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Plastic Surgeon Designs The Perfect Wife

Plastic surgery seems to be constantly all over the media especially in the Holywood circles. Going under the knife may seem like a quick solution to your body’s flaws, you have to first be willing to pay the high bill that comes along with it. Unless of course, your husband is a plastic surgeon. When Anna Craft married Miami plastic surgeon Phillip Craft, he told her he wanted to “redesign” her body. Although the former model was at first hesitant, two pregnancies left her feeling like it was time to give surgery a try. After her husband did her first procedure, breast augmentation, she was instantly hooked. Her husband has been performing multiple surgeries on her, and says that he has created the “perfect wife.” Just wait until you see what Phillip’s “perfect wife” looks like now…

Love at first sight

In 1995, Phillip Craft was studying to become a plastic surgeon when he met his wife in the gift shop of the hospital he was working in as a plastic surgeon. It was love at first sight and they got married only months later. Phillip graduated from medical school and was now a certified plastic surgeon. Shortly after their wedding Craft asked his new wife, Anna, if he could “redesign” her body…

Gorgeous Before Surgeries

Anna was a model when she met Phillip. She never struggled with her body or looks because she was very confident.  She never thought she would be her husband’s patient one day. She felt that she was already perfect the way she was.

Shocked by her husband

At first Anna was shocked by her husband’s interest in working on her. After two pregnancies, she was unable to get back to how it used to look. She was determined to lose the weight from her previous pregnancies herself, and was not too worried about her appearance.

Changed Mind

After visiting her husband in his office, she changed her mind. She saw women in their 50s and 60s coming in and out of the office looking incredible and younger than Anna who was only in her early 30s.

Body by Craft

Phillip Craft owns one of the many plastic surgery practices in Miami, Florida, which is known as one of the hottest spots for plastic surgery. Craft has a commercial that says his practice has guests from all over the world and that he has stayed at the forefront of breast augmentation and lifting techniques.

An Emergency

Although Phillip Craft admitted that his wife was always very beautiful. He said that when he first met her in the hospital gift shop he thought that she was “so gorgeous” and would be his soul mate for life. After having kids, she had lost some volume.  Usually plastic surgeons do not do surgery on their spouses or relatives, but according to the doctor, this was an “emergency” and something had to be done.

First Surgery

Anna was 32 when she finally decided to let her husband work on her. Pregnancy left her breasts saggy and she was no longer confident in them. Phillip knew this was the first part of his wife he wanted to work on.

Most Popular Procedure

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is actually the most common plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. This is followed by nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, facelifts and several more. The United States census shows that a total of, 4.93% of American women have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Little by Little

In 2005  he worked on her breasts and got them back to how they were pre pregnancy. He also did some “minor adjustments” throughout the years. The 43-year-old has undergone multiple surgeries during their 21 years of marriage. Her long list of surgeries include butt enhancements, multiple liposuctions, Botox, lip fillers and surgery to improve body contour and around the waist.

More Work

Anna was thrilled at the results of her first surgery, so Phillip started to do more and more. Now when Anna wears her small bikinis, everyone stops to look at her curves. After the surgeries, Anna was feeling more confident than ever!

Many Disappointed

Anna was more than satisfied with her new look, but many who undergo plastic surgery are disappointed with the end results. Recent research shows that one in every five people who have plastic surgery are not happy with their results. Many patients have to have multiple surgeries to improve the damage that was done in their previous procedure.

Botox and Fillers

After her first few surgeries, Anna didn’t want to stop there. She started getting some injections on her face in order to complete the look. The Botox along with the surgeries made her finally feel like she was young again.

More Common Than Ever

Plastic surgery has become a lot more common in recent years.  In 2009 Americans spent $10 billion on plastic surgery procedures and in 2012 the number went up to $11 billion. This could be due to society’s obsession with celebrities such as the Kardashian family.

Personal Billboard

Anna said that she loved her husband redesigning her and compared it to redesigning a sports car. Anna was thrilled about her new body and referred to herself as her husband’s “personal billboard.”

Expensive Bill

Lucky for Anna, Phillip does all the procedures free-of-charge.  If she had not been his wife, the procedures would have been very expensive. Anna’s husband doesn’t plan on stopping. Phillip will continue to work on his 43-year-old wife (who now looks 23) .

Reassure Her

Phillip was asked the question that every woman was probably wondering, if he thought his wife was beautiful no matter what? Why didn’t he just reassure her that he loved her even with her inevitable “bumps and lumps” that all women get after child birth?

Lots of Debate

Many viewers were left fuming over Phillip’s decision to do surgery on his wife. A lot of people felt bad for Anna and said that she is forced into the surgeries and even mentioned that the surgeon is treating his wife like a mannequin. Viewers attacked Phillip and begged his wife to divorce him.

No Need to Age

Phillip got into the details of his wife’s future surgeries, he said that as she gets older she will probably need some more face fillers for her cheeks and lips, and that her upper eyelids could use some touch up. He also said a tummy tuck , even though her stomach is Victoria’s Secret model worthy, will be necessary.

Long Shelf Life

Plastic cosmetic surgery is still relatively new in the medical world. Breast augmentation only became available fifty years ago. What about 10, 20 or 30 years later, will she still be happy with their procedures?

Only Live Once

Anna said that plastic surgery is a positive thing and that we should all be open to it since we only have one life to live.  She is so proud to be called his designer wife.

Botox on Himself

If you’re thinking that Phillip Craft looks pretty good for his age, then you’d be right. He admits to doing his own work on his face. This is why he looks so good.

Scathing Comments

Since the press got hold of the story of Phillip Craft and his wife, they have been subjected to some pretty scathing comments. Many are worried about the way the plastic surgeon has treated his wife, Anna.

Gaining Support

There are plenty of people who applaud and support the cosmetic surgeon and his wife. Just one look at their social media profiles proves that they have plenty of adoring friends, families, and even some fans.

A Beautiful Family

Anna and Phillip have two little boys, who are both definitely going to grow up and become little heartbreakers. She regularly posts photos of the family on her social media pages, including of one of her sons, Aston, competing in the 2017 Miami International Regatta.

Affecting the Kids

Could Anna and Phillip be damaging their children by obsessing over plastic surgery? Various studies have shown that parents can pass down their body image worries to their children. A study by Harvard Medical School has proven that mothers who are extremely concerned about their own looks and weight are far more likely to pass this lack of body confidence down to their children.

An expert in his field

Phillip Craft has been dubbed as a bit of an expert in the cosmetic surgery world, particular when it comes to liposuction. The doctor worked alongside Palomar Medical Technologies to develop something called SlimLipo; liposuction which is assisted by lasers.


When someone has had as many procedures as Anna Craft, there is always the concern that she will be addicted to cosmetic surgery. Many researchers believe that those who become addicted to plastic surgery usually have a condition called body dysmorphic disorder.

Is Anna Addicted?

Anna Craft had her first plastic surgery after the birth of her second son and has gone on to have many procedures since. This could lead down a worrying path of addiction, especially as she has been quoted as saying she would like more cosmetic surgery in the future.

Addicted to Fame

With Anna Craft being featured in many magazine and newspaper articles, along with videos on her cosmetic surgery, perhaps the young woman is addicted to fame instead of plastic surgery.  She has used her fame to feature in promotional videos for the clinic and to market the wide range of services they offer.

A Bustling Business

Since Phillip and Anna have been all over the news, they have seen their business ‘Body By Craft’ grow. His practice has nearly all 5-star reviews, with a lot of happy customer testimonials.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Although it may seem like Anna has it easy and never needs to work out or eat healthy again, it isn’t entirely true. Phillip encourages Anna to eat only healthy food in order to maintain her perfect body. He finds that the Paleo diet is best, which means lots of fish and vegetables.

Perfect Wife

Phillip said that it took a couple of years to create his “perfect wife” but that she now looks better than when he first met her 21 years ago!

Perfect Team

Anna is not only Phillip’s personal billboard and advertisement, she is also the manager at his practice. The two enjoy working together and love sharing their story of how she became his “perfect wife” with other patients. They seem like the perfect team!

More Procedures

According to the National Health Service, an estimated 30 percent of women who have undergone breast augmentation will need to have further procedures in another 10 years.  

Big Supporter

Anna, who was at one point skeptical about plastic surgery, is now an avid supporter. She doesn’t only look better but feels better!  She has said, “I’d never say no to more surgery – it’s just like getting braces or having your hair done.”

Fashion Interviewer

Besides being a mother and managing her husband’s practice, Anna is also an interviewer for the fashion news website Inside Couture.  A former fashion model herself, Anna is able to easily relate to all of her guest stars.

Next Surgery

When asked what Anna’s next surgery will be, she said that she would probably like to do some body sculpting but that she is up for anything. Phillip says that their relationship is stronger than ever and that he will never leave her because she is his “walking billboard” and that she will never leave him because he would have to give her the surgery bill!


Even though celebs have been getting work done on their bodies and faces for many many years the Kardashian family is probably the most well-known. Almost everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner family has had some kind of transforming work done. Kylie Jenner is probably the family member who has changed the most after deciding that she wanted to look more like her older sisters.

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