.

Wiley felt her anxiety spike and she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to get off the plane and decided that she’d approach the group huddled at the front of the plane.

But as she got closer she realized something else, something really wasn’t right. And she’d find out what it was soon enough.

It was now obvious what was going on, the flight attendants were blocking entry to the plane from an elderly lady. She looked like she must have been over 70 and had a dog in her company.

She now decided that she’d get a closer look while not exposing herself. She sat in a seat right behind them and listened in on what they were saying.

She didn’t want them noticing her so she sat close by, listening in. Why was the lady causing a panic like this? What did she do wrong? 

Was it because of her that there was a delay? As Wiley calmed herself down she decided to peak over the seat while listening in. She needed to know what the big deal was.

When she saw the flight attendant looking down at the woman with an intimidating glare, she wondered what she could have done to them? Then she couldn’t believe what they did next.

The poor woman was petrified. She held her dog close to her as she tried to calm herself down. Why were they doing this to her in the first place?

Wiley felt herself tense up with anger as she watched the distressed old woman. Were they trying to take her assistant dog?

Wiley’s blood boiled but just before she made up her mind to do something about it, she heard what the flight attendant was saying. Then she watched in shock as the pilot appeared at the scene.

Wiley inched closer and watched as the pilot spoke to the flight attendants before focusing his attention on the cowering old woman.

He stepped forward and slowly knelt down beside her. He placed his hand on the woman’s elbow and guided her off the plane. Wiley looked around her. No one else could see what happened. Wiley took a photo as tears began to form in her eyes and she realized what just happened.

Wiley first thought that the flight attendants and security guards were hassling the poor old woman, but they were actually trying to help her.

She was riddled with fear and anxiety over taking flight. She was in such visible distress that the flight attendants had to come to her aid and calm her down. But why did the pilot approach her?

After hearing about a passenger on board with a severe hesitancy to fly, he decided to meet her and try to instill confidence in her. He hoped that by introducing himself as the pilot and reassuring her that he would get them safely to their destination that she’d relax.

But when he asked her if she was ready, she profusely declined. So, he along with the other flight attendants did something spectacular.

They organized with their airline for her flight to be rescheduled tomorrow and set her up for an overnight hotel stay so that she can relax and try again tomorrow.

With the arrangements sorted, the pilot gently helped the woman up and walked her and her assistant dog out of the plane. Wiley hadn’t seen this level of kindness from a flight crew before and it brought tears to her eyes.

They organized with their airline for her flight to be rescheduled tomorrow and set her up for an overnight hotel stay so that she can relax and try again tomorrow. 

With the arrangements sorted, the pilot gently helped the woman up and walked her and her assistant dog out of the plane. Wiley hadn’t seen this level of kindness from a flight crew before and it brought tears to her eyes. But when she returned to her seat, it seemed the kindness didn’t follow.

Wiley settled into her assigned seat with a huge smile. 

It was moments like these that renewed her faith in humanity. It also helped her settle her own nerves. However, the person just in front of her didn’t seem to share the same mentality about the entire situation. He had his phone out and the caustic words that poured out were unbelievable. 

It started with, “I’m going to be late.”

It didn’t strike any nerves at the time – many people were probably sending out last-minute messages to whoever was waiting for them to land. But the rotund man in a grey suit and slicked-back, oily hair had something else to say about the old woman that would make Wiley’s blood boil.

“Some old bat lost it. Yeah, broke down in the middle of the aisle.” Pause. 

“They actually let her dog on. It’s crazy. All someone has to do is fake panic and they get whatever they want. Probably trying to get an upgrade to business class or something.” The last thing Wiley wanted was to make a scene and delay them further, but as the conversation went on, it became nearly impossible.

She gripped the armrests of her seat until her knuckles turned white.

The only man continued, “My flight was delayed and the airline didn’t do anything about it. I certainly didn’t get a free hotel room and brand-spanking new ticket the next day. I had to sleep in the damn airport. Apparently all I needed to do was cry like some withered idiot.” Was this guy serious?

When someone was down, it didn’t take much to reach out with kindness. 

At least when the flight attendant came over and asked him to turn off his phone, and he complied, she thought it would be the end of it. Wiley leaned back and closed her eyes. All she had to do was get through take off. The salesman, however, seemed to be trying to recruit people to his cause.

The 20-something man next to him already looked annoyed. 

But when the irate flyer leaned over and said, “You get it, right? We already overpay, the staff does nothing for customer service, and now anyone can bring their disgusting pets on because they’re complete snowflakes.” The young man pulled out his earbuds and faced him directly.

“Look, dude. If you’re looking for someone to agree with you, I’m not the one to talk to. I think what they did was nice. And I think you’re being part of the problem. I just want to fly in peace, so how about you don’t talk to me anymore?”

The salesman’s face turned beet-red. Wiley, however, had a different reaction.

Every part of her wanted to film what was going on.

But they were now in the air and the only thing she could do was internally scream, “Yes!! Give it to him! Take that!” It also seemed like the entire cluster around the complainer had the same thinking – they all ignored him as he tried to garner support. The theme so far had been kindness to others. Wiley knew exactly what to do next.

As the flight attendant came by to serve drinks, she caught the woman’s attention and whispered what was going on.

The poor guy stuck between the plane and the grumbling passenger had stood up for the right thing, and now was being insulted under the unpleasant man’s breath. She suggested the young guy get moved to a different seat. The attendant winked, but did something better.

She leaned over with a big smile and asked the young man to follow her.

He got upgraded to business class! It was so amazing! Wiley beamed inside. She wasn’t going to let things end there. She knew that everyone would be tweeting about the old woman, and she would too, but she was going to share what she had just heard.

She posted the event online and tagged Alaska airlines. She writes, “The incredible staff of #alaskaairlines is being extremely patient and compassionate, in what can only be a very scary situation for her. Explaining every step, cuddling her dog, working with her husband/caregiver to find the best solution.”

The post gained thousands of likes and comments and served as a wonderful reminder of the importance of kindness and facing challenging situations with humanity!


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