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Plot Holes You Never Noticed About Hermione Granger’s Character

Hermione Granger is one of the most interesting characters in the harry potter franchise, and she is a big favorite amongst audiences. After Harry, she’s probably the most complex character with her constant inner conflict and turmoil. She was meant to represent J.K Rowling herself, so in many ways we are experiencing the magical world through her eyes. However, for all of Hermione’s positive character notes, there are still a few questions we have. When you write 7 long books on a single story, there’s bound to be plot holes. We have compiled a list of questions we have about Hermione Granger that have left us scratching our heads. Some of these are mistakes by the author, but others seem to point to a contradiction within Hermione’s character.However, maybe these contradictions make her THAT much more human and relatable.

1.Why Doesn’t She Use The Time Turner To Defeat Voldemort?

Something that doesn’t make sense about the series is the time-turner. The time turner made it’s appearance in the book and the film, The Prisoner Of Azkaban, and it has the ability to turn back time, allowing Hermione and Harry to travel through time and save the day. However, there are so many issues with the time turner, and this is a subject familiar amongst die hard Harry potter fans. Many people asked why Hermione didn’t just use the time-turner to go back in time and defeat Voldemort, or make sure that he never rose again. You COULD argue about being careful with “disturbing the time continuum”, but it just doesn’t make sense why they didn’t make more use of this powerful device. Also, why did it never reappear? It seems like a majority of their problems could have been solved by using it.

2. J.K Rowling Decided That Hermione and Ron Got Divorced and Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Harry

Basically, the only romantic subplot throughout the series that matters is Ron and Hermione’s relationship. Harry and Ginny’s romance was pretty stale, and the rest were pretty one dimensional. However, Ron and Hermione’s love for each other was full of conflict, ups and downs, arguments and breakups, twists and turns. They were complete opposites, which is what made their relationship so appealing and interesting. SO, WHY did J.K Rowling decide to destroy their relationship with the release of The Cursed Child. In the play, Ron and Hermione’s relationship was that of two estranged partners who no longer loved each other, which ultimately ended in divorce. Rowling later stated in an interview that she had “made a mistake” with the ending of the books, and that Hermione should have married Harry instead. The only question we have for her is WHY?!

3.Why Was Her Boggart So Lame?

One of the most interesting ideas of the Harry Potter story is the Boggart. This magical creature has the ability to read the thoughts of people, and then take the shape of their worst fear. Hary’s Boggart is understandably a Dementor, one of the creepiest beings in the magical world. Harry’s fear was meant to represent fear itself. Although Ron’s was more comical, a giant spider, it was still pretty scary. Hermione’s Boggart was a bit of disappointment. We were hoping to get a deeper and meaningful look into Hermione’s thoughts and psyche. But, what did we get instead? An angry Professor McGonagall telling her she failed every course. I MEAN, we understand that she’s afraid of failure, but couldn’t it have been a little more…scary?

4.Why Was She So Mean To Luna Lovegood?

When we first meet Hermione, we come to understand that she’s lonely and often isolated from other students. Being a know-it-all and a teachers pet didn’t win her a lot of friends. This is clearly something Hermione suffered from her whole life, even before she attended Hogwarts. Knowing this, you would think that Hermione would see a lot of herself in Luna. After all, she doesn’t have many friends, and she is ridiculed by other students. For some reason, Hermione chooses to be another person who makes fun of Luna behind her back in the film. In the film, she even accidentally refers to her as her nickname, “Loony”. In the books, it seems she is even more mean-spirited when it comes to her treatment of Luna.



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